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Comment Inevitable... (Score 1) 151

I am not a fan of this enforcement, but I have a feeling this is inevitable. Sf is quickly putting sensors in all of the parking meters that report back when the parking meter expires. This will make sf a LOT of money. ($55 per violation). Now another $115 for automating the bus zone violations. They are also putting up the traffic light cams that snap pics and issue tickets if a vehicle passing through a red light. (which at times, cannot be avoided)

I live in an RV that I park in San Francisco, and it can be challenging at times... As long as I move it a couple blocks every 3 days, it works out well :D

Comment I have a 2002 Prius (Score 1) 1146

The computer went bonkers over a year ago. All the warning lights came on, etc... I bought it in South Florida, moved several times, put 140k miles on it, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area now. I took it to the Toyota dealership here and wanted an explanation!

They kept it a few months, brought in an expert, and told me it was a faulty sensor. The on-board computer thinks the hybrid battery is dead, yet it is continuously sending out a full charge! The dealership told me the faulty sensor was embedded in the transmission housing, would require a complete replacement of the transmission (which involves removing the engine), at a cost of $7,000. To fix... a sensor.

Ugh... so I opted not to fix it, as the car works great otherwise. Kinda annoying though - as every warning indicator is always lit so I never know if anything else needs service.

I gotta admit, other than that - its never accelerated on its own - thank goodness!

Comment Re:Get big ones (Score 1) 485

I have a similar setup with a 16gb SD in my EEE, a 16gb in my Dell Mini 9, 16gb in my Exlim camera, 8gb in my Palm Centro, 8gb in my Blackberry, 8gb in my GP2X, 8gb in my PSP, and 2 8gb SD in my DS (one in the top slot, one in the bottom)

i have a feeling i will have a lot more gadgets after seeing what is coming at CES this weekend :)

someone said it earlier in the thread - backup early and often! i learned the hard way in the 80s that regular backups are a necessity

Comment looking forward to replies on this one (Score 2, Interesting) 49

I have not tried out Pointsec yet, but its a solution my company sells so I should learn it :) I certified myself in PGP, which unfortunately does not support full disk encryption on Linux, just Windows and soon OSX... It also does not support dual boot on Windows. (its a shim into ntloader - but after the actual boot loader the 'pgp' os which asks for the decryption key during boot is linux, so I KNOW they have linux expertise...)

I kind of like the roll your own approach to the Linux full disk encryption scenario, but most large organizations balk at anything thats not a commercial solution

Submission + - Where the FSF is heading in 2007

lisah writes: "The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has typically been considered a think tank whose members work on somewhat esoteric issues like licensing and the GNU Project. According to an article at, however, 2006 saw the FSF reach out to the free software community at large for the first time. They have also become an 'openly activist organization' with informational campaigns like BadVista and the anti-DRM project DefectiveByDesign. Peter Brown, executive director of the FSF, says not only will those campaigns contiue in the new year but also predicts 2007 will be a 'huge' year for the organization."

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