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Comment Re:Self-driving car with a human driver (Score 1) 257

Sure I can. In fact, I suggest you go out and test this right now. If you don't succeed then you're not doing it right.

You can not break a tail light on a car with just your body. Unless you were wearing steel-capped shoes (with the steel on the outside) you couldn't even kick a tail light to break it.

Comment Re:Bay Area Idiots (Score 1) 257

Bingo. You see the highway the whole way.

Hwy 101 is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. And it's well cared-for, so it's a pleasure to drive. To be sure, there are some parts that get busy around LA, but if you get caught in traffic, you can look at the beautiful women along the beach to pass the time. Plus, did I mention weed is legal?

Comment Re:Ethical hackers (Score 1) 76

You'll also need to have a deadbolt on the door, the door needs to be steel, and you'll need bars on the windows. Now you're up to the level that it would take a middle school kid to break in and it'll take time and make some noise, or a high school kid might manage to pick the locks.

You're pretty bad at home security, it seems. Do you deserve to get cleaned out? I'm guessing you'll say no, and you'll be right. Same way nobody deserves one of those crypto extortion attacks.

Comment Re: Self-driving car with a human driver (Score 1) 257

The story is made up.

It reminds me of once when I was a teenager, I had my dad's car. It was winter and I was in the parking lot at Rhys Park doing donuts in the snow. I banged into some trash can and scratched up the passenger door. I wish I'd made up the story that some random guy threw his body at the car while I was stopped at a traffic light. It would have saved me losing car privileges until I paid for the repairs by shoveling sidewalks for neighbors. Took me a month of shoveling.

Comment Re:On the Whole (Score 1) 257

However there are a lot more parts of California than the cost, and many of those parts are not that inspiring.

Oh man, were you on hwy 101? There are unbelievably beautiful vistas throughout the Central Coast region.

If you ever have to make that trip, I highly recommend taking Amtrak's Coast Starlight train. It goes right along the coast and you can put your legs up and use the wi-fi and there's a dining car. It's terrific. If you do that, let me know and I'll meet you at one of the stops and buy you lunch. You can get on and off on a single ticket.

Comment Self-driving car with a human driver (Score 1, Interesting) 257

Cruise AV, a self-driving car company owned by General Motors, reports that earlier this month an unidentified man in the Mission flung himself onto one of the company's autonomous vehicles

But wait, there's more!

The car's human driver says...

OK, so there was a driver in this self-driving car.

It sounds to me like they ran over a guy, and somebody's trying to dodge a lawsuit by saying someone "threw themselves at the car". And if there was, as the self-driving car's driver says, "damage to a tail light", let me ask you this: If you went outside and threw your body at a car, do you think you could break a tail light?

Comment Re:Bay Area Idiots (Score 0) 257

You can tell when someone's from the Bay Area because they're so self-important that they describe local locations to the world with no context to explain for people not from the area.

God, Americans love not knowing stuff. It's really a badge of honor. If someone said, "Brooklyn" or "the French Quarter", would you know what it is? But people are so jealous of California that they pretend not to know what the Mission District is.

Some poor bastard in Arkansas is telling himself, "At least I don't live in that shithole, San Francisco." There literally isn't a single thing on the California coast that's not beautiful. You can start at San Diego and drive straight up to the Oregon border and not see anything besides inspiring beauty. There are also better-looking women here than anywhere else in the United States. Just one after another. And legal weed. And surfing. What kind of damage must they have suffered to hate beautiful women, legal weed, and surfing? It boggles the mind.

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