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Comment How expendable are you? (Score 1) 350

I shouldn't have to worry about these things if all I want to do is make a quick goofy little icon or whatever.

Does Paint even include an exporter for an icon file that includes multiple sizes?

But sometimes, part of the job includes knowing when to pick your battles.

True. I'm also aware that which battles to pick depends on how expendable the company considers you to be. This is probably why I haven't had quite as much problem getting GIMP approved as some other users are reporting, as I've worked at mostly small businesses.

This brings me to another point: Sometimes, picking your battles includes picking your employer. "I left when I realized the company made a habit of refusing to provide suitable tools to do my job on a reasonable time frame. Assigning projects that require image editing without allowing use of a basic image editor, even one distributed as free software, was the last straw."

Comment You are being paid to tilt at windmills (Score 1) 350

Some of us have Actual Work to do that doesn't involve tilting at IT windmills.

If your employer's IT department presents windmills, you are being paid to tilt at them. Then you can use your days off to polish your CV so you can find a job with a different employer whose IT department is less dysfunctional at approving widely used applications distributed as free software.

Hammers for nails.

You are dealing with an IT department that requires excessive red tape to obtain a hammer.

Comment Re:If It Weren't For Russia (Score 1) 95

You are confusing "entered the war" with "declared war". The US entered the war on the side of the Allies, then, after becoming entangled, declared war. The Germans sank US ships in the Atlantic because the US was actively running the English blockade. That act of war was met with an act of war.

Over history, you are picking one point. Russia wouldn't have saved us from Germany if Russia didn't exist. If Russia wasn't there in the 1800s, then the Ottoman Empire may have ruled it at the start of WWI, making the conflict shorter and of no consequence, so that Germany wasn't punished with reparations that lead to WWII. Again, the lack of Russia doesn't seem to doom the USA.

Comment MITM instead of breaking encryption (Score 1) 200

Self-signed certs force encryption, so I'm not sure how an ISP would able to crack that encryption [...] The problem with self-signed certs is there is no mechanism that requires the cert owner to actually control the domain the cert, no way to ensure the server you are connecting to actually is who it ways it is.

You answered your own question. Instead of letting a subscriber connect to a server with a self-signed certificate, the ISP would intercept the connection, act as a server to the subscriber, and act as a client to the real server. Browser publishers warn for self-signed certificates but don't warn for DV certificates because they have agreed that https in the scheme means some level of verification that the domain and server share control.

Comment What are the free replacements? (Score 1) 350

[A laundry list]

All of which are crap or a better open source alternative exists.

Among the applications you listed are music store, music streaming, music identification video store, and video streaming apps. What's the free replacement for each? What's the appropriate way to obtain an OAuth key pair for a free Twitter client when Twitter can and does revoke API keys that leak to the public? And what's the free replacement for Skype that can perform text, voice, and video chat with users on your existing Skype contact list or with Skype users who have invited you to text, voice, or video chat with them?

Comment GIMP government edition, same as everyone edition (Score 1) 350

And the justification will usually involve adjustment layers, a Photoshop feature where a filter is associated with a layer, automatically updating when the layers below it change. But because you usually don't need adjustment layers just to mark up screenshots, GNU Image Manipulation Program should be easier to approve.

Comment Forced in what way? (Score 1) 350

When forced to work on machines that have things locked down tight, downloading and installing a new tool is not always an option.

How are you "forced to work on machines" like that in the first place? Why can't you play the "can't do the job without appropriate tools" card to temporarily decline to work on them pending approval of use of, say, GIMP Portable?

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