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Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 469

Wikipedia states in big bold letters right at the start of the article:

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages)
The neutrality of this article is disputed. (October 2012)
This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints. (October 2012)
This article's factual accuracy is disputed. (October 2012)

You can't tell me just read Wikipedia's article (another argument of authority, btw... you never actually state your position), when Wikipedia itself believes the article to be factually inaccurate.

Also, your "dartboard" IQ test has not been proven to be correlated with anything. That is the difference.

I'm not arguing whether IQ tests are testing native ability, education, or a combination of both. Just that IQ tests correspond to job performance, and race corresponds to IQ test, so then race corresponds to job performance. Whether that is due to socioeconomic factors or innate ability is irrelevant to my point, which is that if a company hires more whites and asians than blacks and latinos, they can't immediately be concluded as racist by default.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 469

But if they do correlate with job performance, and they also correlate with race, it would stand to reason that race correlates with job performance.

I'm not arguing that this means this is due to innate racial characteristics. It may be due to any number of social constructs. But regardless if whether it's nature or nurture that causes it to be, it still is.

And it follows, then, that just because a company's employees consist of more white and asians than blacks and latinos then the general population does not indicate the company has racist hiring policies.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1, Informative) 469

I looked at the wikipedia article. It's mostly just arguments by authority. Show me some actual evidence that proves the IQ tests are not valid. I don't think you can.

IQ tests correspond to the success one has in careers, wealth, productivity, less crime, etc. Besides which, the parent was discussing whether companies should hire applicants, and regardless of whether the outcome of the tests is social construct or an innate ability, the point is the same. IQ tests *do* correspond with ability to perform at mental tasks, and racial differences *do* correspond with different IQ levels, so regardless of why that is, it follows then that racial differences would correspond to the ability to perform, and therefore it would be common sense that more people of a certain racial group that performs better at IQ tests on average, would be more highly represented at jobs that require mental skills.

And whether white supremacist groups agree or don't agree does not affect the actual facts. Bringing that up has nothing to do with the statistics, and is muddying the issue. Of course, that was your intent.

Comment Re:All according to plan (Score 1) 256

Oh, the whole tough guy persona is going to beat down the progress of technology. I'm afraid... so very afraid *rolls eyes*

You try that once nowadays, you'll have to deal with electronic alarms, your every move recorded, and a police force with the technology to track you down no matter what bridge you try to hide under, and you'll end up in a jail cell, crippled, or dead.

Your threats are meaningless to the institution.

Comment Re: Computer security is really, really hard (Score 1) 73

Dealing with risks does not mean eliminating them. I thought the original statement was in the context of having an actual real life computer running a provably correct algorithm.

So either you are thinking the context was a theoretical computing device, or that your definition of "prove" includes assuming that hardware designed to "deal with the risks [I] describe" can protect against all known and unknown attacks, now and in the future. Tempest is still being updated, right?

I don't know what you think I'm trying to say here... Of course, some risk has to be accepted to do meaningful engineering, but equating that to prove is just wrong.

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