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Comment Re:All according to plan (Score 1) 256

Oh, the whole tough guy persona is going to beat down the progress of technology. I'm afraid... so very afraid *rolls eyes*

You try that once nowadays, you'll have to deal with electronic alarms, your every move recorded, and a police force with the technology to track you down no matter what bridge you try to hide under, and you'll end up in a jail cell, crippled, or dead.

Your threats are meaningless to the institution.

Comment Re: Computer security is really, really hard (Score 1) 73

Dealing with risks does not mean eliminating them. I thought the original statement was in the context of having an actual real life computer running a provably correct algorithm.

So either you are thinking the context was a theoretical computing device, or that your definition of "prove" includes assuming that hardware designed to "deal with the risks [I] describe" can protect against all known and unknown attacks, now and in the future. Tempest is still being updated, right?

I don't know what you think I'm trying to say here... Of course, some risk has to be accepted to do meaningful engineering, but equating that to prove is just wrong.

Comment Re: Computer security is really, really hard (Score 1) 73

You can prove a system is designed to do what it's supposed to, but given that we haven't discovered all of the laws of physics, you can't prove it will always do what it's supposed to.

There is no physical way to determine whether a system is leaking information in some way, or if you flip bits in a certain pattern, you can cause the memory to become corrupted, etc.

Comment Re:No need (Score 1) 298

It's even worse than you think! By the picture shown in the FA, http://clipair.epfl.ch/ it appears that you'll have to lie down the whole time, and they can only transport 3 people around at maximum. Not only that, but there are no windows besides what I can only surmise are tiny little air holes to keep you from suffocating in transit.

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