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Comment Re:Steven Spielberg makes WAY more money.... (Score 2) 319

No, I'm faulting them because they didn't TRY. The focus wasn't on funding the pension fund, but garnering more retirement benefits that the company obviously couldn't' afford. Don't try and tell me otherwise, I went to the union meetings with my parents, I remember what the Union bosses were telling the crowds and I remember my Dad complaining about this very thing way back then.

Does nothing to change the fact that you wanted the union to have more control in company operations yet now you hate unions. While simultaneously holding the company completely blameless - is this about the time time you picked up a copy of Atlas Wanked when you were 13?

And what part of "unions accept massive cutbacks while executives take golden parachutes" did I stutter on? When was the last time you saw top company executives agree to work for $10 an hour to get the company back on track?

How's this relevant to what the Unions did or didn't do?

Only the fantasy you keep repeating, that unions have driven companies into the ground with their extravagant wage demands, while ignoring the cutbacks they have accepted.

I've not seen a company go bankrupt because they paid a CEO too much money. Have you? Citation please?

"Because of" - attempted shifting of goalposts noted, and your continued attempts to hand waive away corporate executives securing golden parachutes for themselves while steering their companies straight into the iceberg of Chapter 11.

Wow, that's a leap! So now I'm embarrassed by rich people? Seriously?

So you didn't read the quote. Seriously.

Having an equal chance, equal opportunity does NOT produce equal outcomes.

That's exactly what it means, statistically, or you do not have equal opportunity. Since you skipped it the first time, I'll just copy and paste:

Otherwise your Starbucks barista would have an equal chance of having a last name of Rockefellar as your Fortune 500 CEO has a chance of growing up in a double-wide. But of course that's not the case.

Have you ever watched the 100 yard dash? In your world, you think equal opportunity means everybody should get a participation trophy, just blah blah blather blather blah blah.

What part of the word statistically are you having a hard time with? Your entire tangent on 100 yard dashes is a non sequitur. We're not randomly grabbing the case of Bob who grew up in a double wide and comparing him to Steve who grew up with the last name of Rockefeller. It's comparing all Bob's to all Steve's - and the #1 factor in how far you go in life remains how much money your daddy had.

Which means we do not have equal opportunity.

Comment Re:You point out your dad's contradictions to him? (Score 1) 319

He would be quick to point out that a few years into his job *is* exactly when he actually made the most money


At one point they started doing reviews every year so once it's known that some mechanics can do a job that pays 1 hour in 40 minutes, the books were adjusted so that same job the following year would now only pay 40 minutes

So, before the union came in. Did your dad make sure to thank his corporate overlords for this adjustment? He did know it was the company charging the motorist three hours of labor for 40 minutes of your dad's time, yes?

It's *a lot* more difficult to get rid of a bad employee once you're unionized than if you're not.

Which again, is predicated on the idea that the rest of the workers are happy to step in and do the "bad" employees work for him, the second they join a union. Which, again, is complete nonsense on its face, as his fellow workers would be the first ones asking that the slacker be fired.

ut the point is, what started happening in reality is that once the union was in, my dad started seeing coworkers and new hires slacking off because it was getting harder and harder just to achieve parity (hours worked vs hours paid), so a bunch of them were perfectly happy to live off of what their guaranteed minimum salary would provide.

Remember how I said union workers were invested in the company's operations? More auto maintenance completed == more earnings for the mechanics. Unless the company wasn't sharing the rewards of higher productivity with it's mechanics, in which case why are you complaining about the union instead of the company - which according to your own story started paying your dad for 40 minutes of work instead of an hour?

Comment Re:You want to use cashiers check or PayPal... (Score 1) 211

Do you have any actual evidence though? I mean, in the case of Iraq there was strong evidence even at the time that it was bullshit, but here there appears to be zero

I no more need to provide evidence that Russia did not hack the election than you need to provide evidence that you did not build a time machine to go back and assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

1) You cannot prove a negative
2) It's the job of the person making the claim to provide the evidence

And so far Russiagates have as much evidence as the people who think jet trails are being used to seed the atmosphere with mind-controlling gas.

Why doesn't he fire the people behind this conspiracy against him

Where you backpacking in Nepal when people were throwing around Nixon comparisons and obstruction of justices charges when Trump fired Comey? Just what do you think will be the media response if Trump fires Ken Starr, I mean Robert Muller?

Comment Re:You point out your dad's contradictions to him? (Score 1) 319

Uh, yes it does. Unions very precisely prevent bad workers from being fired for cause. For the easiest examples, see public sector unions like police unions and teachers unions.

With the exception of police unions, that's just more stupid bullshit that doesn't survive two seconds of scrutiny. Lets go a head and say that Bob is a 2nd grade teacher, but totally incompetent at his job. That means that every 3rd grade teacher that gets Bob's students are going to have to try and make up for his incompetence. Which means they're going to be the first ones asking that Bob's dumb ass be fired.

Fired. For. Cause. Happens at union shops all the time.

And they absolutely prevent good workers from making more money.

Right. Because Tom Brady (union member) makes the same amount of money as a backbencher who started on the same date he did. Know what does prevent good workers from making more money? Corporate HR pay scales.

Tell that to GM, who pays thousands of workers not to work, even after the bankruptcy avoiding government takeover.

Due to executive decisions. Executives that took golden parachutes. WYP again?

Comment Re:You point out your dad's contradictions to him? (Score 1) 319

contract negotiations with a union are always about what will keep the majority of the people in the union happy

Democracy is neat that way. It even applies to shareholder votes for the corporation - though I doubt the sort of conservatives that rail against unions have also been railing against shareholder rights.

Comment Re:Peak Wingnut Projection (Score 1) 211

Yea, when you SUPPORT a KKK leader for 60 years

He wasn't a KKK leader for 60 years, you dumb fuck. He rejected the Klan in his twenties and spent the rest of his life apologizing for it and trying to help minorities - as opposed to Helms or Thurmond. Every time you try to keep making this thing happen - it's not going to happen - you make yourself look as moranic as the wingnuts who keep blaming Clinton for Ruby Ridge after it's been pointed out to them that happened before Clinton was even elected, when Bush was POTUS.

Speaking of which..... Imran Awan

Speaking of which, why haven't you applied yet? You're an incompetent right-winger and they're an incompetent right-wing organization. Hand, meet glove.

Comment Re:You want to use cashiers check or PayPal... (Score 3, Insightful) 211

The foundation of the accusations about Russian interference are the FBI, CIA and NSA investigations of their activity on social media, funding and meeting with American citizens.

No. It's not. Not even remotely close. Whining about Social Media ads - many of which were placed after the election last November and someone of which involved cute pictures of cats or criticizing a Trump golf course in Scotland - is the last pathetic attempt of partisan hacks desperate to keep their edition of the Whtiewater/Vince Foster witch hunts going. Or didn't you notice the steady moving of the goalposts - from DNC hacking to collusion to $100,000 in ads (many of which were place after the election) in a race where Hillary spent $1.2 biiiiiiiillion dollars?

It's all in that report, why don't you read it?

You mean a report completely lacking in the aforementioned Eh Veh Dence from the same professional liars who sold you on Saddam plotting 911, who spy on Congress while perjuring themselves before Congress?

Did you read the link noting that all this hyperventilation is over drops in an ocean?

Say hi to Uncle Bob for me, as you've turned into a Birther: someone who skates right on by legitimate reasons to oppose a political opponent in favor of engaging in theories so bizarre they wouldn't make it onto Info Wars.

And all so that the corporate Democrats that brought you Trump can make the conversation about Russia and not their epic fail, so they can maintain control and direction over the party. Might as take one of Uncle Bob's "4 more years!" sign and put it on your lawn. Right now.

Comment Re:Union Shop (Score 1) 319

Better than having to suck Harvey Weinstein's dick for a living. And by "suck Harvey Weinstein's dick", I meant "being in a union".

You and Harvey should be pals, as you're both a couple of dumb right-wingers. Why don't you go into the locker room of a professional sports team - all of whom are unionized - and tell them about all this dick-sucking they've had to do as a part of their jobs.

Comment Re:Steven Spielberg makes WAY more money.... (Score 4, Interesting) 319

So, you don't think the Unions had a duty to my parents and their retirements to demand a fully funded pension fund? I do..

lolwut. So you hate unions and think they are unnecessary, but at the same time hate them for not being more powerful because they couldn't force the company to better fund their pensions?

You don't think the Unions didn't make the financial condition of many of the major companies untenable at least partially due to the demands of their Unions? I do.

If the company can't exist without wage slavery, it doesn't deserve to exist. And what part of "unions accept massive cutbacks while executives take golden parachutes" did I stutter on? When was the last time you saw top company executives agree to work for $10 an hour to get the company back on track?

That management gets paid what they do has little to do with the survival or failure of a business. Usually a CEO's salary amounts to pennies on the dollar to the in the trenches worker, yet your ilk want to make some kind of moral argument about how unfair it is that one person gets so much and the new guy gets so little of the company's revenue.

If you think that was an explanation for why CEO's get increased pay even as their decisions drive the company into the ground, you are sadly mistaken.

Personally I'm tired of the arguments born out of class envy

There it is. You sir, are a temporarily embarrassed millionaire.

Like it or not, this country has EQUAL opportunity codified in our laws but we DON'T have equal outcome guarantees.

If you don't have equal outcomes statistically then by definition you do not have equal opportunity.

Otherwise your Starbucks barista would have an equal chance of having a last name of Rockefellar as your Fortune 500 CEO has a chance of growing up in a double-wide. But of course that's not the case.

Comment Re:Peak Wingnut Projection (Score 1) 211

No they didn't. Robert Byrd

Just can't help yourself, can you? Went ahead and fucked the Byrd chicken after that canard was prebutted.

They ARE the party of bigots, anti-gay

Yes, right-wing Democrats like Hillary "Superpredators" Clinton did oppose marriage equality right up until the Supreme Court made the point moot. It's why I rub those facts of Hillbots who Swiftboated their opponent Sanders for being weak on minorities.


Is there anything immoral the DNC could do that you wouldn't defend them for?

I'm a leftist, dumbass. The DNC organization can go die in a fire. They're right wing hacks like yourself - and I hear they have a position open for an IT worker. You have so much in common!

Comment Re:You want to use cashiers check or PayPal... (Score 3, Insightful) 211

What does the DNC emails have to do with Russian inference?

Are you....kidding? It's only the foundation for for the accusations that Russia tried to interfere with the election. No big whoop.

Your entire argument seems to be that because you found everything to be fake everything else no matter how unrelated must also be fake.


This seems to be a standard tactic of alternative fact peddlers. CNN made a mistake once, therefore everything they ever reported is fake news.

Your projection is noted - Russiagate is the definition of fake news.

Don't like that? Then come up with more evidence than what Birthers, Chem Trailers and Sandy Hook Truthers do to support their theories. Or admit you've turned into that cranky Uncle Bob on Facebook who insists to this day that Obama really was a Kenyan-born Muslim with a fake birth certificate.




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