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Comment Re:Except Komatsu is a Japanese company. (Score 2) 184

Others have better managers *of skilled workers* because they tend to pay decent wages and take a hands-off approach. But America has better managers of crap workers, because they tend to hire too many and utilize a lot of redundancies.

I've been saying for a while now that we should close the trade deficit by exporting American middle-managers to China.

Comment Re:Net energy? (Score 1) 580

Some places might not have enough green energy. But some states have an excess:

The wind power boom in Texas has outstripped the capacity of the transmission systems in place, and predicted shortages in transmission capability may dampen the growth of the industry in years to come. It is said that until now, the growth in wind power "piggybacked" on existing lines, but has now almost depleted spare capacity.[22] As a result, in winter the west Texas grid often has such a local surplus of power that the price falls below zero.

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