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Comment Didn't 'wipe' the drive. (Score -1, Troll) 97

They did because he forgot to delete his shadow volume copies,

Then he didn't wipe the drive, he deleted some files.

Could the slashdot crew get a fucking clue about how computers work or stop fucking pretending you should be running this site. If the submission is stupid or obviously wrong, don't approve it. If the submission is nothing more than a copy and paste from some other web page, don't fucking approve it. If the submission is to a blog which then references some other article and doesn't actually have any added value, don't fucking approve it.

In short, editors, get off your ass and do your fucking jobs or get the fuck out.

Comment Re:The Federal Communications Commission (Score -1) 205

They already saved millions with that


They cost themselves millions more than needed when looked at from the long term. 'The cloud' is cheap when you only look at up front investment. Once you look at TCO, 'the cloud' is the most expensive option you can select.

To put things in perspective: the entire FCC budget is 380 millions. They have 1800 employees, which already eats about half of that budget. Then there's buildings, power/heating/cooling, furniture, copiers, etc. They're not cheap, but I've worked on project in the private sector where more money that than was wasted on failed ERP initiatives.

As a general rule, I tend to not take advice from the guy who 'failed', I can make a couple of guesses as to why you were involved in failed projects as well, since you seem to think paying someone extra to do the work for you instead of just doing it yourself is 'saving money'.

Comment Re:More idiotic click-bait (Score -1) 173

Its worse than that.

The ice isn't static. As a general rule it flows from where the snow falls towards lower ground or ... the ocean.

Things from long ago are CONSTANTLY being reintroduced to the environment after being frozen in ice for thousands and thousands of years.

This silly case where someone realizes for the first time that it happens isn't a story, its just more ignorance of the 'new' slashdot owners who are nothing but sensationalist morons.

Comment Re:Apple gonna Apple (Score -1) 58

You do realize you don't accumulate wealth by giving it away for no gain, right?

You can be an ignorant SJW all you want but it just makes you look stupid.

People (and companies) accumulate wealth by NOT giving it away, as best as possible. Thats kind of what most for-profit cooperation are required to do based on their charter (not all, but certainly most)

Comment Re:Kinda defeats the purpose (Score -1) 152

The up side is that the F-16s are actually combat capable aircraft that can kick the shit out of the F-35 and pretty much every other fighter on the planet without breaking a sweat.

One really has to wonder why the F-35 is even there at all. A smaller, faster, harder to hit drone could relay data far better than a big ass expensive F-35 with a person in it.

Park a predator in the area, use it for your eyes and ears, remote control the Falcons ... no need for the ridiculously built POS known as the F-35.

Comment Re:Why does Qualcomm care about Apple perf decisio (Score -1) 92

This isn't the main claim of the lawsuit, though. Qualcomm is alleging Apple interfered with Qualcomm's patent licensing contracts with manufacturers (like Foxconn, Wistron, Pegatron) by encouraging them not to pay the full royalties Qualcomm asks for and not to comply with independent royalty audits. Apple is alleging that Qualcomm's royalty licensing practices are anticompetitive. It'll all go on for years.

Not really, they've pretty much already been found guilty of price fixing and fraud in their own country, the whole world knows they're lying cheating scumbags at this point. Judges are unlikely to be too lenient

Comment Re:It's for your own safety, trust us you dumb fuc (Score -1) 199

This is just the new slashdot ownership pushing clickbait headlines.

This has already been discussed on slashdot in this very exact sensationalizing and WRONG way in the past. And, just like you and everyone else on this article, its clearly done because of the fingerprint/secure enclave stuff.

Comment Re:Sucked out of an airplane? Not likely (Score -1, Interesting) 286

Mythbusters does less science than the catholic church.

They couldn't have possibly tested what happens unless they were moving the aircraft at several hundred miles of air and openned a hole in the side which, due to the forward movement of the aircraft and the wind passing this new opening at a higher rate of speed than the surrounding air ... would have created a low pressure situations with strong winds that will 'suck' things right out of the aircraft. (Actually, they're blown out, vacuum doesn't pull anything, pressure on the other side pushes it).

Bernoulli described the physical processes doing this about 300 years ago now ... but hey, you're right, Jamie knows all about real science!

Also, don't let several confirmed cases of it happening in real aircraft incidents sway you either.

Oh and by the way, the sun is purple because Mythbusters said so.

Comment Re:Discount != paying you. (Score -1) 90

FedEx is not paying anyone to install flash. Instead, they are offering a $5 discount. There is a huge difference.

On top of that, its offered as compensation for making you deal with the fact that you have to install flash. It seems a lot more like them saying:

'yea, this sucks that we have to ask you to do this, so heres a discount to kinda make up for it, we're really sorry :('

Which also sounds like they recognize that flash isn't what they should be doing and likely have at least a few people who are trying to remedy the problem.

But hey, the headline is WAY more clickbait-ready than if they had used "discount" instead of "pay you"

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