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Comment Re:Unfair taxes ! (Score 1) 911

You still pay all the taxes I listed and then some. Why shouldn't they count? You would still incur the same kinds of penalties you'd get if you didn't pay those (assuming you were required to) as if you didn't pay your Federal Income tax.

If all you do is count Federal Income tax then yes, you can say that yes it is relatively low (even though it was raised in 1993 and lowered somewhat in the early 2000s). But the fact remains that our overall tax burden is not "as light as a feather."

To put it more simply, I could say that if I was only counting state sales taxes, then a state like Delaware would have the lowest tax burden because it has no sales tax. But Delaware of course has other taxes that people have to pay. It would be just as wrong for me to say that Delaware has a low tax burden by just counting the (lack of a) state sales tax as it is for you to say that Federal Income tax is "low" when you don't add in all the other taxes we have to pay.

Comment Re:Unfair taxes ! (Score 2) 911

Actually the tax is quite low - 50 years ago, the tax was a lot higher.

I'm sorry, but this is a lie. While the federal income tax rate itself might be "lower" than it was 50 years ago, that is only part of the picture. Most of us working stiffs also have Federal Medicare and Social Security taxes along with State and Local income taxes tacked onto our paychecks. That ups the burden significantly. Then once we do get our money, most of us are subject to sales taxes and excise taxes. If you have any subscription-based service like a cell phone or cable TV then you pay taxes on that. Do you like electricity and water? Guess what that is taxed too. "Own" a home? You get to pay property tax. If you drive then of course you pay gas tax. And while Federal taxes may have come down, for most of us a lot of these taxes are going up.

Between all these taxes I'd dare say the overall tax rate in the US for most people is far higher than we can remember it being in our lifetimes. The argument that "taxes are quite low" is silly and wrong.

As for the subject of this post quitting the US to get a better tax rate, part of me can't blame him. There are over 200 countries from which one can procure government services, if the US doesn't offer the best value on them for the amount of tax paid, why not pick another one?

Comment Re:Christianity offers a wide range of opinions (Score 1) 943

If 'god' didn't want people to think the world was 6,000 years old, why say it was in the book?

No such age of the earth is given in the Bible. ~6000 years is generally accepted as time span between the time that Moses received the Torah from God on top of Mount Sinai to this day, although that is not explicitly mentioned either. As for the "created in 6 days" description in Genesis, bear in mind in 2 Peter 3:8 we are taught that God's idea of a day is not our literal 24 hour day. It can be that, it can be a time span of indefinite length, or it can be an instant. Essentially, the Creation story is not on the same time scale as we are used to.

As other Christians have chimed in, the notion that the entire universe is 6000 years old is a view held by a minority of people who call themselves "Christian," even though they openly preach something that isn't Biblical. They are no more authoritative or sincere in their teachings than the Westboro "Baptist" "Church" is. And yes, I used that comparison on purpose because I believe the "young earth" crowd is in the same boat as the WBC crowd, after all, the results are the same.

Of course, spreading the idea that it is a mainstream Christian belief that the entire universe is 6000 years old does help to make Christianity look silly, which is why this argument is always propped up by non-Christians.

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