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Comment Re:A bully is a bully (Score 1) 173

Ah, but the evilgreedycapitaluses were trying to get $60 for a pair of headphones that was worth $35.

Oh wait. I've lost track. Which evil corporation are we supposed to be rooting against here? Or maybe it's the system. Yeah, that's it.

Ah well, it's just another lazy saturday afternoon, passing time on a website where noone gives a damn about TFA, just letting my line drop where it may, waving with the currents until the flow brings another troll within reach.

Comment Re:This is a *good* thing (Score 1) 74

" Or, use a Minority Report style..."

"You think they came up with that in Minority Report? "

Not necessarily. He used it as an example. But...

Let's do some assuming...
1. Yes, he did. Holy shit what the hell has /. come to?
2. No he didn't. He used as an example. Endit.
3. On the 3rd hand, he indeed did learn about it from the movie. Well and good, many of us tend to learn it sometime, and if we're not engineers then we're going to get it from other sources. I found out about the concept from a Heinlein story.

Note: I did not jump to the conclusion that Heinlein invented the concept. But perhaps that's just me.

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