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Comment Re:It is like the TSA coming into our personal liv (Score 4, Insightful) 630

This is the kind of environment that the gun-control nuts want to create for the rest of us ?

I hear the NRA thinks we should be investigating video games and movie. Last I heard there were such things as movie and game ratings, but the NRA hates gun control... ANY gun control. That's what the NRA wants: No bounds on any weaponry but Tom and Jerry can be blamed for the violence in the country.

Comment Re:Universities are way too PC (Score 0) 530

The CONSERVATIVES RULE the airwaves for non-PC talk. Even Springer and Stern are "Right" shows because they treat their subjects as "freak of the week" while shouting "look how offensive I am!"

You clearly haven't been listening to Stern. Howard Stern is PRO abortion (not pro choice) and PRO gay. He treats his guests with respect even if he thinks they're bat shit crazy.

Comment Since when is a teacher solely responsible (Score 2, Insightful) 629

Since when is a teacher solely responsible for students grades. Can teachers kick unruly students out of class if they choose? Can teachers turn the TV or video games off until children have done their homework? Is there a report card for parents? Can any of you say that you've always tried your best in school? When you didn't, did you blame your teacher?

Judging teachers solely by students grades is unfair.

Comment Re:LINUX rounds numbers fine (Score 1, Insightful) 764

Why buy an Acura when a Honda is just as good

Why buy a Mustang when you can buy a Fiesta from the same company? Because they're different!

Please don't insult us by saying that Win7 is just as good as OSX. The hardware is better and the software is better. I drive a Accord but won't begrudge you if you like something less plain. A $350 netbook can't run AutoCAD or Photoshop just as well as a i7.

Comment Remember they bought Netscape (Score 5, Insightful) 122

Remember they bought Netscape for 4 BILLION! Then they did nothing with it ... nothing! They could have rebuilt AOL to work in the Netscape browser. The way all of Google works today. Overnight Netscape would have gained 40% market share. Even just the Netscape homepage could have brought in some money.

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