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Comment Makes zero difference (Score 1) 104

I uninstalled AVG about 2 months ago after it once again rebooted my system during an "upgrade", crashing my VMs and losing my work for the last hour. I had it for years, even used to recommend it, but the fact that I had to "temporarily" disable AVG (typically until reboot) just to get anything done (performance and resource issues), combined with the daily nag messages, were already getting on my last nerve. Now I'm on MalwareBytes and getting my job done without interruption.

Avast can eat AVG and poop out little money balls to its heart's content. I'll be over here not caring because AVG sucked so bad I already moved on.

Comment Re: Religion (Score 1) 359

Not trolling at all. In fact, you nailed it. One is socialist, the other is capitalism run amok. Religious diversity vs. fundamentalists, equality and equal representation vs. class warfare and oligarchy, interracial kiss vs. incestuous kiss.

If you wanted to troll, this have asked what a post-Clinton universe would look like.

(ducks and runs away)

Comment Fox "News" (Score 1) 416

A man makes a claim that they admittedly can't confirm, but they give him air time anyway. That's not journalism. That's Fox "News" propaganda. And it's not really news. The assumption is that, if she was using her own private server, it was vulnerable and was probably hacked at some point. This is just the usual salacious but non-substantive crap from Bullshit Mountain.

Comment Not with my wallet (Score 1) 256

I have 3 daughters, 2 of college age and one graduating next year from high school, and college is expensive AF. But you know what? If they want to take a "gap year", more power to them! I did, in between the AA degree and transferring to a 4 year college. It's been a looooong year -- I never did go back. But I encourage them to do what they feel is best for them.

So long as they pay for it.

The agreement I have with them is this: I have been paying into college funds for over two decades now. So long as they take a full load and get good grades, I'll also pay for their apartment and their utilities, and they get an allowance for groceries and whatnot. Essentially, I'm their employer and I'm paying them to go to school and get good grades. Anything less and they need to start supporting themselves.

So if they want to take a gap year, they better get a gap job, because they are not partying on my dime. Not after I socked all that money away to pay for their college. Stick to my plan or pay for your own plan.

Comment Re:I'm deadly serious (Score 1) 229

Nope, he's right. You're a knuckle-dragger.

Putin isn't strong, he's just good at acting like it while being a total dick, like Trump, and clearly he's your role model if you think women and homosexuals damage the military. You managed to leave out welfare queens and minorities in your regressive rant. The Ikes and Roosevelts would have told you to stuff it. And you blame it on the sexual revolution? I think I sense someone was unable to get caught up in the sexual revolution and feels cheated...

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