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Comment Re:What? (Score 0) 260

Presumably, it's either a community, district, or suburb of San Francisco.... although I was only able to piece together that much by reading the article.

Oh...I thought at first read it was some sort of protest group that was "on a mission", or something to that effect.

Was confusing to me too, as that not everyone is familiar with areas of SF.

Comment Re: Paradox of intelligence (Score 1) 642

Is it so hard to understand? Most people live their lives without needing a gun, and the primary experience is hearing about what harm somebody did with a gun.

Well, sure, there's always nuts somewhere, but hell, gun accidents claim more lives than criminal gun deaths, and considering how many guns are IN the US, that is a minuscule number statistically.

And I don't understand the use of the word "NEED".....I buy a LOT of things I don't "need" don't need a motorcycle, you don't need a good stereo and tv, you don't need nice hunting knives, you don't need a crossbow or archery set, you don't "need" a lot of things, but they are fun to buy and use legally.

Your chances of getting hurt or killed in the US by something other than a gun is very high, guns aren't the riskiest things you will face on your normal day in the US.

I'm sure glad that we have the Bill of Rights instead of the Bill of "Needs" know?

Comment Re:The new price (Score 1) 157

$99 is just the base cost, you then have at add up all the extra you pay for over priced items that qualify for Prime.

Maybe it's better in the US, but I couldn't live off the selection available at Amazon UK.

Hmm...yeah, it must be MUCH different outside the US then.

I mean, pretty much *everything* find qualifies for Prime shipment, except some 3rd party items...and I don't find that Amazon is overpriced compared to other online retailers, if they even have what I want in stock at other online retailers.

And...I'm still able to get many things from Amazon without having sales tax added, although that is getting a bit tougher to find.

But being that Amazon is a US company, it is likely we get the best deals and selection. I'm guessing as they grow and expand, they will get better overseas too...but then again, ya'll have weird stuff like VAT taxes and other rules which don't apply here, so, who knows?

Comment Re:The new price (Score 2) 157

I almost hate to say this, but is coming on strong on a lot of common, and not so common items, it is price competitive with amazon, especially if you do the ship-to-store option

But UGH the thought of actually having to go to, park and go inside a Walmart....I just can't stand going into that place.

I rarely go to a Wally-world...usually only to get a really good deal on ammo (bird shot 100 packs for $19.99), and at times, oil or washing/waxing products for the car. But other than that, just can't stand the place and the food, ugh...their meat still has marks where the jockey was hitting it.

And well, amazon still has a LOT of 3rd party sellers, and from them, no sales tax is charged, which makes that still an attractive option.

Wally-world also needs to get their website looking and operating in a bit better, user friendly manner.

If Wally-world can match or beat the Amazon price, and do shipping in same 2 day manner and have the selection and not force me to go to a store, I'll give them heavy consideration.

Comment Viewer on sofa (Score 1) 257

Often videos will contain text intended for the viewer to read that does not resolve at 480p also

Which videos are those? The most text-heavy videos I watch are tech support scam baiting videos by Lewis's Tech and Each&Everything, and I can make those out comfortably even at 480p. Besides, I thought text needed to be sized for 480p even if only to be readable by a viewer on the sofa across the living room from the TV.

Comment Re:The new price (Score 4, Insightful) 157

It wasn't worth it at the old price. Their streaming service is substandard and the "free" shipping is just added on to the price of the item.

I find for the small sum of $99/yr, it is VERY much worth it to me.

I like the 2x day shipping, and I do most of my shopping there online, rather than brick and mortar.

I really have been using Amazon Music to stream in my car lately.

I like the free eBooks I get monthly for reading.

I believe there is also free online storage you get for photos and something called too, but I"ve not explored those yet.

I do shop around online for best prices, but most of the time, I find it at Amazon, and I have just enough patience for most things to get here in 2x days.

Their video streaming content is getting better, I have both it and Netflix....Netflix seems to have less and less and Amazon seems to be starting to have more and more movies I want to watch these days.

Again....$99 a year is nothing, as I mentioned elsewhere, I've had bar tabs that high, so for all that entertainment AND "free" 2x day shipping, it is more than worth it to me.

Comment Re:Why does anyone need prime? (Score 2, Insightful) 157

I cant figure that part out.

My packages will get here when they get here.

And usually they arrive much sooner than the estimate.

I will never pay for Prime.

I find a lot of value in it.

I do a LOT of shopping on Amazon, I rarely go to brick and mortar stores, and I like the 2x day shipping. I have patience for 2 days.

I like the options I find on Amazon Prime that comes with it.

I like that I get free eBooks monthly.

You get some free storage on amazon cloud.

I enjoy the Amazon Music, I use that to stream in my car off my cell phone.

There's other stuff I've not tried yet, something called you get free.

I believe there are some other things, but I find these all to be a big value to me....

Here are some links here and here....

And all that for a mere $99/yr?

Hell, I've had single night bar tabs that much....

Comment Re:Not sustainable? (Score 5, Interesting) 157

of course it's sustainable, otherwise they would have raised the $99 yearly fee. The price hike is just to make some people to switch to the full year price, thinking they will get the better deal. It will work for some, and savvy people will only subscribe for november (black friday) and july (prime day)

Comment Re:Paradox of intelligence (Score 1) 642

...things like being anti-gun are a positive thing to most non Americans.

I really don't get it.

Can you explain to me, why "most non Americans" are anti-gun and want to deprive your run of the mill, law abiding citizen (the majority of us) of the right to own and operate firearms in legal manners?

Seriously, why?

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