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Submission + - Wikipedia Deletes Article On Bullshido, And More! (techemperor.com) 7

The Welcome Rain writes: "Bullshido, a martial arts discussion website, had its article on Wikipedia nominated for deletion for the fourth time in a row. After the usual epic battle, they decided to delete it for an alleged lack of notability. But that's just where the fun begins! One of the editors who didn't like the outcome appealed the decision, and suddenly people started listening. The website had been featured on a TV spot in Europe, where a brave reporter gamely showed up to a Bullshido "Throwdown" to test his skills. During the deletion discussion, this wasn't accepted as evidence of notability, because it wasn't in English like Jesus spoke...but when they saw a translation, suddenly it mattered:

Hold the endorse train a moment, please. I've just read the transcript Cy Q. Faunce provides and if it's accurate then to me, it really does look like significant coverage in a reliable source. Which leaves me with egg on my face, because it means I've been wrong for the last six months and goodness knows how many deletion debates; I've been consistently saying "delete" and I shouldn't have been. My position now is that we need input from a Slovakian editor who can tell us more about that TV programme.

Was the entry saved? Nope. Or at least not yet. The editor who filed the appeal had also checked into a degree claimed by one of the opposing editors, and was therefore banned. This isn't the first time Wikipedia has been indifferent to academic fraud issues. In this case, it is being proposed as a reason to close the debate on deletion...not because the facts are false, but because someone tried to find out if an editor was for real. Is this worth fixing? Is Wikipedia too broken to fix?"

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