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Comment Re:Anyone remember when cents/GB was used? (Score 1) 26

" it does little for cost"

It does a lot for cost because you can double capacity without moving to the next process node.

Any cost savings of a process shrink were due to the fact that the same capacity chip was half the size, therefore you got approximately ~2x the chips per wafer. This is useful for logic, but with storage no one wants the same capacity they want more capacity. Now with process costs eating away the chips per wafer gains, you're much better off staying with an old process if you don't need performance gains. The equipment is paid for, the process is stable, and you can tighten up the fudge factors you put in to account for variation.

Comment Re:They Want Export Bans Lifted (Score 1) 217

Intel has no fabs in either Germany or Malaysia. There is some packaging and test in Malaysia, though.

If you are thinking of design, the cellular modem group (purchased from Infineon) has a major design center in Munich, and the Penang design center formerly did work on big cores.

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