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Comment Re:I'm a pessimist about all of the self-driving t (Score 1) 382

Where's the ewe-lamb-running algorithm?

That's easy. Assume all of those ewes and lambs will try to throw themselves at your vehicle, calculate how far they can get before you can come to a complete stop, and slow down accordingly. This algorithm also works for children playing by the side of the road.

Comment Re:What happens in 15-20 years? (Score 1) 398

Did you know that increasing supply is not the only way to solve a supply/demand imbalance?

It's true. eBay has known this for years, and time after time has successfully managed demand to prevent too many bidders from winning the same auction. It really works!

Power companies do the same thing. Mine calls it "demand response." Instead of increasing supply to meet demand, they can decrease demand to meet supply in order to keep the lights on. It takes very little power to keep the grid charged, so energy storage during long dark winters isn't a problem even with today's energy storage technology. The only hurdles are political.

So whenever someone tells you that renewables require a fossil fuel or nuclear backup, you can tell them they are full of sh*t.

Comment Re:Bug Conservation (Score 2) 456

in code of any complexity, a stupid typo in an infrequently used if-then-else clause explodes at runtime, possibly weeks or even months later. Sure its simple and easy to fix

Sure, if you ignore the cost of re-testing and redeploying, plus the cost of lost business caused by the bug and so on. The earlier a bug is detected, the cheaper it is to fix, by orders of magnitude.

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