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Comment Re:And how many lied... (Score 1) 169

Maybe not the perfect definition of "bricked", but the W10 upgrade also enabled "fastboot", meaning I could NOT get into the BIOS setup with any of the normal keys on my brother-in-law's laptop. After appropriate google-fu, I disabled it within W10, installed Linux Mint and he's happy as a clam.

Comment Sadly, it won't matter (Score 1) 73

As mentioned in other comments, probably great for back-haul upgrades but for me doing average web browsing, the connection speed is irrelevant as 99.999% of the delay in loading web pages is due to the hundreds of ad-pushing/sniffing websites that the underlying web site relies on before completely loading. I could have a dedicated terabit connection and my load time would be the same.

Comment Having had an infestation of rats.... (Score 2) 429

...I agree with nuking them. Living (voluntarily) in the country (North Georgia USA) I've come to very much appreciate the variety of life and their interactions, and I very much try to not screw with that to the degree possible. However...when the rats chew through my AC duct work and invade my living space, I kill the fuckers. I've drowned them, stomped them with boots and never felt an iota of the guilt of an errant daddy-longlegs caught in a bad spot.

Comment Re:Bad sign for any worker wit these groups/compan (Score 2) 110

More to the point, I've always said: "It's not that you measure metrics that matter - it's what metrics you measure that matter." Case in point: I was meeting with a call center manager pitching a new system and we were swapping war stories and he told me about taking over at another company's call center and was reviewing reports, only to see what seemed a really high number of complaints about reps hanging up on customers in the middle of a call. Interviewing some of the worst-offending reps, they told him the situation. "We get paid based on the number of calls per hour that we take! If some bitty starts yakking about her grandkids, I hang up on them to get in the queue for the next call. That way, I maximize my pay. What would you do?" And there you have it....

Comment As a wise man once told me.... (Score 1) 110

"People will always do what they perceive to be in their best interest." Being a sales guy and going through a variety of "comp plans", we all learn really quickly how to maximize our commissions. Oh - if we can sell more shit, great! But the first goal is to maximize commission-able revenue.

Comment Re:Responsible? (Score 5, Insightful) 569

Let me try. First, her entire purpose in having said private email server was explicitly to protect her privacy - something she is very sensitive about. The issue, and what separates her situation from that of Colin Powell, is that she used that server for both personal and official email exchanges. This defies both basic common sense and several applicable federal laws - laws which were *NOT* part of the recently concluded FBI investigation. That investigation was about the content of the emails and their classification, NOT - again - the real violation of law and common sense. Bottom line is that her credibility is in question because of a series of actions, all attributable to her paranoia and penchant for secrecy.

Comment So, which is it? (Score 1) 145

While it's true that the technology itself is "dated", so is Unix. Also, as TFS mentions: " is still updated by IBM, which did a major rewrite of the operating system about a decade ago." Of course, they could do a RAD/SCRUM/No-SQL/Other-Buzzword-compliant technology rebuild and achieve the same results, with no downtime and seamless transitioning, right? Right?

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