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Submission + - First Open Source Smartphone Discontinued ( 1

TuxMobil writes: "Bad news for freerunner fans, development of the first Open Source smartphone will be discontinued. OpenMoko executive director Sean Moss-Pulz told at OpenExpo in Bern (Switzerland) that the number of staffs will be reduced to be able to stay in business. OpenMoko had high intentions: the offspring from Taiwanese electronic manufacturer First International Computer (FIC) wanted to produce an Open Source smartphone. Not only with Open Source software pre-installed, but with free drivers and open specifications of the hardware components. This would give programmers as well as users complete freedom. Up to now the manufacturer has produced two models, the first has been sold 3,000 times and the second one has been bought 10,000 times. Both models were targeted primarily to developers. From the beginning OpenMoko had to fight with different problems. The smartphones came into market with a huge delay. Some series came with construction defects. Also changes in the team slowed down the development. Software development for the current smartphone will be continued but with less resources Moss-Pultz told. He still hopes the community will support the Freerunner: "Buy the Freerunner, help to correct bugs and write new programms"."

Feed The Register: Immigrant ID cards and border checks slip towards 2009 (

Byrne's 'challenging targets' challenge belief

Immigration minister Liam Byrne has concealed what looks like further ID card slippage and set himself a remarkably unchallenging series of immigration and border control targets in a "ten point plan" for 2008. Humorously described by the Home Office as "challenging", the plan consists largely of low targets, targets already achieved, and harder targets lobbed off into the middle distance.

Feed The Register: Nokia N95 8GB smartphone (

Hardcore handset?

Review Nokia has boosted the spec of one of its most popular smartphones, bolting in 8GB of Flash memory and refining key features. So is the latest version of the N95 a refreshing update for Nokia’s flagship multimedia, GPS-toting mobile?

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