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iNAX: The iMac Toilet 67

aphro writes "Seems somebody over in japan has gotten some ideas about comming out with a new kind of toilets! Although the text is in japanese, I can't tell if this is a serious thing or not. " I pray not, but its cute...
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iNAX: The iMac Toilet

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    You mean it will wipe my ass too? I wondered what all those buttons on the console were for. It looked like some kind of throne with special pushbuttons. I wonder what they all do.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Here's an early iMac parody [osil8.com] from osil8. It even predicts the production of iMacs with different colors.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    There's a whole section of "imaginary products" on the site, most of which are parodies of common canned beverages.

    The brochure version of the iNax is really funny if you read the details: references to the bidet feature, water capacity, included options like a CD-ROM. Someone should translate the whole thing.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 08, 1999 @09:13AM (#1899938)
    Japanese people are very enamoured with toilets. They have all sorts of funky toilets over there, including fully automatic toilets that do everything for you robotically. Yes that includes what you are thinking now.
  • Posted by Cocksman:

    ...in a green Apple!
  • Posted by essell:

    i believe there's a windowmaker theme available from themes.org [themes.org] with the iMac girl too :)
  • Give me Unicode, yes, I agree... as a user of Chinese and Korean and Spanish characters, all simultaneously on the same computer, I yearn for the ubiquity of Unicode... but what is this about 4-byte Unicode? I've never heard of that... aren't 2 bytes enough?
  • Well, why would we need 4 bytes anyway? Shouldn't we be pushing for a fix in Unicode 2.0 or something like that? I think I heard that Unicode as it stands only uses up about half of the 65536 possible values you get with two bytes. Why not revise it?
  • .. but I hope it will be topped by "Samurai Fiction" move I'll see tonight..
  • I saw Demolition Man the other night, I'm curious to know whether or not anyone knows the answer to that....
  • Porcelain God. Core dump. It makes computing advocacy a religious experience.
  • Thet're an option on the last version of slackware I installed (I do a menu based installation so I select exactly what packages I select). I think they'll also be an option on RedHat too but if you select one of the standard options and don't select the files manually they may install themselves.
  • I can't resist. This seems to me like the best name for these. :)

    yeah, yeah, I know it's a joke page... But, it's got some good slogans to work with if they'd do it.

  • by loader ( 5102 ) on Saturday May 08, 1999 @09:31AM (#1899951)

    I fell in love with these toilets the instant I saw them. Are you tired of the ordinary beige of the common toilet? Here is the answer to your trouble! This revolutionary product will change the way you think about toilets, it will change the way you interact with them. Other toilets are cold and unfriendly, but people actually want to sit on this one. They see it and they want to sit on it, to touch it, and admire it. What better way to show your individuality than putting one of these in your bathroom? You will stand out from the rest of the beige toilet masses, and your rear end will never be cold again!

    These are some of the benefits of the iToilet:

    Increased Seat Integration - The seat sits rather than hangs on the toilet!
    Futuristic Form Factor - Your friends will know you're cool when they see what you sit on!
    Really great flavors - No comment

    When asked about the price of the toilets, Mr. Jobs was reported as saying, "Would you rather have tomorrows toilet for more, or yesterday's toilet for less?" As for me, I'll take tomorrows toilet any day. Long live Apple! Heil Steve!

    Loader of Code and of Bricks
  • If ya filter through all the Japanese text it turns out that these were designed in Ray Dream Studio 5.

    I've been to Japan, I've seen the toilets... and ya wanna know what? I wouldn't be surprised if I ever saw one of these!

  • It shoulda been that, not "Sit different".
  • since you if you want them originally (say you know you're going to be viewing a lot of Japanese pages) then you can choose to install them when you install IE5 (or at anytime thereafter through WindowsUpdate). But if you don't know if you'll need it or not, you can just not install them (saving yourself from having extra bloat) and then IE5 will give you the option of downloading and installing the fonts when you get to a page that needs them. A good feature, IMO. The number of languages IE5 supports is pretty impressive too.
  • You'd consider it a bug in an environment that
    assuredly will never encounter the japanese
    language? (one where the mere appearance of
    the language would consistute a bug??)
  • >What exactly does Slashdot mean?
    say the entire URL out loud.
    H-T-T-P colon slash slash slashdot dot org
    Word games...get it?

    What the post above was referring to is the "slashdot effect" or the consequences of a huge flood of visitors linking to the site after it's URL was posted on /.

  • "Barium" because the grey-whitish colour of the toilet matches what comes out after you take a dose of the stuff for a stomach x-ray (believe me, I've done it...)

  • Yeah, but Japanese, Chinese and Korean would each require around half of the entire 2-byte Unicode character space just to contain the characters you'd find in a decent dictionary, which means that 2-byte Unicode is useless for typesetting in any of these languages.

  • Yeah, "everyone else" except for Japanese, Chinese and Korean users... well, that's only a potential user-base of 1.4 billion people.

    The problem is that under 2-byte Unicode, the creators of the standard, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it would be OK to use the same code point for similar characters in Japanese, Chinese and Korean - which means people wanting to use those languages at the same time are stuck in almost exactly the same position as they are now, i.e. dependent on the font for how a particular character will actually appear on screen. Of course, all the companies you mentioned are Western ones, so they couldn't give a shit...

  • by BJH ( 11355 ) on Saturday May 08, 1999 @09:45AM (#1899960)
    The guy apparently created them as a joke. To translate selected portions:
    The colors are: Bluelet, Green Curry, Red Curry, Barium and Olive (I believe he's referring to different *ahem* colors of excrement...)
    The "Do puri2 to iNax" refers to the onomatopaeic phrase "puri-puri"; I'll leave the meaning to your imagination.
    He says at the bottom that the original slogan he thought up was "Shit different", but since it seemed a little rude, he decided to change it to "Sit different".
    The name "iNax" is a reference to Inaxx (sp?), a Japanese manufacturer of toilets, baths, etc.
    The last couple of links at the bottom are for a 300dpi version of a catalog for these toilets (remember, it's a joke, so don't try ordering them).
  • Internet Explorer 5 downloaded and installed the Japanese Fonts while the page loaded. That was cool.
  • Yum!
    check out my music [mp3.com] .
    you might actually like it.

  • On an episode of "Beyond Tomorrow" I saw a few years ago, the show looked at a Japanese corporate restroom. It was rather amazing, and had enough furnishings in it that, if one could find space to add a bed, one would have the equivalent of a fairly good hotel room there. Soothing acquarium to look at, TV set if that's more your thing, refrigerator (IIRC), and the toilet...now that was something else.

    Among other things, it had a built-in retractible bidet (check a dictionary [m-w.com] if you don't know what that means), and hot air jets to dry off afterward. It wouldn't wipe for you...but it would let you do your business without ever having to reach down there if you so desired.

  • Anytime there's a link on Slashdot, several thousands of people go look at it at the same time, and the website crashes under the load. Then the guy running the website says "Oh shit, I got slashdotted!" It's also called the Slashdot Effect.
  • Jonathan Ive, the guy who designed the iMac, blue PowerMac and 20th Anniversary Mac, used to work at a european company designing faucets and other bathroom fixtures. He got the idea for frosted translucent plastic from the shower doors he worked on.
  • This *proves* that the iMac is full of shit ;-)
  • But will it run linux ppc? That's the real question. Reading your email while on the can would make very constructive use of otherwise wasted time.
  • Well... Think Different!
  • one seashell scrapes the shit off of one butt-cheek, the second scrapes it off the other, and the third one is just for fun.
  • Indeed,

    And with this product, the entire world can know that while the hardware is pretty good, the software really stinks!
  • Doesn't that constitute 'bloat' for people who will never need those fonts? Why are they automatically installed?
  • Nope. You have to get out the credit card and buy Office 97. ("DUH!")
  • I seem to recall that the fellow who designed the iMac's packaging had previously designed a space toilet. Perhaps this is meant to highlight that fact.

  • It turns out the guy who designed the iMac actually used to design toilets and sinks. The article is here. [idg.net]
  • by ghibli ( 38720 ) on Saturday May 08, 1999 @09:36AM (#1899976)
    iNAX: Where do you want to go after you eat today?

    What is it about Apple products that sparks creative juices in people? Does anyone remember similar takes on PCs? (Not simply jokes, but imaginative products incorporating beige boxes.)

    Are there any household appliances that don't have inbedded chips? Are there any products that will not have chips in the future? We have already have bathroom faucets that turn on when you place your hands underneath them. What's left?
  • Yes i know it sounds amazing, but i got the same thought, although first after the "normal" thought.
    Got to get laid more often :-)
  • What exactly does Slashdot mean? I have just discovered this site not too long ago and I was just wondering what was meant by that. Any help for a newbie?
  • by Pedro48 ( 46457 )
    Apples keep you regular! 'Nuff said.
  • Maybe this was covered previously, but what I get
    out of this is that the color schemes are different in Japan (makes sense, since people were surveyed to pick colors)... I'd really like to get my hands on one of those smoke grey ones...

  • I was just wondering, which part of the experience do you consider a waste of time?

    "I drank what?" -- Socrates (Real Genius)
  • If you check the home page of the author, you will also notice that it is called "Genaei Studio: Amusements of Words and Images"

    Pretty clear cut case, although I honestly wouldn't put it past Japanese toilet makers.

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