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Asus release of Athlon(K7) M/B 69

Maz writes "According to Tom's Hardware guide Asus will release their K7 M/B at the end september. This response from Asus was attributed to the fact that "Asus received tons of mail from people enquiring about their Athlon-board." You can read the article and some of the replies from Asus for yourself. "
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Asus release of Athlon(K7) M/B

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  • So you must be the Tom himself then. Yer Porsch
    holdin up OK?


  • PC world (uk) has Athlon based systems for about £1400 +vat
    You can pick one up today if you really want
    ( I'm tempted but, I'm waiting for a biathlon)
  • So, does anyone have an idea of when we can expect to start seeing dual/quad/etc. processor motherboards for the K7^H^HAthalon?

    I'd like to get an Athalon system, but my next computer needs to be a MP system (doing threaded 3D image reconstruction programming type stuff). Since I can't wait forever, do I need to get a cheapy dual celeron to tide me over?
  • This is good news! I really like Asus. I find their motherboards are very good quality, without being hugely overpriced. Their tech support is also very good, while a lot of other brands tend to have poor documention written in broken English [1]. It is great to see that Asus has come to their senses and will be supporting Athlon, which by all rights is the best x86 CPU yet. Great to see my favorite motherboard company supporting my favorite microprocessor company! :-)

    [1] Hope that doesn't sound too nasty. Often the product is quite good, just an unforunate language barrier is in place. And in their defense, they speak English one heck of a lot better then I speak... heck, I don't even know *what* their language is called, let alone how to speak it! But alas, my fault is still my condition.
  • Actually what I've found amusing is this worshipping of the K7 for the last year even though there's still no definative launch date.
    Of course that still doesn't beat the "We hate intel!" crowd who use celerons and think they're screwing Intel over by doing so ;)
  • People vs. the evil empire --- and the people won !

    T'is a Good Thing, [tm], indeed.
  • > Even if amd meets the new p3 price cuts, i have a hard time believing anyone will pay $120 (~30% @ the 500 Mhz level) extra for slightly more performance.

    Ever looked at the price differential between, say, a PIII 600 and a PIII 550? Still, some people apparently buy them.

  • BZZZZT! Sorry, try again!

    Seems people are willing to pay for the price difference between a PIII 500 and a PIII 550, which I last saw around $200-300 at least.

    You get way more performance from your extra $79 for an Athlon board than from 500-550MHz.

  • okay... we want to look at each of these dissimilar chips in the same light (comparing apples to apples) rather than comparing their enhanced SIMD prowress (oranges to apples). I think in all honesty that I'd like to see what the chip can do without SIMD and with SIMD instructions from both vendors - but the raw data in/out is what would excite me most, as most current EVERYDAY applications do not use the extra instructions.
  • flames from an anonymous coward. Please. I've found nothing but decent, objective reviews from Tom's hardware. Of course, I haven't had the money to go out and buy everything that he's tested to see if he's right, but he seems credible.... not just blabbering mindless stats off of the box.

  • I've ordered a bunch of stuff through them too ..
    I've had to return some bad memory .. not a single problem, they were friendly, helpfull and kept me up to date (through email)..
    I'm a happy mwave customer ..
    And I'll probaby order my Athlon+MB through them as well.
  • ... are at Ace's Hardware [].

    (An anonymous coward posted the link, I am reposting for those filtering less then moderation level 1.)
  • Well lets see, mainly what computer processes do is interget calculations. This is accually what the MHZ speed is based on, how many normal operations (math/interger, or logical) it can do per second. 600 is 8% higher than the number 550... hmmm no I have no idea where that 8 came from.
  • FPU on Athlons absolutely screams!!! It's close to 40% faster then same-clock Intel chips. Integer performance is not as impressive though. Only 8% (?) faster then Intel.
  • Posted by Nr9:

    says it in the topic

    they should stop using mandarin and use what most people speak instead of some wa shieng shit.
  • Frankly, I trust AnandTech's [] reviews more than I do Tom's. Tom's reviews tend to be a little too soapbox'ish for my taste. Whereas Anand and his staff have a happy go lucky, say it like it is approach to testing.

    Just my 2yen.

  • Suppositivly mwave [] is going to start selling a athlon bundle of the processor a motherboard, and fan for 700 for a 550 and 900 for 600 MHZ chip. Starting August 25. Its under catalog/motherboard bundles. Search by processor.
    I've ordered a few things from mwave and found them to be fairly on the up and up, though I warn that they can be a bitch if you have to return an idem. (or yea and beware of the mwave brand ram:)
  • Well let's see, we have a total of three e-mails quite probably from three different people in three different groups who probably don't know what the others are doing anyways. Oh yeah, and it's on tom's site, not trusted since sometime in '98. This does smell quite dubious indeed. Does anyone honestly expect that a company is going to change a strategic decision within six hours of a random occurance/ (according to tom) slew of e-mails? Anyway I'm not planning on making a move to the K7 (I've been calling it the damn K7 for almost a year now, no need to stop) until they have both copper and smp out the door so it doesn't much matter to me.
  • Sorry, bad link
    Good Link: mwave []
  • >Often the product is quite good, just an
    >unforunate language barrier is in place. And
    >in their defense, they speak English one
    >heck of a lot better then I speak... heck,
    >I don't even know *what* their language
    >is called, let alone how to speak it! But
    >alas, my fault is still my condition.

    If you are talking about Asus, they are based in Taiwan, so presumably they speak Chinese (Mandarin to be more specific...)
  • OK, a little bit off-topic. But that despises Abits claim that no Athlons will be distributed this year. Look at Alan Cox diary

    I don't know if he got it from AMD or if he bought one. But this means good support for Athlon in Linux. I want one too. :)
  • Once again the web has had an impact in "getting the secret out" and forcing people's hands. Fortunately this time has nothing to do with an intern. ;-)
  • I am much looking forward to the new AMD chips. The lame features of the p3 and the lame features of intel in general have dissuaded me from obtaining one of those. Of course, the big question is: what is the floating point performance like?
  • by Dyl6 ( 66099 )
    Finally some better processors than shitty intel.
  • this is off-topic, but I don't really care...

    "anything to thwart the [intel, in this case] giants"

    yay athlons!
  • Read the tests. Intel can't touch the Athlon.
  • I read through the Tom-article and the claim was 40% faster in floating point and 8% faster in integer. Browse through Toms site for better measurements.
  • For some vague reason, Athlon's seem to be
    available at Funprice [].
  • The general consensus between the tests that have been done so far is that the Athlon/K7 has a superior FP performance to the PIII, anywhere between 8% and 40 % faster.

    The best desciption is that having an Athlon is like having a PIII at a clock speed of at least 50MHz faster, but the AMD is (hopefully/probably??) cheaper.

    The thing is, the AThlon should really make use of the faster memory and bus speeds that are coming up, unlike the PIII which is beginnning to bottleneck a bit.

    I'm just gonna wait until decent SMP boards start coming out.

  • The chip was released what, June 28 or so? Once people started listing them on Pricewatch, I called a few. They were pre-ordering them and expected to have them mid to late July. A recent inquiry, and they still don't have them at these stores.

    So Asus releases a board at the end of September, it'll be what, 3-6 months before any stores get them and thus, until we get to run Linux on them. Sure it's good a bunch of companies are saying they'll make boards, but I'm not getting my hopes too high just yet.
  • I liked Tessa's comments [] about the affair.

    Hmmm..transparent windows over a Scottish loch with waves gently rippling? No *wonder* he is happy with the speed!


  • All the article seems to say is that the motherboard will exist... But, does anyone know what features it'll have? I could certainly do with an abundance of PCI slots :).

    Alex Bischoff

  • While true, you have to realize, new hardware is *always* expensive and overpriced. The Pentium III has been on the market for what, half a year? The Athlon is just hitting now. Even the K6 commanded some $$$ when it first hit the market. The market always sells the latest and greatest at a premium, because there are those that will pay any price for *the* very fastest.

    Give them some time, and prices should come down. If they don't, *then* you can start worrying.

    Of course, the Athlon is supposed to be price-competitive to Intel. Since the Athlon *beats* Intel performance-wise, I'm sure the price will remain at the high-end of the spectrum. Don't expect to see an Athlon in a $399 K-Mart special any time soon. :-)
  • Me too. I've watched him for two years turn from a not bad overclock site to leader of the Arrogant Assholes.

    I wouldn't trust anything he says about AMD either, you must remember he hates Intel with a passion and does ads for AMD.


  • What exactly makes you think AMD would be any less of an "Evil Empire" than Intel, given a reverse of the situation. AMD is NOT out to "help the people." They're in it for the money. Plain and simple. They're basically just a poor copy of Intel.

    That being said, I do hope that AMD does well. If for no other reason than to make Intel chips cheaper.

    Someone mentioned a weak feature set on Intel chips as well. How is the 'feature set" any different on the Athlon? The only difference I can see is a slightly beefier floating point unit and 3dNOW instead of SSE.

    And for performance, since the K7 core has 2.3 times the transistors of a P3 core, it had damn well BETTER outperform a P3!

    Don't mind me too much. I'm just going to take a wait and see attitude.

    In fact, I've seen a lot of message boards ranting about how great the K7 is going to be. But when asked who's actually going to buy one right out of the gate, it gets damn quiet.

    And I repeat. Wait and see.

    Chas - The one, the only.
    THANK GOD!!!

  • The 8% is with equivilently clocked chips.
    You also have it reversed, it takes a PIII 600 to match a K7 550, the amount to take that 8% away.
  • Hooray.

    Any single company utterly dominating a market is a Bad Thing. I want to see AMD do well because they're the only competition left in the x86 market (NS[?] has pulled its Cyrix chips now I believe). And competition => lower prices + faster innovation. Which is all good for us, the consumer. I don't want AMD to "smash" Intel any more than I want Intel to smash AMD, for all that will happen is that the Evil Empire will continue, and a new Dark Lord will appear.....

    I intend to get a K7 box, though when I've got the money - broke atm :(

    "Cake or death!" (E. Izzard)

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