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Comment Re:For 3rd party batteries, I've had good luck wit (Score 2) 131

I bought Anker batteries for my (now Ancient) Thinkpad T42p and Macbook Pro 4,1. Prior to the purchases, I bought some cheep ones for the thinkpad and dropped (a lot of) money on the OEM replacement for the macbook and the Anker battery is actually better than Apple's.

This was over a year ago and half ago, and They're still in use.

Comment Re:I wonder .. (Score 1) 475

The IBM PC opened the flood gates to our current standard of general purpose computing devices and it would be quite a divergence, now, for a Lenovo to hardwire their hardware to run only Windows. Not to give them any ideas...

Too late: Windows 8 "secure boot" is about to be rammed down our throats. Say good bye to "general purpose" computing.

Comment Re:Not tooo worried about this one (Score 1) 213

One important difference is that in the credit card industry there are published rules that you must comply with called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), or in the case of an application, Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). If TFA is accurate, then Google Wallet is not following the PCI guidelines.

Much Like the Pirate code, They're more like "Guidelines" than actual rules...

Comment Re:Perception (Score 1) 722

As a subscriber, I find that the DVD/Bluray Library is more comprehensive than the Streaming library. I base that on the my own experience of searching for movies and finding that they're only available on DVD. That said, I changed to the streaming only plan since I wanted to keep the price down. (from Streaming + 1 DVD). 7.99 for 1 DVD is absurd and I would be better served by Redbox.

I really wish that netflix would of announced that they were significantly expanding the Streaming library or at least getting new releases quicker. That would make the price hike tolerable in my opinion.

Comment Re:Wii U Shop channel (Score 1) 223

Digital Purchases have been with us some time now. You really can't get your mind around the convenience that offers?

Everyone brings up the worst case scenario of the company running the DRM server goes bust and you lose your purchases. It happens, Yes; it is a risk. But I would also argue that things like Valve's Steam for example, is DRM done right. And that Valve's model is what these companies should aspire to. With the ideal scenario being no DRM at all. Sadly, we don't live in an ideal world.

Comment Wii U Shop channel (Score 1) 223

I know it might be a little premature to bring this up but, Nintendo has yet to explain how my digital Purchases from the Wii Shop Channel can be moved over to a Wii U. I'm somewhat annoyed that they tie the purchase to a machine and not an account. How this process is handled will be a (major) deciding factor of whether I buy the new console or not. The online capabilities and the available games will be the other factors.

Comment Re:What a load of crap (Score 1) 370

No one is putting a gun to your head and telling you to use the App store, or else. You don't like it, don't use it. I have plenty of SW on my Mac that didn't come from the app store. And there's no reason to think that this will ever change.

The app store is just one more way to get software. If in the future, apple says mandates that *the only way* to get software for mac is through the app store then I'll agree w/ you that it's time to jump ship. Although, I highly doubt they would do that.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something? (Score 1) 500

The phone manufacturers are carriers still have the final say on which features of the OS are actually shipped intact


If I find Motorola's restrictions on a DROID 2 onerous, I could just buy Google's Nexus S instead. They're both Android phones and they'll both run the same apps.

Find me an iPhone that's sold without Apple's restrictions.

This comment completely ignores that the Droid 2 and Nexus S run on incompatible carrier networks (Verizon (CDMA) and T-Mobile (GSM) respectively in the U.S.) So it's not as simple as "if I don't like Device A then I'll switch to B."

Carrier Exclusivity of Android devices is still a problem that will probably never go away.

Comment Re:Or could it be... (Score 1) 182

Here are my reasons for waiting; which to you, makes *me* a "superficial" prick that you don't want to associate with:

1. His (black) and hers (white) iphones. Having them in different colors means that we both won't accidentally take each others phones. (we don't like covers.)
2. I'd rather wait so I can purchase them together because I would rather only have to sign 1 new two year contract to get the subsidy, as opposed buying a black one now and having to re-up another 2yrs again whenever the white one shows up and I buy hers. (plus she'd be unhappy that I bought one for me and didn't get one for her.)

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