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Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 3, Informative) 356

Yes ... but systemd is a 'happy path' only.
When something goes wrong then the thing just shits all over itself. Just like everything else pottering has ever touched,
Just went through the shit this weekend .. CD drive died (no big, wasn't being used for anything) but systemd managed to fubar the whole f'ing system. Fallback to upstart worked fine.

Other stuff that is a major PITA with systemd: OpenVPN. Whenever I change my .conf file I have to update systemd with some whacky config because it 'caches' my config file in it's own little world. WTF is that about? Dunno but it's enough of a pain that I'll be jumping to the debian boxen to devuan and tossing the ubuntu for the same reason.

Let CentOS / RHEL 7 deal with all the SystemD crap .. when it's actually decent (after pottering gets bored and real developer fixes all his shit) then maybe it will be the init system that it is being touted as.

Comment Re:San Jose must be in the middle... (Score 1) 253

Rent control.
50K is considered poverty level by the county (for an individual) in that area.
If they were paying market rate the rent is closer to 2500/mo.

Also starting wage for IT is closer to 120k in the area (at the bottom end) and 160k median so I hope you have some amazing benefits ...
Where are you doing IT is Palo Alto, Frys?

Comment Re:Bad Idea, but that's what Germany is up to now. (Score 1) 65

... with a heads-up display

The problem with the HUD is that projected overlays remain at a fixed focal distance. A volumetric HUD (holographic) would work for this experiment but I think this is a nifty 'cheat' for demonstrating what a volumetric HUD can do, should a car manufacturer pursue commercializing it.

The current commercial offerings for HUD tech are at best a driving distraction, which is in large part why they have failed in the market place.

Comment Google vs Breitbart (Score 4, Insightful) 805

Given Sundar Pichai is Google's CEO ...
Seems to me this is just Breitbart trying to muddy the waters as Google is taking a stand against 'fake news' and twitter is banning the alt-right.
If Breitbart can claim victim status perhaps they can get around Google (and thereby Facebook from classifying them as 'fake news'.
By being incendiary about Asian (that's Indian in British parlance) CEOs then can later claim that Google banning them (Breitbart) is personal.
While I probably don't agree that Breitbart is 'fake' they are certainly walking the line and occasionally stepping over. Breitbart is unabashedly biased and incendiary and some opinions and commentary seems to not be shy of using 'post-fact' rhetoric.

Comment How to brew coffee .. it's the water (Score 1) 162

The TL;DR of coffee:
    Brewing: Use a water with a minimum mineral content of 150-200 ppm (250-300 ppm is my preference).
    Espresso: Use R.O. water or distilled water.

As always the bean and roast is part of the interaction as well so your mineral content and roast level are not completely independant.

FYI: Starbucks uses purified water for both espresso and drip in order to control for flavor. So when at Starbucks, avoid the drip and get an Americano if you normally prefer dark coffee.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 1368

Which economically would be massive windfall to both the government coffers and the economy as a whole.

I for one would love to see the US tax policy be competitive with countries like Hong Kong and Singapore combined with incentives for R&D and domestic manufacturing would be great for the US. It would decimate Europe and the UK as well as chunks of Singapore. Some of Hong Kong's export centric companies would survive but the investment centric services would certainly feel the pinch.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1028


The specter of russian invasion is why the US bombed Nagasaki. The US was afraid that they would have to "share" Japan with Russia. At the time Japan was looking to surrender with conditions. Nagasaki was the answer to 'conditions' .. US needed Japan's surrender to be 'unconditional' so as to exclude Russia from access to Japan.

During WWII US and Russia were allied so if Russia and the US shared in V-J both sides would be involved in negotiating the terms of surrender. Japan was already working with Russia on a more favorable (for Japan) peace treaty.

Comment Medtronic N'Vision® model 8840 clinician pro (Score 1) 70

Used slide to unlock.

It's a bit of an ugly brick powered by AA batteries but even used the words "Slide to unlock" and translated for EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish).

FCC ID: for 2001 model.
Couldn't find any vidoes.

Comment Re:What's the _actual_ algorithm. (Score 1) 78

Since the prime sieve is generally an array of bits the first (obvious) compression is to skip past 2 (and 3?) then you only need to maintain a bit pattern that represents every other bit, or possibly every 3rd bit ... generalizing this pattern means with the sum of 3 primes pattern implies that you exchange the bit pattern for some lookup table that indicates which primes this bit represents? Not sure ..

At some point the bit field (sieve) gets pretty sparse, sparse enough that hold an array of primes and/or prime sums may be a way to condense the sieve, or the next 'window' into the sieve. Not sure when or if the memory vs cpu tradeoff becomes a win-win but it seems possible.

YMMV indeed.

Comment Re:Transit and Biking will give you more free time (Score 1) 233

Given 160K in the midwest vs 220K in SV it's no contest for me.

As a bonus, driving in the midwest is normal speed and there are a minimum of hipster douchebags running around.

Don't know why you are cherry picking economic data from 6 year old census data when you can see the obvious
economic indicators every quarter. It's pretty obvious that SV housing and rent are not sustainable while wages
are stagnant in the valley due to huge amounts of imported labor.

Besides ... the place is pretty much a dump outside the wealthy enclaves.

Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 274

Apple works very hard to track down and disable such unlicensed devices. There is usually a few unlicensed accessories knocked off with each each update.
I suspect one of the reasons for changing to the lightning connector was that the unlicensed accessories had gotten too difficult to defeat.

Comment Re:I think the difference is (Score 1) 131

The *current* E2 requirement is basically 1 Million USD investment at risk and Documentation of 10 jobs created by said investment.

Even the old Canada (similar system) has bumped from a pathetic 100k upto 500k to 1M, due to abuses. They also have a problem where
immigrants can show a lesser amount when settling in Toronto ... but the majority get in and immediately relocate to Vancouver.
If you have been to both cities you know why :-)

So this is really a seems to be step backwards in terms of helping ensuring that investment based visas are not being further abused.

Heck this will seriously help some people I know so in a way I'm happy for them, however I don't think this is really a good thing for the country as a whole.
Perhaps this is yet another hint is starting to take a serious downward spiral .. or maybe it's just another big FU by Obama, who knows?

Comment Re:High failure rate (Score 1) 209

Yes. There are specific mechanical differences in build quality around stability and vibration dampening between enterprise and consumer level drives. It's more than just flashing some different firmware (but that may be a part of what differentiates drives).

The best indicators are length of warranty and specification of purpose, in my experience.

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