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Qualcomm Fined Record $773 Million In Taiwan Antitrust Probe ( 23

According to Bloomberg, Qualcomm was fined a record NT$23.4 billion ($773 million) by Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission in the latest blow from regulators over the way the U.S. company prices mobile phone chips and patents. From the report: The company has been violating antitrust rules for at least 7 years and Qualcomm collected NT$400 billion in licensing fees from local companies during that time, the Taiwanese regulator said on its website Wednesday. Qualcomm disagrees with the decision and intends to appeal, the San Diego-based company said in a statement. The Taiwanese regulator said Qualcomm has monopoly market status over key mobile phone standards and by not providing products to clients who don't agree with its conditions, the U.S. company is violating local laws. It said Taiwanese companies had purchased $30 billion worth of Qualcomm baseband chips. Besides the fine, the Fair Trade Commission told Qualcomm to remove previously signed deals that force competitors to provide price, customer names, shipment, model name and other sensitive information as well as other clauses in its agreements.
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Qualcomm Fined Record $773 Million In Taiwan Antitrust Probe

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  • by Bruce66423 ( 1678196 ) on Wednesday October 11, 2017 @07:47PM (#55353167)

    Oh well, better than nothing.

  • Is Intel just playing a game with Qualcomm? OR will Apple sue Samsung again in the US over some more bullshit function patents with both Intel and Qualcomm cheer leaders in the background ready to doggy hump the judge and pile on if Apple succeeds? At least Taiwan is getting some bucks back out of the jerks considering the fact that chip production in Taiwan is on a downswing because of Apple slowly switching chips.

    Qualcomm getting into manufacturing instead of just farming out their designs was a step that

    • An Intel inside iPhone would be an interesting development.

      Asus made Atom based phones for a while and they were really cheap, mainly because Intel had a complicated deal where Intel paid various expenses to offset the cost of the chips. So the net cost of an Atom chip to Asus was low and may even have been negative (I've heard -$40 per device).

      Asus didn't sell many phones and switched over to Qualcomm. And still don't sell many phones.

      Atom has come on quite a bit since then - out of order execution for exa

      • An Intel inside iPhone would be an interesting development.

        Already happening. Fortune []

        Intel is working on much more than that and is trying hard to break into the phone market in a really big way, not just with atom based arch. Even though they have been out of the running for 16 years [] it seems this time they are coming back and are really looking for the brainz [] this time. Like I said either they are paying Qualcomm to not sue them or we might see a major tech merger. Say perhaps Qualcomm and Intel in a joint venture with a mind to squash Samsung once and for all

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