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Comment Re:And everyone's fuel mileage goes down. (Score 2) 351

"The total amount of fossil fuels needed to produce one gallon of ethanol is (counting everything, like fertiliser, cultivation, water provision, ...) is quite close indeed to one gallon"

Energy balance is 1.3 for corn ethanol specifically. Sugarcane ethanol, OTOH, is at 8 which is comparable to new oil discoveries.

Comment Re:FPGA (Score 1) 101

-1, misinformative

RISC-V is an ISA only. It does not oblige implementations to follow any particular microarchitecture.

The religious wars between CISC and RISC were given up decades ago in favor of data-driven architectural decisions. If using sequenced uops solves the problem, they'll be used. For example, here the Cortex-A57 Software Optimization Guide explicitly refers to uops starting in section 2.1:

In the future there won't be any CISC or RISC, just wankers.

Comment Re:Incentivized vs fake? (Score 1) 106

" so every time I receive one, I leave a one-star review for the product."

You place a rating on the product, when your actual complaint is with the merchant. Amazon has correctly removed a misfiled rating.

Attaching your rating to the product damages any merchant who is trying to sell the same product with a decent customer experience. Congratulations, you're making everything worse including your own chances of encountering a merchant that does as you would like.

"The obvious way for Amazon to fix this problem would be to stop spamming people that have requested to be removed from their marketing email list."

Since Amazon isn't sending the spam, they cannot stop sending the spam.

Comment Re:Not a level playing field (Score 1) 2837

Okay, so no examples of women being forced to take any advanced position that the didn't want. Good job.

Marissa Mayer added value to Yahoo at a 100:1 ROI. Name another CEO that has done that well.

Every cabinet has what seems like a shocking proportion of people with no experience at their positions. Look at the current British cabinet, for example, which cannot be blamed on pure diversity hires.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 21

In the context of a citation, the data at the time the citation was made is the correct link. Moving to the new data potentially means correcting the article to match so it is reasonable to to leave that to a human editor. Perhaps an automated message could be dropped in the talk page if the target of an outbound link has changed substantially to alert editors to check for corrections?

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