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Comment Re:Responsible? (Score 5, Insightful) 563

Let me try. First, her entire purpose in having said private email server was explicitly to protect her privacy - something she is very sensitive about. The issue, and what separates her situation from that of Colin Powell, is that she used that server for both personal and official email exchanges. This defies both basic common sense and several applicable federal laws - laws which were *NOT* part of the recently concluded FBI investigation. That investigation was about the content of the emails and their classification, NOT - again - the real violation of law and common sense. Bottom line is that her credibility is in question because of a series of actions, all attributable to her paranoia and penchant for secrecy.

Comment So, which is it? (Score 1) 145

While it's true that the technology itself is "dated", so is Unix. Also, as TFS mentions: " is still updated by IBM, which did a major rewrite of the operating system about a decade ago." Of course, they could do a RAD/SCRUM/No-SQL/Other-Buzzword-compliant technology rebuild and achieve the same results, with no downtime and seamless transitioning, right? Right?

Comment Just be glad that you don't have Windstream (Score 1) 68

As someone who lives in a captive Windstream area, I can tell you that 75 minutes of outage would be GREAT! We regularly have outages that last for over a day!! Of course, here in Conservativia-land, any discussion of using the Gummint to force Windstream to allow competing ISPs to use the existing copper plant won't even get started, despite the suffering that local businesses go through over the outages.

Comment The one true metric should be.... (Score 4, Insightful) 166

....is the per-mile-driven accident rate greater or less with Autopilot (or equivalent) enabled? Basically, it's a "perfect is the enemy of the good" situation whereby some folks seem to want to limit autonomous driving until it is 100% perfect when we all know that humans are far, far less reliable.

Comment Re:Please, it's Frivilous Regulation (Score 1) 242

Well yes and the SCOTUS essentially ruled yesterday that Texas can't impose safety regulations on abortion providers because abortion is 'right' (disagree personally) and the procedure appears to be to safe (which is funny because its about the only medical procedure I am aware that is almost universally fatal). So the states interest in ensuring safety does not offer a reason for regulation and imposes an undue burden. Which is complete horseshit. Texas's rules had ZERO to do with "safety" and EVERYTHING to do with making abortion (a legal medical procedure) much more difficult to obtain. Period. End of story. For someone, though, who posits a "Libertarian" viewpoint, you seem awfully anxious to allow the government to own a woman's body and her sovereign rights to it. Those rights do not disappear because your religious beliefs are otherwise. At least be honest enough to admit that big government, in your view, is BAD *unless* that power is used to satisfy your need for power over other people.

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