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Comment Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 418

Object oriented design is here to stay. Functional programming has it's place, but as little more than one off event handlers, I wouldn't call it a programming paradigm. Like interfaces, it's useful, but it's more applicable in some situations than others.

Put it this way, if someone told me OOP was dead, I'd fire them because it would indicate to me that they didn't understand OO and would likely be resistant to understanding it.

Comment Cheaper than starting over (Score 2, Interesting) 236

Mind if I dream for a minute?

1. Build a set of solar powered soil processors that can pull the toxins out of Martial soil, including H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), break down the H2O2 into hydrogen and oxygen and compress the H and O for storage in tanks.
2. Build a set of relay tugs capable of using H and O to launch into orbit from Mars' surface and return in one piece several thousand times without significant repairs.
3. Build a set of zero-gee drones that can handle the H and O tanks.
4. Build a set of Martial surface drones that can handle the H and O tanks.
5. Break the ISS in half. Break one half down and brace it as needed Take one half, attach boosters and a payload containing the soil processors, the tugs, and the drones, and take off for Mars. Unmanned.

[ 2 years later ]

6. Arrive at Mars.
7. Soil processors, tugs, and surface drones drop off, land on Mars near a water deposits + cliff face / lava tube / cave
8. Orbital drones start reassembling the newly relocated MSS (Mars Space Station).
9. Soil processors begin churning out non-toxic soil and shipping rocket fuel up to the MSS.

[ some time later ]

10. Humans arrive.
11. The supply part of their ship detaches, lands on Mars not far from soil processors.
12. The human transport portion of the ship docks with the MSS.
13. The finish reassembling the MSS, including attaching the human transport as a new module.
14. They hop on the tug and head down to Mars.
15. They begin using the detoxified soil to grow crops and start building an underground facility

[ some time later ]

16. Subsequent ships arrive
17. dock with MSS, drop off new modules, and
a. refuel, pick up supplies, continue outward
b. head to Mars' surface.

Comment Re: AMD has (Score 1) 91

My main box uses an AMD Phenom II X6 3.7GHz. Built in 2009, I've upgraded the memory, graphics, and RAID array, installed a USB 3.0 card, and replaced a burned out DVD drive, but the CPU and motherboard still kick ass.

Oh, and it runs Windows 7 Ultimate. I win.

Comment Reading it wrong (Score 3, Interesting) 153

You guys are reading this wrong. This isn't a, "Wow, Windows 10 is so cool," article, this is a, "Wow, Microsoft has managed to force more people to upgrade faster than they did going from XP to Windows 7." And in that regard, yes, Microsoft has mastered that one aspect of the game much better than they did in the past.

Comment Re:A quick breakdown (Score 1) 153

As someone who makes and customizes retail software, I can tell you that existing POS registers will NEVER upgrade from XP. That's right, XP. Not even Windows 7. And the reason is because it just works, and the hardware requirements are so low. New ones coming out will likely have a stripped down version of 10 for retail, but there's no such animal as "upgrading POS registers to Windows 10".

Comment Re:And how many (Score 2) 153

I've got Win7 on my main desktop machine and on a number of VMs, and there is no way in hell I'm upgrading them. Especially since the latest Windows automatic update killed my laptop over the weekend and I had to get MSI's tech support involved to get it running again (thanks guys!). Microsoft can upgrade all my machines when it can pry Win7 from my cold dead hands... bastards...

Comment Makes zero difference (Score 1) 104

I uninstalled AVG about 2 months ago after it once again rebooted my system during an "upgrade", crashing my VMs and losing my work for the last hour. I had it for years, even used to recommend it, but the fact that I had to "temporarily" disable AVG (typically until reboot) just to get anything done (performance and resource issues), combined with the daily nag messages, were already getting on my last nerve. Now I'm on MalwareBytes and getting my job done without interruption.

Avast can eat AVG and poop out little money balls to its heart's content. I'll be over here not caring because AVG sucked so bad I already moved on.

Comment Re: Religion (Score 1) 359

Not trolling at all. In fact, you nailed it. One is socialist, the other is capitalism run amok. Religious diversity vs. fundamentalists, equality and equal representation vs. class warfare and oligarchy, interracial kiss vs. incestuous kiss.

If you wanted to troll, this have asked what a post-Clinton universe would look like.

(ducks and runs away)

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