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Comment Depends on "laid off" definition. (Score 1) 179

I've been let go from temp jobs, but I don't really consider those as "laid off," since they were, by definition, temporary.

I have been fired a couple times, sometimes for borderline-made-up reasons to avoid paying unemployment, but I got better jobs quickly enough afterward to not bother challenging it. (And, of course, they were jobs I didn't miss, either.)

There are two instances that come very close.

In the dot-com era, I was hired by a dot-com early on (single-digit employee number,) as the IT guy with the promise of fast growth to ~500 employees within a year. Four months later, growth had stagnated at ~150. I was "glorified help desk tech," when I had been hired to do far more than that. I was getting really bored. So I went to my boss and told him how bored I was. At the time, he brought up that he knew I was being underutilized and (severely) overpaid for the work I was doing. So he agreed to lay me off with a decent severance package (3 months pay, plus I could claim unemployment,) and I should come back in 3 months when the company was bigger and ready for me - I'd regain all my stock options, I'd have my old hire date/employee number, etc. So it was combination layoff/quit. Of course, I came back 3 months later (from a great vacation,) to find that the company was now down to 20 employees. Needless to say, they had no need to hire me back.

The other was my own business. Ran my own small business for a long time after the dot com bust, and closed it up a few years ago. But before I closed it, I "laid myself off," leaving just my last employee for the last year. (I ended up selling him the business for $1. He kept the customer list and that was it.)

Comment Great for tablet that gets used with kb+mouse (Score 1) 272

My shipped-with-Windows-8.1 tablet is FAR better with Windows 10 than it was with Windows 8.1. I upgraded my daughter's desktop, too, mostly for the built-in video game recording. She seems to like it over Windows 7.

Obviously, I won't be upgrading my Windows Media Center TV tuner system.....

Those are my only Windows boxes I have control over (aka: my work laptop is W7, and I have no choice in the matter.)

I *MAY* install it in a VM on my primary desktop, too, but my tablet is probably sufficient. (Yes, I have an iPad, an Android tablet, and a Windows tablet.)

Comment Thank you - just PR for his presidential run. (Score 3, Insightful) 385

While I applaud Paul, Wyden, and the other Senators who have pledged to do everything in their power to block the spying-allowed version of this renewal; Sen. Paul's "filibuster" was pure PR stunt for his presidential campaign. It was during the discussion of a completely unrelated bill, and wasn't even an official filibuster.

Comment Re:"Roadable aircraft" (Score 1) 203

Yup, for a while, it has been my retirement dream to buy a couple "touring motorcycles", and a 6-place, twin-engine airplane modded with a cargo door/ramp (Cessna 421 Golden Eagle or the like,) and tour the world.

It would be great if the Terrefugia TF-X is ready by the time I'm ready to retire. (And, of course, to have the money for either option...)

Comment "Roadable aircraft" (Score 1) 203

This isn't a "flying car", it's a "roadable airplane", just like the Terrefugia Transition: http://www.terrafugia.com/airc...

It is licensed as an airplane, with many, MANY exceptions when licensed as a ground vehicle. The idea is that you drive it a short distance to an airport, then take off and fly as an airplane. Then drive a short distance to somewhere at the other end. It's not meant to be driven even as much as a high-end sports car on the ground. It's mean as "get to airport, fly, get to destination."

As for "production-ready", Terrefugia claims theirs is "production-ready," too...

Comment Re:"Contrary to what we were sometimes taught" (Score 1) 232

Agreed. I learned about the Gravitational constant and the variability of gravity in high school physics in the US.

One of my proudest moments in high school physics was running a "measure gravity" experiment 3 times, getting to within 0.005 m/s^2 of the right answer all 3 times - for where I was! I thought for sure I was doing it wrong, until the teacher said "and if some of you are getting a number other than a simple 9.8, it's because the local gravity here is actually ." Mine averaged to 0.002 off.

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