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Comment Re:Is this so hard (Score 1) 110

"There are many legitimate reasons to spoof the number.

Simply example: call center. "

Only allow call enters to spoof to a number that they can prove they control. In your scenario, it does them no good to spoof a random phone number. Also, it does no good for the company supplying the cheap outbound lines to do business with a customer that they cannot contact.

Comment Re:Summary is a bit misleading and lacks context (Score 1) 81

"Intel needs to be viewed as several businesses"

Internally, Intel views itself as fab company, with a few ancillary divisions to keep the fab lines full. Examples of this are:
1. chipsets, which in addition to enabling system debug before providing engineering samples also extended the productive life of older process nodes;
2. the "tick tock" model where the process shrink was the tick because it was the important step that made all the money.

As there have come to be fewer and fewer companies that run a decent fab they've been coming around to the idea that they can use their economies of scale to do foundry runs. They've kept pushing it even though they have had few takers, but if/when it catches on they may decide they don't need to fill the fab lines themselves.

Comment Re:Hybrids ARM successor (Score 1) 81

All of the research that I've seen shows that mildly heterogeneous cores never really deliver a benefit greater than using your effort to stuff MOAR COARS onto a die then power gate them effectively. The overheard of making sure the right process gets on the bigger cores type eats up any gains you may make by having a greater number of little cores.

The cores have to be very different---CPU vs. GPU---and have to already be implemented with the expectation that they are access differently.

Comment Re:Shouldn't have sold XScale... (Score 1) 81

The XScale angel is a red herring. That was a specific brand for what is now a boring commodity part that was sold off to a commodity manufacturer at the best possible timing since both parties benefited. What's the last time you heard something exciting about XScale?

This distracts from the fact that Intel retained full licensing for ARM and that they currently sell components with ARM inside.

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