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Bill expresses view on Linux competition: Ha-ha 58

Linux Today has a translated transcription of a Danish Radio Interview with Bill Gates. How many of you think that Bill's "Oh - I - you know - my job is to fear everything." shows he caught himself before saying "No"? In the meantime Jean-Louis Gassee is dismissing Microsoft's new bedtime story that BeOS integrates the Browser into the OS. Here's a little more detail from Patrick Hajek. Finally, in related news, Bill had the opportunity to visit a German School which accepted a local company's offer to install Linux its PCs for the occasion
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Bill expresses view on Linux competition: Ha-ha

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  • I just saw an article a couple weeks ago that laid out average admin salaries by OS category. AS/400 admins made the most, followed by UNIX, followed by Linux, which for some reason had its own category separate from UNIX. The last on the rung? You guessed it, NT. To believe otherwise, when all the info I've ever seen, both online and in trade journals and through anecdotal reports from coworkers supports my claim, would be absolutely retarded.

    You're not retarded, are you?

    - A.P.

    "One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft Promotional Ad

  • Anyone else find it somewhat ironic that Be's requirements for a sysadmin are:

    Minimum Requirements: 3-5 years experience.
    Windows 95/98/NT 4, MS Office/Outlook 97/98, Cheyenne Enterprise Backup, HP Laser Jet, Cisco Router Management, Great Plains/FRX or MSSQL a plus

  • Posted by planders:

    ... not grammar. English does have quite a huge amount of words from Latin (and Greek) especially if you count words from Latin-derived languages such as French and Spanish.

    Modern English has surprisingly little in common with (Modern) German despite the fact that it is considered a "Germanic" language.

    And to the person who suggested posting en francais, la langue internationale diplomatique, while j'adore les francais, French stopped being the international language of diplomacy oh, about, 100 years ago.

  • More than I make? I don't think so.

    I looked at becoming an NT admin once. I would have had to take a major pay cut. And now I'm managing more Linux machines and fewer Solaris machines. And I'm getting payed the same. Odd, isn't it?

    Of course, actually understanding computers, networking, and data management helps....
  • Anybody else laugh at, "Linux is like Unix was 20 years ago," or something like that? Exsqueeze me? Most will attribute that to hyperbole, in defense of his own operating system. Me, I think it's just blindness and stupidity.

    I used to believe Mr. Gates actually had a clue, which he chose to ignore. Now I suspect he really is ignorant, and probably a moron, to boot.

    Who'd of thunk it?
  • Warum kann Sie nicht Deutsch?

  • :-)

    He he he. Death to rc.local!

    Long live rc.*!

  • Anyone provide a translation, please?

    -- (remove the SPAM-B-GONE bit)
  • Bad spelling. ;)

    But to make your pendantic day a little brighter...

    "At the risk of adding a note which will likely be oft repeated, I would appreciate an anglified translation of the german document if at all possible. Thank you."

    -- (remove the SPAM-B-GONE bit)

  • Essentially Bill Gates is saying that he will keep throwing new features into his OS (Windows). Speech and handwriting recognition. He seems not concerned about the millions of lines of code in NT 5.0 and wants to add more. GUI in the kernel not enough...

    This will give GNU/Linux, a 20-year old design (according to Gates) with a proven foundation for reliability, to take over... The longer MS stuck in Windows 2000, the better...
  • by hany ( 3601 )
    M$ is monopoly in OS market for so called "common" people.
    "common" people are almost monopoly in so called highly developed countries
    high developed countries are near monopoly to the whole planet

    almost evety monopoly is for no good (or more precisely: monopoly causes less good than bad)

  • My Porsche Boxter is already bought and 1/3 paid for and I don't touch NT machines if I can help it.

    So there.
  • No I worked mostly on SGI but recently am doing a lot more Linux and (sigh) NT work.

    To be honest, I am not a sysadm but a software devloper. I just thought it was neat that I already bought the car that the NT guy is dreaming of getting.

    And yes I know I misspelled Boxster so don't flame me I was typing too fast.
  • I manage a handful of Solaris and Linux servers and seem to always have time for other projects as well.

    Yah, I have about 12-15 SPARCs and a few of my Linux 'toys', and I end up doing the Maytag repariman thing, but at least it leaves me plenty of time to read /. and fiddle with code!

    I did inherit a lot of junky crap, but at least I can do everything remotely and mostly without reboot so it could be a whole lot worse..
  • I saw the link on LinuxToday a little while ago. They have a link to a RealVideo feed, which I took them up on. Unless you want to hear him take credit for the success of the internet &c, I'd suggest you jump to 23:15 to hear "the question" about Linux.

    It's almost entertaining enough to listen to the entire feed, but for that whiney voice...

    The link is "Besvarelse af spørgsmål" = "Answering questions" [].

  • So I guess Linux really isn't competition (-; The only thing that perplexes me is this: If linux is "as defined 20 years ago", then why aren't they talking about a more modern OS in the DOJ trial ... like, say ... SunOS 4 (-;

    -- Elflord

  • Cxu vi sxercxas? Kiu konversas latine hodiaux? Mi sxatas latinon, sed deklinacioj estas eksaj.

    (Are you kidding? Who uses Latin conversationally anymore? I like Latin, but declensions SUCK ASS! (Pardon the poetic license on the translation, but I don't yet know how to convey the connotation of 'suck ass' in Esperanto.)) On the other hand, there are lots of us who can and do use Esperanto every day. And it's not dead, either; it evolves in a sort of 'bazaar' model as changes naturally occur.

  • Gates over $50 billion dollars of americans money from his microsoft tax - 5 billion is one tenth of what he owes the people back.
  • You're saying direct democracy possibly using computers is bad cause you saw a MOVIE about it... stay away from the boob tube, man.
  • Most of the Basic code for the altair was hacked up basic Bill borrowed from DEC (where he worked for a time). The math (Floating) was done by a third person.

    Dos = QDos = Not anything related to Bill.

    Bill pushed his begged borrowed and stolen basic interp. as far as he could. He would usually promise schedules he knew he couldn't make (clean) just to get the $$. (Knowing he'd upsell a fixed basic rom to the end user).

    Steve Jobs is NOT a hacker. Woz IS. All steve did was coax Woz into building the Apple (Woz had built a keyboard that amazed Jobs).

    BTW: The key to Gates success is in the business acumen of Paul, notice how MS OEM Lic. looks really similar to TicketMaster? Duh...
  • I guess NT Admins would make more money if you added them all up and compared them to the unix admins running the same number of machines. To bad windoze will never have much in the way of remote management. Maybe then NT admins could start making some real money... Oh... I forgot... have to have access to the machines to hit reset... so much for getting to the ratio of machines managed that unix admins have :P

  • And it's those same NT Admin's ignorance that puts more cash in M$'s wallet and a new porsche boxster in Bill's garage RIGHT NOW!!

  • According to CNN his recent charitable donations
    are $3.3 billion U.S. in M$ stock to
    "The William H. Gates Foundation" and
    to "The Gates Learning Foundation".

    Is it just me or does it seem like he is giving
    money to himself?

    Oh well ... if the antitrust trial goes the way
    I hope it will, his donations of M$ stock
    will only be worth $49.38 (Canadian) ;)


  • BeOS and NetPositive are NOWHERE near integrated. The user's manual is in html... thats as close as it gets. This news in prompting a new software release:

    MS Bullshit
    SRP: $50 Billion
    Requirements: Corrupt businessmen and polititions

    Ever felt like the whole world was against you? Well it is, but MS Bullshit can help. Instead of fixing your problems, MS Bullshit will lie and fake evidence to your claims of being good. That videotape of performance after removal? Fake it. Those competitors 1/200th the size of you who create good, low-cost software? Screw 'em.

    Yes, we think MS Bullshit is right for you, just be sure to use the "Non-acting Partner" feature if anyone does try to use your version of MS Bullshit.

    Release date: 1st Quarter 1901
  • Oracle DBAs make more money...

    Market studies show that the top-paying job in the I.S. market is the DBA.

    And what OS do DBAs choose 10:1? *nix. Could be linux, could be Sun, could be DEC. It dosn't really matter unless you try to make 'em use Windoze (or SCO haha). Then they revolt.

    So here's another way to slice it - who actually makes more money? Not in terms of your take-home pay, but how much profit you actually produce for your company/organization/self? I think the NT admin, like NT, is way overvalued in the market today. They sit around and drink coffee all day, one hand on the reset button, the other on their beeper. Once in a while they get a day of steady work re-installing everything on the system. Then they drive their porshe home, laughing all the way - kind of like Bill himself. As Windows dies, we will see the death of the inflated windows job market too. Programmers too! "But I know everything about the windows message loop and thunking!" - "Have you ever used Java? Perl? No? Thanks, we'll let you know."

    Fun ride while it lasts, but now you're unemployed just like all those Novell graduates from a few years back. I feel sorry for these guys too - just getting on the NT boat now only to be dumped overboard as the thing sinks like a seive.

    I have a client now asking me to run their Oracle DB under windose. I won't do it. I keep telling 'em to get *nix.

    -=Julian=- []
  • Bill talks about a very hip idea in this video [] - direct democracy or representative democracy. Pay attention to this part (around 25:15). I Love this idea, and I didn't know that billG was into this. Just goes to show he is smart.

    Let's fire all the politicians and use our computers to directly control the government..

  • NT admins get paid a fraction of what Unix admins get paid. The whole premis behind NT is lower cost of ownership. Translate this, cheaper labor. As for Linux admins, their time is comming
  • Did he say Windows has richer system administration?? *snicker*
    Oh Bill Bill Bill *shaking head*
    Linux is what Unix was 20 years ago??
  • Bill Gates is just an ignorant, stupid, moronic, blind pissant with too much money.

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