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Comment Re:laptop computers? (Score 1) 218

Typically you are instructed not to seek any information about the case at hand and if you hear anything about the case unintentionally to inform the judge. Ignoring this is (often) a contempt of court. If the case is serious (or high-profile) enough, you will be sequestered (look for the OJ Simpson trial to see how far that went, though probably never again) so that you don't have access to those items.

A jury decides a case based on the evidence presented and their judgment, not additional evidence that would (may) have been otherwise excluded from the case (and likely was, otherwise you would have seen it as one side or the other would see it as beneficial to bring it up).

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 218

It's often the remote monitoring equipment in ICUs that they ask you to turn off the phones for (no idea what frequencies they run on, but when it comes to monitoring in the ICU, I don't care if it's totally unfounded, people can turn off their phones' transmitters).

Radiology/Imaging is often for if you're in for a scan you don't want any metal near the magnet-based devices (see: http://www.simplyphysics.com/flying_objects.html ). I know the percentages of particles that are detected in an MRI and a phone might just be able to disrupt that from a hallway, although I doubt it given the usual placement of the machines.

Comment Re:Double dipping? (Score 1) 1306

Why does it take large dump trucks (and pretty new ones at that)? Those things guzzle diesel. Couldn't the same purpose be served by a pickup truck with an arrow sign and flashing lights following the paint truck?

Because they'd have to buy things like these 'traffic attentuators' to safeguard their employees in the paint truck. The flashing signs don't save you from some idiot tearing down the breakdown lane because s/he's late for work and doesn't know what the holdup is.

Or, clearly the dump truck is cheaper </sarcasm>.

*Although the dump truck actually may be cheaper because it can be used for other things as well, like doing tar snakes/pothole repair/other hauling. Three is excessive.

Comment Re:Reject (Score 1) 367

Here, no excuse: Representative and Senator.

Copy and Paste if you really can't be bothered:

Senator / Congress(wo)man [name here],

Please do whatever you can to stop the AT&T buyout of T-Mobile USA, it is bad for consumers and will hurt consumer choice. I do not want the buyout to go through and neither do you other constituents. [Optional: This is an important issue for me and if you do not take action, I will be forced to vote for a representative/senator who will better represent my interests in the future.]

[Your real name]

Comment Re:As a US citizen (Score 1) 212

Of course... the light they're shining on your DL is UV and is used to light-up the UV-reactive inks on your DL. There's also some fun stuff on your credit cards (Amex, MC, Visa at least) - but I suspect you were using that as a synecdoche.

That aside - the status of a driver's license is not necessarily automatic in all states. An easy example is state's with particularly young driving ages (or possible driving age if you're living on a farm or the like). If you then move to another state, you may be able to drive there while not a resident - but once you become a resident you'll typically have to get the license of the state that you're in. If you aren't of age - then no dice.

I believe you're conflating either the National Driver Register or Driver License Compact or even the Non-Resident Violator Compact with the TSA's policy to accept government issued IDs. The NRVC is notably not reciprocal between all states.

Comment Re:Plausible deniability? (Score 1) 198

And for a lovely TRNG - check out what this guy did with a satellite receiver - if you've got some time, you can probably generate several gigabytes of one-time pads. You'll have to protect them and destroy them after use, but you could probably have enough for all your bandwidth needs while in country.

Figuring out a tunnel that uses one-time pads as a key is left as an exercise to the reader.

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