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Comment Re: We have laws for this already (Score 1) 313

Your argument for weak government is along the lines of: We cannot allow our sons to be taken as slaves any longer. We shall sever their spines at birth since nobody will want a paraplegic slave.

But if a government is smaller and weaker than the various large corporations, who will enforce their contracts?

Comment Re: We have laws for this already (Score 2, Insightful) 313


Since you are an expert on capitalism, you will surely be aware of Smith's warnings about handing out corporate charters and the importance of a well regulated market. You will also be aware of the need for all parties to have some reasonable parity of economic power in order for markets to work as they should.

Knowing that and being a supporter of capitalism, you should well understand the importance of limiting wealth accumulation and be all for it.

Comment Re: More to the story (Score 1) 387

The full quote is: "There are two sides to every story, and somewhere in between lies the truth "

And that's what I was objecting to.

Scientists say humans evolved over millions of years. Creationists say man was made 6000 years ago and woman was made from man's rib.

Does the truth lay somewhere in between?

The old saw about "two sides" is no longer operable when there the potential upside to lying is so great.

Comment Re: This is why the US need a smaller government.. (Score 3, Informative) 232

Not really, no. The water levels are low for reasons other than global warming. The aquifer is nearly depleted due to overuse and drought. None of those is directly related to climate change. The depletion is definitely due to humans, however. The river should also be fed be aquifer. It isn't. We used the water to grow food and lawns.

Comment Re:Rather pointless.... (Score 1) 313

I am kinda sure I should say sorry to you. That's not because you're right, it's because you're deluded.

What did the last group do? What did they cement so that it can't be broken with ease?

I am sorry that you felt obligated to respond with that. That's the best I can offer you. In my defense, I only get one vote.

Comment Re:best practices (Score 1, Flamebait) 191

Right, fuck trying to engage with your fans

Do that from the stage.

These data caps aren't getting blown by posting pictures from the road or Tweeting the set list. They're being blown by the rhythm guitarist watching Season 5 of Hawaii 5-0 and the bass player watching Netflix for 8 hours a day.

And what's up with touring musicians who are all of a sudden too good to do drugs and bang groupies? They gotta be on the Internet all day? Man, millennials have ruined everything.

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