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Pentium III Slogan Revealed. 102

The guy in the next cubicle writes "Looks like Intel has an official slogan for the Pentium III processor: "This Way In." You can make up your own joke. " I'll muffle my own jokes. It's just too easy.
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Pentium III Slogan Revealed.

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  • Is that one of the ones in the category of "too obvious"?
  • Your money takes "This Way In"to Intel's bank account.
  • If the P3 is the way in, is Windows the way out?

    MS: "Where do you want to go today?"
    Linux: (to MS users) "Where the hell have you BEEN all day?"

  • The same way Apple's think different forces you to meditate on it because of the grammatical issues with the phrase, I'm sure the sexual angle (you dirty birdie) or whatever wide swaths of interpretations available are on purpose. The second they've forced you to think about it for more than a quarter second, they've won, and the brand recognition attempt succeeds.

  • Help me please, I don't get it.

    I only know 3 ways that might be able to improve my "Internet Experience":

    1 - Bandwidth
    2 - Bandwidth
    3 - Bandwidth
  • by drwiii ( 434 )
    A door with "This way in"? Oh, please.

    AMD's K7 slogan should be a big police-style battering ram with the AMD logo and "We'll make our own way in" written in military-font across the side.. **BOOOM** Buh-bye little Intel door!

  • BOHICA!!!
  • Posted by tollboothwilly:

    How can a P3 help me get more out of the internet?
    I have yet to see my P2-333 being the bottleneck with a V.90 modem providing my connection.

    Affordable bandwidth, not cpu horsepower, will enhance the internet experience.

    Oh wait, I forgot you must use the word internet with all new computer technology. What crap.

  • subject ..
  • There's four students who went to Kent State who could tell you different if they hadn't been killed by the National Guard.

    You're the kind of person who says "Encryption? Are you trying to HIDE something?" And to that I say "Fine. Send all your mail on postcards then."

  • Pentium III : This time... it's personal.
  • "For people who like to get out more."
  • Have they been trying lately to advertise products in a negative light for a desired effect? They did this to the Celeron and if I remember right, even Andy Grove declared he hated the thing? The result was that geeks everywhere raved about the thing. (I have a cheap Celeron 300A and let me tell you how it screams...)

    Could introducing the PIII with some obvious flaws just be a way to get people to check it out and start talking? That seems better than a popular practice by marketing the hell out of hype and spamming press releases with misleading claims about what, say, NT can do. At least they do not mislead the way of NT advertising and give the impression one box will put up your web page (that will ultimately require $1000000 in cals, an army of machines, and a staff of push button operators for sub-unix performance.)

    The PIII looks like a good chip if no back doors or ID's are enabled by default. I think Intel is being honest to an extreme in promoting this.
  • Posting this with 2.8r2 w/ SSL support.
  • by mattc ( 12417 )
    or your friendly neighborhood corporation
  • Funny. My 200 mhz MMX Pentium is running just fine. Purchasing a Riva-TNT based AGP card did a lot more for me than upgrading my cpu. And I can watch DVD movies using a DVD decoder card rather than software-based viewers. (Creative Labs DXR-2) Granted, my quake doesn't run very well at 1024x768, but 640x480x16 seems to do very well.

    Of course, I may upgrade to an AMD K6-3 or K6-2 400 since I don't have to upgrade my motherboard to go to those chips...but only because I want to buy another CPU anyways and re-use my 200mmx elsewhere.

    So I ask myself, "Why bother?" And the poor people who buy these systems expecting "fast internet access" while their CPU sits idle while the web pages download via 56k.

    For general internet viewing, a T-1 wouldn't be able to flood my pc...a DS3, maybe.

    Typical marketing hype, "We'll fix everything for you." Unfortunately most people will find that the internet reliability and speed will not reach the poin of utilizing the P-III speeds until the P-III is out of date.

    Oh, wait, they need that CPU to process all that extra SPAM on the net created by reading your CPU id, right???

    John jbkramer@mad.scientist.com
  • Haha,
    Looks like Intel is really sponsoring Linux and FreeBSD - the only systems where the "feature" of being searialized is under full user control ;-)

    If you do not wanna be tracked do not use windows.... Period....

    I cannot help myself not to laugh.
    Way to go intel.
    In between, people, why not SUPPORT Intel in this serialization stuff, as long as it runs at RING 0 and is unavailable in user space... It may as well serve usefull in this case (random number generation, unique IDs, etc).
  • "Ooooo yeahhhh, THAT'S the way in, Mmmmmmm..."

    ha! get real...my next comp is gonna be G3- or G4-based

    HotsOS home http://hotsos.8m.com/
  • Unfortunately, both Intel and Microsoft (and probably just about every other company out there) wants its customers to think it INVENTED the internet, so it knows how to make it better.

  • If you knew much about the history of Intel/M$, you would realize that the "Wintel" duopoly is a strained relationship, at best. Most people don't seem to, though.

    - A.P.

    "One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft Promotional Ad

  • Something that would make them WANT to bother you...?

    Like, for example, some kind of ponce who wants to end apartheid, or some kind of lefty-liberal-ne'erdogood who wants the convicted paedophiles at the local children's home sacked?

    My goodness. Why won't these people mind their own business?

    Goddammit, if you have a greivance with the goverment, then that's what firearms and bombs were designed for.

    Oh, to be young (dumb and shortsigted) again!

    Perhaps if *your ilk* got out more your expletives would *not* be based on UNIX commands. But that's probably some witless lefty commie varmint viewpoint.
  • This way in to the processing facility...

    (Or am I just being morbid here?)
  • This way in is paved with good inteNTions.

  • Silly biped, Motorola chips can't do floating point. If you want Intel chips to have floating point, get them to use Alpha or UltraSparc or even MIPS10k technology.

    Actually, i guess the PPC's in the RS6k's aren't too bad... I'd still pick out an Alpha or US though...

    And if you were referring to the silly chips they put into Mac's then I'm laughing at you right now.

  • They forgot the banner that reads "Abandon all Hope, Ye Who Enter Here".

    Pentium III, evil inside.
  • Its the karate dude doing that high heel kick that does it for me. Wheee... I'm gonna buy one now! :-)
  • Hey,

    Just so you know, better, faster compression generally = more bandwidth. A fast CPU generally enables better, faster compression.

    If all communications use some sort of encoding scheme, and the processors that do the encoding are enhanced, doesn't it stand to reason, that systems with better CPUs can concievably make better use of less bandwidth?

    Oh hey - waitta second, that's how faster modems work. The digital to analog encoding is more efficient, so I can actually send more over the same line! Oh, and if I compress what I send over that encoding format, I can even send more.

    Yeah - the ad campaign sucks. But, using an Intel codec that utilizes MMX sure makes streaming media over a lower bandwidth connection a whole lot better. And - now that they have added KNI, who knows, maybe more improvements are on the way.

    So yeah, a faster processor does enhance your web based experience, and can even improve non web based internet experiences.

    - Porter Woodward
  • I think the words "This way in" are for the people installing the cards on motherboards.

    Maybe if you install it backwards it turns on the ID feature?
  • The fifth student just wasn't media savvy enough to die right away instead of lingering in the hospital a day or two before succumbing to his wound(s).
  • Is Baconium the name of that new element 114?

    "Dogs don't know it's a celeron."
    The important question is whether or not the Celeron is a dog.
  • If that's their plan, I think Intel's got a good thing going, baby. :) j/k.
    - Wing
    - Reap the fires of the soul.
    - Harvest the passion of life.
  • I'm not much of a conspiracy buff, but one look
    at Intel's website with it's "This Way In" slogan
    and the graphic of a martial artist kicking "His Way In"
    doesn't give me any positive vibes.

    I mean... what? Does installing the chip mean that
    someone can and will come breaking into my home or
    office where I have the computer installed?

    Will they be able to find out when I'm at home and
    when I'm not? Wow!

    Conspiracy or no, Intel might want to consider
    more positive and comfort/performance inspiring

    "This Way In" is on it's way out.

    - Wing
    - Reap the fires of the soul.
    - Harvest the passion of life.
  • Well you can get a New G3 and upgrade it to the G4 later on. The mother board can support multipliers up to 8, so thats 800MHz!
  • Better latency is often more important than better bandwidth. With 300ms latency on my (and everyone else's) modem, the net is slow as hell with or without good bandwidth.
  • With the G4 coming out soon, I know the computer I'm getting... Photoshop with Altivec acceleration will Rock!
  • I think "This Way to the Egress" would be a more appropriate slogan. Tack my name up on the Intel PIII boycot list.
  • Anonymous Coward wrote:

    The right not vote is just as important as the right to vote. Sometimes you can send just as strong of a message by NOT voting for someone as you can by voting for his/her opponent. Look at how often voter turn-out rates are used as to indicate "support" or a "voter mandate" for some politician or policy.

    Unfortunately, not voting is interpreted as "voter apathy". Voter apathy doesn't send the message "we hate all of you", it sends the message "we don't care what you do". If you want to make it clear that you dislike everyone, get your butt out of bed, go to the voting booth, flip a token lever for some judge or minor official, and register the ballot.

    Actively voting for nobody is a far stronger message than passively not voting.
  • Anonymous Coward wrote:

    Four dead in Ohio? That has NOTHING to do with Privacy / conspriacies!

    Nothing to do with privacy specifically, but the previous AC wrote:

    OK, this is really starting to piss me off. You conspiracy-theory driven people need to get out more. The government won't fscking bother you, unless you're doing somehting that would make them WANT to bother you. So if you're clean, don't worry about.

    Obviously, as attested to by incidents like Kent State, that assertion is false. The government can and does bother innocent people. Ask anyone who's had their property seized (but no charges ever filed against them) because they fit the profile of a drug courier going through customs.

  • What Grove giveth, Gates taketh away.
  • -----Original Message-----
    From: [Removed in the interests of personal privacy!]
    Sent: Monday, February 01, 1999 5:57 PM
    To: cherra s; andy_grove@intel.com
    Subject: RE: PSN Privacy

    Well then, I am done doing business with your company. Number of the Beast/Big Brother here we come. AMD here I come.

    What happens when a twisted government leader gains control of the system in a Hitler-ish or Stalin-ish way? That is the true issue here. With tagging mechanisms like this, it may become absolutely impossible to break free of the grip of a ruthless, oppressive ruler. Look at the history of government, it is a cyclical pattern that has happened with every government: Either a government is decimated and absorbed by a more powerful government, or the government becomes very successful until that government becomes slothful and controlling, eventually feeding upon it's own citizens until they somehow break free and reform. However, never in the history of mankind has the mere fact of privacy been stripped from the individual. Your company is only looking out for it's short-term gains and not at all for our grandchildren. Very sad to see.


    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: supportmgt@mailbox.cps.intel.com
    > [mailto:supportmgt@mailbox.cps.intel.com]
    > Sent: Monday, February 01, 1999 4:15 PM
    > To: [Removed]
    > Subject: PSN Privacy
    > 2/1/99
    > Hello:
    > Thank you for contacting Intel. A number of users like yourself
    > have expressed concerns about the processor
    > serial number feature on the Intel® Pentium® lll processor, which
    > will be introduced later this quarter.
    > We recognize that a processor serial number raises privacy
    > concerns and we are working to make sure
    > those concerns are addressed. We will provide the tools for
    > computer users to activate or deactivate the use
    > of the processor serial number which we feel is the best way to
    > protect computer users while allowing them to benefit from this feature.
    > For additional information on Intel's privacy policy, please refer to:
    > http://support.intel.com/support/processors/pentiu miii
    > Sincerely,
    > Cherra S.
    > Intel® Internet Support
    > *All brands and trademarks are the property of their respective owners
  • WTF?!?

    Well, a 300a + generic mb + atx case = same $ of k6-2 400

    Keeping in mind that the below prices are in Canadian Pesos,

    CeleryStick 300A = $139
    Generic MB = $175
    ATX Case = $89
    Total: $403

    K6-2 400 = $287

    Last time I checked, $403 != $287. That's about a $100 difference...which you could turn around and invest in another 32Meg of RAM...

    Not to mention that the difference in FPU speed isn't a HUGE concern if you spend more time coding than Quake-ing. =)

  • It this a protocol "real men (or women of course)" use? ;-)

    -martin "going on SSH"
  • Hmm.. actually I would have to say that Japanese is about the easiest language in the world as far as spelling goes. German spelling is not as difficult as English spelling either. You are operating under the assumption that Japanese and German just look more difficult because you have absolutely no understanding of them.

    Also, as a linguist, I must argue your statement about the human race defining itself by American English, and as for the anymore/any more question, both are correct.

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