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Comment Re:WWIII (Score 1) 348

And when you have a lineup of cars a quarter mile long, and your hand pumping gas and diesel into vehicles, how's that going to go for you. Mopst gas stations are not built so they can be gravity fed. Yes, I'm sure there are a few with optimal conditions, but basically, fuel distribution is based upon operating electrical grids.

Comment Re:I'm still floored (Score 1) 135

I think Microsoft saw the problem well enough. They saw that computing was steadily moving over to mobile devices. But they could never come up with a device or operating system that gave developers and consumer any particular reason to move to their platform. They've been all but begging these days for people to develop apps for the Microsoft Store, but nobody cares, because it's irrelevant and who is going to waste their time?

So we're going to see them continue to leverage the things they do have dominance in; and that's Office/Back Office. They're going to have to play by Apple's and Google's rules, at least for now, but they need to keep MS-Office and Exchange as THE killer applications. They're still going to have their dominance on the PC, but whether that's going to maintain long term fortunes depends a lot on how the evolution of computers proceeds over the next 10-20 years.

All I know is that my smart phone has altered the way I compute. The bulk of my email correspondence is on my phone, and a lot of casual browsing goes on there as well. I still use a PC at work and have a laptop at home, and use them for coding, spreadsheet and word processing, but that's what they are, workhorses for those things that would be too hard on a phone, and if someone comes up with voice recognition good enough to do dictation, some of my word processing might end up on the phone as well.

Comment Re:"Apps"? (Score 1) 135

And Windows 10 isn't spyware for Microsofr?

Sorry mate, they're all doing it, and it is very much about apps apps apps, and Microsoft could never find a way to compel developers who had been developing on iOS and Android for years to move over to another platform. Microsoft came too late to the party with too little to entice either users or developers. Now they've entered an era when Windows is not installed on a majority of consumer computing devices, so now they're going to have to pay by the Apple and Google walled garden rules.

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 3, Interesting) 320

The difference is the fake news purveyors have no concept of accountability. Yes, news outlets will get things wrong, but they also retract when it is discovered that they have.

The only caveat to all of this is that in the age of the Internet, online news sources have sadly started mixing editorial content with actual reporting. This I am very critical of. In the old days, newspapers had a specific section for editorial content, and even the nightly news, where there was editorial content, was usually put at the end of the broadcast and clearly stated as an editorial. On the Internet it can be rather hard to identify what is journalism and what isn't. Fox and CNN's websites are both abusers of this; mixing in the actual reporting with editorials and making it hard to figure out which you're reading.

I just simply don't trust average people on comment forums actually being able in many cases to debunk any claim. Relying upon random comments on the Internet seems a terrible idea to me.

This whole thing seems to feed into the whole "all claims are equally valid" sort of post-modernist claim; a sort of epistemological nihilism which is largely defended by significantly inflating the problems with mainstream journalism.

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