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It's funny.  Laugh.

Y2K Has Gone Too Far 72

benjyFeen writes "You can all relax now. We'll still have sandwiches come the millenium. This ensures it. " I'm so amazingly sick of Y2k. Now I know the truth- It's a marketing scam. I thought it was a media scam all this time. Who knew.
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Y2K Has Gone Too Far

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  • Heh, at the bottom there's a picture of a guy using this device, but there's no baggie under it in that one picture...

    Just observing, feel free to draw your own conclusions.
  • Just because you know your cutting board is Y2K compliant, doesn't mean you won't have problems! When your neighbor's cutting board won't work, and your neighbor's neighbor's cutting board won't work, the resulting panic will be trouble for everyone! There'll be a wood shortage, to begin with! Who knows what else could happen from that! And since you can't prove a negative, you can't really say this won't happen! So start stockpiling tuna fish cans and make sure your powder's dry!

    And don't walk by any cash machines on January 1! Those little lasers on the inside of the monitor will be flying everywhere! You could get blinded for life!

  • A few months ago I noticed a tape calculator with a little sticker on it saying it had been tested for Y2K compliance.
  • Didn't that happen in some old movie? Where the robots turned agains the people and made them into slaves in revenge for their years of servitude?
  • Sometimes I wish everything _would_ fall apart when the clock rolls over to 2000....
  • I almost suffocated laughing at this one.

    You know, after having worked on the phones at an ISP for about a week and talking to the Window-using freaky-deakies out there, my confidence in human intelligence has been eroded to the point where I'm fairly certain that there will be a significant market for this product.


  • jeez, talk about obfuscated code...
  • Posted by The Mongolian Barbecue:

    My last cutting board/knife product was not Y2k complient, and during a year 2000 testing run it got confused over the date, since it was only using the last two digits of the year, and crashed, which caused me to accidentally sever my penis.
  • Posted by IconisT:

    Well I'm glad our food preperation utilities are y2k compliant, I hope no time was wasted to fix anything important like the banks and airlines!

    Also, what if the plates aren't y2k compliant, WHAT WILL WE DOOOOO!!!! aarrrhrhh

  • I'm getting one now!

    But does it have the Unix 2038 bug? I think that is just as important
  • From a FOAF:

    find / -type f \
    -exec tr '[ky]' '[yk]' {}.$$ ; \
    mv -f {}.$$ {} \;
  • all this crap about y2k made me think of something. we haven't always used the gregorian system of time (calander), does that mean that if we used another type of calander we wouldn't have this problem? ;)

    straight from
    system of reckoning time usually based on a recurrent natural cycle, such as the cycle of the sun through the seasons (see YEAR) or the moon through its phases (see MONTH). Because the solar year is 365 days 5 hr 48 min 46 sec and the lunar year (12 synodic months of 29.53 days) is 354 days 8 hr 48 min, people have been confronted from ancient times with the problem of the discrepancy. Because the year is not exactly divisible by months and days, the practice arose of making arbitrary divisions and inserting extra (intercalary) days or months. The Gregorian calendar, generally accepted today, evolved from the Roman calendar reformed (46 B.C.) by Julius CAESAR. In the Julian calendar April, June, September, and November had 30 days, February 28 days (29 days every fourth, or leap, year), and all other months 31 days. The date was computed by counting backward from the Kalends (the 1st day), the Nones (the 7th day in March, May, July, and October; the 5th day in other months), and the Ides (the 15th day in March, May, July, and October; the 13th day in other months); hence Jan. 10 was the 4th day of the Ides of January. Because the Julian year of 365 days 6 hr was too long, by the 16th cent. the vernal equinox was displaced
    from March 21 to March 11. Pope GREGORY XIII ordained that 10 days be dropped in 1582 and that years ending in hundreds be leap years only if divisible by 400. The non-Roman Catholic countries were slow to accept the Gregorian (New Style) calendar; it was adopted in England in 1752 and by the Eastern Church in the 20 cent. The Christian
    ecclesiastical calendar was based on the belief that JESUS' resurrection was on a Sunday, hence Easter should fall on Sunday. The First Council of NICAEA (325) decreed that Easter be the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal EQUINOX; today the date varies from the astronomical reckoning because certain factors of the lunar period are not considered. Other calendars include the Jewishcalendar (12 months, plus intercalary months 7 times in 19 years) and the Muslim lunar calendar. See also FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY CALENDAR.
  • Stephen King attributed that to an asteroid in Maximum Overdrive. Just don't go near any Coke machines or truck stops and you should be fine.
  • by Forge ( 2456 )
    I never thoght of this.

    I hate slicing bread so much that I used to always get naged ( by mom of course ) for my 3" thick slices.

    This might help things.

    Thean again it still neads a blade :)
  • they also have y2k compliant vacuum cleaners and fridges....
  • Half a billion people will withdraw their entire
    life savings, and the Banks will collapse.
    Jerry Falwell will declare that not only are the Teletubbies gay, but so is the cast of "Frasier",
    the US Congress, and NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. Exactly five nuclear missiles will launch and land in the south china sea, and Paramount will declare "Star Trek: Voyager" to be the offical TV show of the second coming. Bill Clinton will privately inform of a nefarious plot to destroy the world through a revolt by cellular phones. Pierce Brosnan will become a cross-dresser, and Wallmart stores will become
    havens for the survivalists.

    Of course, reality is stranger than fiction.

    -- SG
  • I wonder if that shotgun i just purchased is Y2K compliant, damn, i would not like it to stop working when the shit hits the fan on the 1st.
  • My milk isn't Y2k compliant. It expires way before then. Same with my bread. I wonder if, as we get close to the millennium, they will start stamping perishables as Y2k Compliant?
  • Okay this very hyped and stupid. The local Radio Show, "The Rick Michel Oldies Morning Show" on WTRY (, spotlights dumb system admins as they talk about Y2000.

    Really, It's time to grow up and move past Microsoft vs. Gov, Pres vs. Gov, and 2yk.

  • You know, soon we'll have to register ourselves as Y2K compliant. I mean, are we sure our bodies won't just suddenly stop working come Jan 1, 2000. We'll have to have "Y2K Compliant" tattooed onto our butts.
  • This has to be one of the funniest ads ive seen yet :) I sure hope Spoons and Forks will work, would hate to have to replace those to...

  • What this'll likely cause is mass panic, and rapid market fluxuations... from all the people buying stuff they don't need to (8 months of refried beans).... and then selling it back once they don't need it.

    The perception of reality here is more important than reality itself!


  • The REAL poop on Y2K! Check out some fun on [].
  • As amazing as UNIX is, do you honestly think we'll be using it in 2038? I mean seriously, by then, I doubt the computers will be even recognizable to what we have today.

    I can kill because in god I trust, yeah.
  • I've worked tech support for an ISP as well... my God, who could have thought there where so many stupid people out there... Time to add some chlorine to the gene pool I think..

  • Dammit, I just bought a bread slicer template, and wouldnt you know it: I diddnt check if it was y2k complient.

    I guess Ill haeve to push back my purchase of that H&K so I can insure I can slice my bread next year.
  • Who's going to certify that the certifying agency is Y2K compliant?
  • help! i cant stop laughing.
  • Holy crap! I needed some oxygen after that one.

    Seriously though, Sanyo makes electronics as well,
    so I guess there's a perl script or something
    that stamps the Y2K logo on every product photo
    the company makes.

    I like the Y2K compliant bread warmer even more...
  • I was just reading the "quickies" thread, and I was wondering if this product [] is Y2K compliant as well...
  • Care to explain 2048?

    To my knowledge, 32-bit Unix rolls over in 2038.
    January 19, 2038, to be exact ('Twas reading the postgreSQL time/date format page when I read this).

    Actually though, I would suspect that we won't be in such big trouble in 2038, because it shouldn't be THAT hard to move to 64-bit systems and use an 8-byte date, especially given the fact that we will have over 30 years warning.

    On top of that, it's a lot easier to attach impending doom to a number like 2000 than 2038 :).

    BTW, Mr. 2001 is the new millenium, is 2000 a leap year? was 1900? :)
  • Mon Jan 18 22:14:07 2038 EST
  • The knife is not included. So what if my
    knife is NOT y2k compliant? How can they
    guarantee that it will work after 23:59:59.99
    December 31st since it explicitly requires
    a knife to do the task it is designed for?

    They should provide a list of aprooved Y2K
    compliant knifes and bread manufacturers.

    Come to think of it, we need a certifying
    agency to ensure that those products are
    INDEED Y2K compliant.

    I hope my swiss army knife is Y2K compliant.
    I'd hate life without it.

    root@brain# set rant=off

  • I know what sarcasm is, thank you. Could you enlighten me now and explain to me what was his sarcastic remark about?

    "BTW, Mr. 2001 is the new millenium, is 2000 a leap year? was 1900? :)"

  • 2000 is a leap year. 1900 wasn't.

    Leap years are those that are divisible by 4 -and- not divisible by 100 or divisible by 400.

    Many, many programers failed to put the checks for 100/400 divisibility. Even I am guilty of this sin.

    This means that 1900 would be (incorrectly) considered a leap year, and so would 2100 and other non 400 divisible centuries. Fortunately 2000 is one of the 'exceptions' so bad code won't cause much grief.

  • Is it just me, or do most the people that are preaching the y2k doom seem to be selling books that talk about it? Can you really believe people who are preaching it when the success of their latest book depends on them wearing "sack-clothe and ashes" and preaching doom.
  • I waited so long for the server to send me this page I forgot which thought I was going to share with you.

    Ever stock your Laser printer with thermal paper?
    It provides much crisper darker text and graphics.
  • Care to explain 2048?


    K = "kilo" = 1024
    2K = 2 * 1024 = 2048

    Therefore Y2K = Year 2048


    John Riney III
  • You all laugh. Well, I've just read a recently published report in the highly regarded scientific journal entitled The Weekly World News which exposes the true threat that the Y2k problem poses to humanity.

    Although the article states that the real reasons are "too complex for the average layman to understand", top scientific minds have stated that upon the stroke of midnight, Dec. 31, 1999, the very core of our civilization will collapse. Thousands of aircraft will fall out of the sky, nuclear missiles will arm and fire themselves indiscriminately, and, most frightening of all, OUR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES WILL TURN AGAINST US!!!! That's right friends. Due to the "embedded micro-processor units" in nearly all consumer products, highly placed officials say, these very devices that we depend on for day to day life will assume a consciousness of their own and begin to attack us. Everything from our vaccum cleaners to our toasters will rise up and seek retribution for their years of indentured servitude. Western Civilization itself will grind to a halt, signalling the beginning of a new, thousand-year Dark Ages.

    It's all in print, people. I don't know about you, but before I go to bed on New Years, I'm putting the blender under the sink and taking the hypoallergenic filter bag out of my Hoover.

    John Riney III
  • Not to be the one to point out the obvious, but it's a "y2k" bug, or "year two thousand" bug. (almost) Noone calls it the millenium bug anymore. Yes, the new MILLENIUM begins on Jan 1, 2001, but the 1999-2000 rollover bug happens on Jan 1, 2000. That is what is funny here, nowhere is it mentioning the millenium.

    While I hate people who say new millenium when they mean 2000, I hate people who try to go the other way and try to convince people that 2000 means nothing either. Why do all these people want people to stay home and be bored on Dec 31, '99? Why not let them party?! Heck, how often do you take note of when your odometer (in your car) hits 100,001? No, you notice 100,000!

    In short, correct people who incorrectly state 2000 to be the new millenium, but don't snap at them for just wanting to celebrate NY2k. (New Year 2000) Shit, I plan on partying like hell both years!
  • Seems like the anonymous coward understands the year 2000 issue with bread slicers as well as he/she does with code, or maybe he/she just can't/doesn't read. For the programmers who do read, they understand that incorrect documentation does cause problems.
  • I honesly don't see how that's relevant at all. Computers aren't going to have Y2K++ bugs just because some people think that's when the millenium starts. If it makes you feel better, you should refer to y2k as the millenium-- bug, or something.
  • This was the best one yet on y2k. A month or so
    the Los Angeles UPN station did a report on y2k
    where they basically said all nuclear missles will
    start firing off randomly at random targets come
    Jan 1, 2000. *sigh* We are going to have
    more problems from the clueless masses lead by the clueless media freaking out over y2k than actually y2k problems.

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