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Comment Re:An unfortunate use of technology (Score 1) 481

Turbocharging is an efficient form of power gain as the turbo captures the exhaust back pressure. It's not that the engine now has to work harder to push out the exhaust, rather, it's the pressure being instantly released once the exhaust valve cracks open.

Superchargers (belt driven blowers) are far more simplistic and trouble free (with exception of normal wear). The problem with a blower is that it's parasitic. It takes power to deliver more power in return. So, they render less MPG when in use (under load).

Comment Re:Pure Incompetence (Score 1) 507

ST Continues or Axanar or any of a dozen other good fan/semi-pro projects. But Hollywood is not about making film and TV; it's about sucking budget into a black hole, and while you can do an excellent series on a fraction of the money, this makes the unions unhappy and eliminates all the graft and waste that's where the real profit lies. So it won't happen on Big Hollywood's watch.

Comment Re:Flawed study (Score 1) 136

In my observation, younger doctors tend to be full of education, but empty of experience, and their primary means of making mistakes is being too by-the book; also, they tend not to listen to the patient. Older doctors are more likely to treat the patient rather than treating the test results; after all the object is to get you symptom-free, not to make the tests look pretty.

I would guess that a lot of older patients have come to recognise this and go to older doctors, so naturally the mortality rate is higher.

Comment Re:Current state of affairs in the USA worries me. (Score 4, Insightful) 132

Last I checked, the Shanghai Maglev was German technology. But other than that, yes, anytime you empower a nation to build because they're the lowest cost supplier that can actually do the job in numbers, you will get an economic boom there. Eventually they become self-sufficient where they too start competing in high tech industries with the rest of the developed world. So the transition from a developing nation to one that is developed is a natural progression. It happened with the Roman Empire, spanning to Europe, across the Atlantic to the America, now back to China, and soon Africa. Now, it's important to note that having a functional government is key here. Pure anarchy and pure totalitarianism are far too extreme to be conducive to mass economic output.

Comment Re:Not a right (Score 2) 235

I have to agree with that statement. Apple doesn't have to do shit for anyone. That said, Apple has no right preventing anyone from repairing a device or locking out spare parts from the general public.

I'll tell you where this will end up. Future phones will be epoxied together. A single problem with it? Yeah, throw it in the shredder, get another device, and re-download your cloud profile/data. You can't repair what they will make unrepairable. Not that I agree with it, just sayin.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 60

No, assuming the malware isn't still actively chewing on data to encrypt, in theory, you could just copy the recovered/decrypted files to an external target (Share, USB, Online web-based dropbox...etc). Then, and only then do you shitbox the computer and burn it to the ground. What's important is the data, not the infected PC at that point!

Comment Re:Stressful.. (Score 2) 108

IT Pros such as myself actually suffer PTSD. I've almost admittedly lost my shit working on a project that took well over 60s in a week, and hundreds of people depended on it. Wasn't my fault. It was a fucked up situation that I walked into as was tasked to deal with it. But yeah, now with this ransomworm going around, how would you like to deal with people literally dying on you as it ravages the medical industry?

As for the PTSD, it's grown worse. I can't tell you how many times I'm interrupted when trying to perform deep analytical troubleshooting in a complex environment. I love the work. Can't fucking stand the interruptions! I want to be placed in a box with just my computer, coffee, and NO FUCKING PHONE!!! I'll get the work done faster, and with less stress. But nooo, us IT Pros are getting constantly hounded. As for my boss, yeah, he has it worse. Somehow drinking helps him cope....

Comment Re: Wow. You da man. Accessing a public network! (Score 1) 327

With past more competent Presidents the issue of public wifi would be immaterial. The presidential entourage travels with a security tent they set up in the President's suite. These are resistant to all sorts of bugs and block radio emissions. A competent President in a public place would excuse themselves from a public dinner and conduct sensitive government business there.

An incompetent one will just sit in the fucking dining room and light the table with their cell phones where any jackass with a phone can photograph them.

Being that the Mar-a-Lago has shitty network security and wifi that can be accessed by a boat in the lagoon, anyone interesting in bugging the President can just load the hotel's TVs, POS systems, telephones, and network printers with malware. They would have a reasonable chance of catching sensitive discussions because the administration doesn't see any need to discuss sensitive topics in private secure locations.

Comment Re:A long way down.... (Score 2) 327

Why are they discussing sensitive matters in insecure environments? Because they're fucking clown shoes. They think it's ok to just break out sensitive intelligence documents in the middle of a crowded dining room at a hotel. Trump's personal body guard can't figure out how to use a fucking Manila folder to keep the Secretary of Defense's phone number private.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Informative) 141

Technically true, Obama appointed him to the committee, but he was just one of five members, not the chairman of the FCC. Only three members of the committee can be members of the party currently in power, the other two must come from the other side. So Obama had to pick a republican.

Tom Wheeler was chairman of the FCC during Obama's second term. Pai did not take over automatically, the chairman is appointed by the president. Because this issue is essentially one group of powerful corporations fighting a second group of powerful corporations, it tends not to be a partisan issue so much as a "who gave which politician the most money recently" issue.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 4, Informative) 229

Similarly, you can't Copyright a word, or a string of words.

You absolutely can copyright a string of words, if it's long enough. And they don't have to be complete thoughts, either.

Here's a quick summary of what can and can't be copyrighted (page 3.)

Actually, based on existing law ... I'd say that jokes can be copyrighted as long as they've been recorded somehow -- written down, recorded audibly, etc. and especially if they've been published. One might argue that a really short joke ("Three guys walk into a bar. The fourth one ducks.") is too short, but a longer one? Like "The Aristocats"? Seems eligible to me.

Of course, the courts may see it differently, but I guess we'll see ...

You can copyright very long strings of words as complete thoughts, but even then I can quote you all I like as long as I give credit.

You have a strange view of copyright law.

{The entire text of the Harry Potter series} --J. K. Rowling

Of course, that's not what you meant, but it is basically what you said ...

What you seem to be referring to is "fair use". It certainly exists, but you've greatly oversimplified it.

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