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Comment Re:High failure rate (Score 1) 209

Yes. There are specific mechanical differences in build quality around stability and vibration dampening between enterprise and consumer level drives. It's more than just flashing some different firmware (but that may be a part of what differentiates drives).

The best indicators are length of warranty and specification of purpose, in my experience.

Comment Re: Nope (Score 1) 675

*Most* banks give a you debit/credit combined card.
It says VISA on it (or MasterCard but I've not seen one of those).
You can use it at an ATM (or Store with Purchase) to take out cash.
You can use it at a store to Charge your purchase.
There is no advantage to the consumer with regard to charging vs debit however, as the purchase is immediately deducted from your account. There *may* be advantage to the store as to the transaction fees to VIsa/MasterCard vs the bank ATM network. It may also depend on the purchase amount ... a large purchase is quite likely to be cheaper over the ATM network as opposed the the percentage charged by Visa/MasterCard.

Comment Re:It wouldn't surprise me if .NET phases out JAVA (Score 1) 243

Java catching on had only to do with Sun's marketing and nothing to do with the 'quality' of the language and clearly nothing to do with the 'quality' of the implementation. .NET catching on also has nothing to do with C# or VB.NET ... it has to do with the fact the Microsoft marketed it heavily and made using native C/C++ on their platform arbitrarily more painful by deprecating APIs and making some new APIs only accessible via the managed (.NET) interfaces.

Comment Re: Lies (Score 1) 287

All work creates entropy so all work done to "reverse" entropy makes more entropy.

Think of entropy as heat. Think of an entropy reversing machine as a fridge.
You can 'reverse' the heat (entropy) of something inside the fridge, but the net result is an increase in total heat (entropy) due to inefficiencies of the compressor and insulation.

Hence the 'heat death' of the universe.

Comment Maybe your data / PAN (Score 1) 137

Maybe your data and personal area network can run from your wrist (or arguably something a bit bigger, with more battery), being a watch gives it a function (yeah a crappy function, but a function). But putting the computing power in a tiny wearable just isn't the future. .. in the future your data/PAN will most likely be an implanted device that runs off ambient power ...

Comment Re:Or you could use paper cups instead (Score 1) 299

Papers are not made from cutting wood in rain forest anymore

Paper never was ... as such a thing was never economically viable.

For the last, oh, 80 years at least, all paper has been made from trees grown for paper and lumber mills.
Oh and your recycled paper? It is *more* environmentally destructive to produce, and will always be. Re-use it, compost it, or burn it.

Comment Re:Expensive machine that makes awful coffee (Score 1) 299

Good coffee takes time ...


The time to brew (steep) isn't much. It is also interesting to note that the mineral content of the water makes a huge differences in the end result.
Living in the midwest I have pretty hard water which is great for the coffee flavor and rough on the coffee maker (I need to pass a pot of vinegar through every 3 to 4 weeks to de-scale the machine).

For espresso however you really want to use distilled water to get the best flavor extraction.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 2) 299

Canadians are very patriotic about their Tim Hortons.

Apparently it's like a comfort food. Stale burned coffee with lots of sugar and milk
Asking for black coffee (at TH) and they get mind bogglingly confused. After tasting it I understood why ... Much better to get a known sub-standard coffee from McD's than that wacko shit from TH.

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