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Comment A problem of scale... (Score 1) 221

Consider for a moment that the sphere of a high orbit is larger than the size of the earth. Then consider all the orbital altitudes (like layers of an onion) which need to be "scoured", and you're talking about an amount of space that is many times the total surface area of Earth.

That's a whole lot of territory to cover, even for a large army of scour-ers.

Comment Re:They've taken a leaf out of the UK's book (Score 1) 584

Unfortunately the truck in front of me only moved forward 2 car lengths, and then suddenly stopped to make a turn. He did not have his turn signal on, but he stopped anyway. I was caught off guard.

Where do you live that somebody not using a turn signal "catches you off guard?" Where I am, in Washington State, you're lucky if half the cars on the road use their turn signals... it's not the kind of thing you can rely on for safe driving.

Also: I hope you got ticketed for it. The point of eating your fritter when it's safe is that it has to be WHEN IT'S SAFE! If you have your foot on the gas pedal, it's not safe. In fact by multi-tasking (putting the fritter down while attempting to drive forward) you were probably more dangerous to the truck than if you'd just held your fritter on the left hand and drove normally.

Comment Re:And the big deal is??? (Score 1) 541

3. Flu vaccinations killed some people once at some point in history so therefore this one will kill you if you have it

There's a small percentage of the population for whom [almost anything] will cause an adverse reaction and possibly kill them.
It isn't a matter of "more science" or "big pharma needs to try harder"
Human physiology is just so variable that there is nothing to be done about it.
Our best effort is to identify risk factors and keep those people away from [almost anything].

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