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Comment Re:Is there any other option, Linus? (Score 2) 427

An open hardware platform would not solve the issue. This is not some super secret crap hidden deeply within the silicon, it's actually a documented feature of the CPU, for everyone to plainly see. And since it's hardware, there isn't much anyone could do to patch it because, well, getting so small soldering irons to manipulate the die are hard to come by.

Even if you somehow magically managed to manipulate the hardware in such a way that it works again, how many do you think have the skill and equipment to reproduce it, because you'd have to do it again and again for every single CPU, it's not like you can press a button and the hardware changes.

And, well, if it can be patched in microcode, then there isn't much of a difference either because as stated above, the documentation is there.

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 415

It was different in my country, with "Angel-maker" being an euphemistic name for the women who offered that "service". It was by no means a clandestine trade, everyone knew what was going on and nobody really gave a shit. Including the state. Mostly because, well, it's nobody's business, really.

Making it legal was only the logical next step.

Comment Re:Ethical hackers (Score 1) 84

You replied to me and I did not claim that.

What I claimed is that the internet IS a bad neighborhood, and that many people don't realize that. It's, funny enough, part of my job to raise awareness for this, and no, I don't think anyone "deserves" getting swindled, conned or tricked out of their money. But I do think that everyone deserves the information that this is a problem and I also think that everyone should be aware that this is a problem and behave accordingly.

When I read about people losing thousands of dollars to Nigerian-Prince scams or other burglary-by-email con artists I sway between anger and frustration. We keep telling people to not fall for those bullshit tricks and people are still motivated mostly by greed, fear and greed.

Comment Re:Democracy is the new system for fact selection (Score 1) 140

I think social media in general exchanges rational behavior for attention seeking narcissism. The more extreme your behavior, the more attention you get which is normal but social media exploits to provide dopamine feedback for attention.

I honestly have no idea where to find all these "attention seeking narcissists" that /.ers are always talking about. Maybe you're thinking of YouTube? On Facebook, all I ever see are:

  1. News stories people post
  2. Announcements of shows, events, etc.
  3. Reviews of the same
  4. Memes and joke videos
  5. Pictures of people's pets
  6. Pictures of food

If all that adds up to hideous narcissism to you, all I can say is you must be fun at parties.

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