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Comment Re:DMCA counter-notice (Score 1) 241

It's not punishable specifically within the terms of the DMCA, but claiming something is a work to which you hold rights when it is a different work is plain old fraud and using such a claim to get someone else's work taken down is plain old tortious interference.

Remember, there are other laws besides the DMCA.

Comment Re:Slowest news day...evar? (Score 1) 58

These are outstations for flag airlines that have few or even one hub airport.

From LAS, BA only flies to LHR. Depending on which Swiss city was referenced, GVA only connects with LHR and LGW, and ZRH only connects with LHR and LCY. All they have to do is get you on any plane and let the hub operation sort the rest out.

Comment Re: Carbon nanotubes... (Score 1) 42

Not even aligning them... just depending on the bit cell area to be sufficiently larger than the tube area that statistically you'll get enough to land in the right arrangement that ti will work.

This turns out to be why Fujitsu is commercializing memory arrays. They can apply error correction and row/column redundancy to hide the number of failed bits.

Comment Re:How in the world (Score 2) 61

The Y SKUs are the sub-5 Watt SKUs, so you're never in a position to be comparing a Y to a U is you're at the level where you are looking at the 3,5,7 branding.

If you are at the level where you are looking at the complete model number, then you were already looking at Y vs. U and ignoring the 3,5,7 so this is no additional effort.

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