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Comment More bullcrap from root of the problem (Score 1) 288

Youtube cashing in on advertising revenues is only a symptom of what is wrong with the RIAA and all the other bullshit so called "art" oriented organizations. There are many very talented musicians now being recognized world wide for their gifts because of youtube, many get concert dates and huge numbers of fans because they are exposed to the public in a new way that the RIAA and the old school "labels' cannot achieve.

Berta Rojas is a good example. Her art is something which the recording industry is not capable of delivering to the public precisely because she plays for a segmented audience and does not have mass appeal the way the overproduced pap of today's so called "pop" music does.

More and more people who know turn to youtube not to listen to new pop that the RIAA churns out in an endless stream. Instead youtube is becoming the best way for the worlds best artists to find an audience. Yes there is a plethora of pop posted to the 'tube" but there is also some stuff that would never be available and this is the most important aspect of what is going on.

Comment Sausages! (Score 1) 23

I can just see it now some Nazi is going to cash in by claiming an artistic picture of their sausages were violated and used by Facebook commercially, Now every sauerkraut in Germany can go after Zuks mega bucks for using any "intellectual property", almost as if Germany is turning into a clone of West Texas or Utah.

Comment Re:Better than releasing it too early (Score 1) 189

While I'm sure they wanted to get it out on time it's not ready. I'm testing it right now on my Lumia 920 and while in general it's a major upgrade with many great features over 8 there are some pretty critical issues remaining. In the latest build which I got only a couple days ago my camera has completely stopped working. In the previous build the news app crashed opening one out of three articles.

It still needs work.

Don't worry they will do the same thing they did with quite a few hd audio functions in Win10 and simply apply a regression for the driver functions that break. Some people will lose others will be ok. Hell they didn't even get the Win10 release right for their own Surface 3 hardware without some features regressing. Windows and HD audio just plain suck period, always has and will continue to suck as long as they don't spend cash on it and pile on the cash for features like cortana which in turn breaks HD audio on some devices because of latency and other serious issues. That is where Apple and core audio has it all over Windows, fewer worries about a hundreds of garbage audio driver interfaces to maintain and test before releases. Audio problems were one of the show stoppers and the cortana team seemed to have priority over the WDM team which is absolutely stupid.

If they screw the pooch as badly with their own phone OS and audio goes for a shit then the release of WP10 will have to be put on hold or they will have to remove some features on the release.

Comment Smell a rat anyone? (Score 1) 56

To me it sounds like there is some hostile activity happening to at least one of the two. So they are going into survival mode. Watch as the axe starts to fall on North American wages and salaries. Watch like a hawk for equipment and whole factories secretly being loaded on ships to go to places where environmental law is non existent and labour is dirt cheap. Trust, integrity, company values have all become smoke and mirrors in our new Warlmart Nation world!

Comment Re:Does it include systemd? (Score 1) 86

Uhh, you missed Slackware, which blah blah blah

He said like Red Hat, SUSE & Debian. That means that these three are examples, not the canonical list.

Seems like you don't know much about reading comprehension at all.

Spoken as a dedicated Nazi supporter of Systemd no doubt. ALL hail the new and mighty conqueror of common sense and sysv. Rather difficult putting the boots to Patrick though he seems to be able to keep Slackware very mean, lean, reliable, smokin' fast and rock solid security wise without the sysd Nazi's telling him how to set up a distro. I still love being able to tweek my os and you guys are dumbing down linux just so it can become mainstream. Give Patrick credit his creation has been around since the one series of kernels and Slackware is still used by a butt tonne of admins who don' t want to pay RedHat Suse or Oracle and know how to set up a real server. Different tools for different jobs. Ubuntu and all the derivatives are for newbees who can't even edit simple config files and that is just fine.

Comment Re:White armed Hera (Score 1) 44

The grand old lady was known in Homer's Illiad as 'white armed Hera', the wife of Zeus.

Yes and Zeus and his sister Hera had a child which made Zeus jealous thinking that it would become a more powerful god than he. So he ate it. SOMEHOW I don't incest. child murder and cannibalism is how the Japanese managed to pull off the engineering marvel of using slow thrust over 5 years to salvage their mission to Venus though. But it might be how the US manages to send a manned mission to Mars if Donald Trump gets elected. Come to think of it he and his supporters are welcome to claim Mars provided they all homestead there permanently they can have it all to themselves. Oh and they can take along Tzar Putin while there at it! Credit where credit is due the Japanese are very insightful examining Venus over a long period of time. As the Sun cools it might become our next home until the Sun exhausts it's supply of hydrogen and swells up like Zeus in a rage and eats the planetary children that are too close.

Comment Doh! (Score 1) 89

You have a doughnut in the low level of your operating system that can communicate online without OS kernel protection, so essentially you boot to ram a executable that can modify the OS section of windows with impunity. About the same as Homer Simpson putting a doughnut into the reactor core to moderate the control rods!

Comment Re:Bandwith jam up might be what happened today? (Score 1) 89

It's likely a physical problem happened (i.e. tree fell on a line) and there is no redundancy in the network. Comcast has a lack of redundancy as well.

If you want redundancy, multihome by getting a separate ISP on another provider. If you want an AT&T lineman to give you a cussing, install ISDN. It still exists and is the best thing for remote desktop I've seen. Latency as low as 16ms isn't bad at all. A better solution would be to use a local WISP as your backup. If a tree falls, service improves.

Thanks for that suggestion latency is not an issue except for the times I when I communicate directly over the net. A net outage while I am setting up a DAW is a royal pain in the ass to say the least.

Comment Re:What did you expect. (Score 1) 89

You need to drink less caffeine.

Read my next post please it explains exactly why I am a little pissed at having my connection blacked out. I suspect that the internet infrastructure in BC is going to need a major rework because of streaming crap on the net. It just cost me half a work day when the net went down and perhaps a sale.

Comment Bandwith jam up might be what happened today? (Score 1) 89

My previous post was a rant because I was in the middle of installing windows and linux as an audio server for a client when this happened. Now I have to start the windows configuration all over before I put in the Linux drive and reconfigure grub to dual boot both drives, A royal pain in the ass because I was in the middle of activating the windows OEM and now I have to phone Microshaft again GRRRRRRR

The lie is Shaw was down for more than just two hours we did not get our node on the hub back until just and hour ago at about 9 pm pacific! The story but only part of the problem! They are still having trouble all over the place and their business customers are in a blue funk to say the least!

Comment What did you expect. (Score 2, Interesting) 89

Ever since Microsoft hatched windows vista and then proceeded to to screw over everybody with windows 8 and now the biggest " all your files are belong to us " release of windows 10 that screws over 7 with an automatic update. I am surprised this time they didn't hire the Stones to re release one of their songs and change the lyric from HEY HEY YOU YOU to Hey Hey who you you get onto our cloud. Like a scene from a rock and roll horror picture with a zombie geriatric rock band suddenly comes back to change history. I keenly remember having to use trumpet winsock to even get a dial up connection to work because Microsoft was to desparate to write their own stack for the net and realized that they would have to dominate the net as well as businesses to expand their empire. NOW we have a pile of zombie users watching of every crap movie they can watch on their Microshaft or to a lesser extent Crapple toy computer. Add all that to cell phones watching shit on the net regardless of whether it is LTE, 3g wifi at Barfucks or whatever and you have a recipe for internet chaos.

Today Shaw internet went out on Vancouver Island for the longest period of time I have ever seen it down. I am willing to bet it was not a hack or a fiber optic problem that took down Shaw today. If we continue to use the net for entertainment purposes then it is obvious that the infrastructure will by necessity will need updating. Like our highway systems and everybody in a car there are going to be major traffic problems that will cost us billions in lost time waiting to get things done stuck on the internet or on the freeway.

The bandwith problems are not coming from slashdotting the way it happened once upon a time in the good old day. And they are certainly not coming from me downloading torrent isos of bsd and linux, my son in law downloads over 200 gig a month in movies I rarely get over 4 gig a month use out of shaw and that is with all of our household network use including my wifes work, my music uploads and downloads and my audio work. So yes it is movies and streaming entertainment that is causing the pipes to plug. Trouble is the plumbers at microsoft and crapple are hard at it putting in bigger pipes so the shit shows can stream everywhere and your toilet is now in your living room and real computers are in the bathroom going for a shit!

Comment Re:The history of Musa is key (Score 3, Interesting) 199

"Bananas were discovered by the Portuguese on the Atlantic coast of Africa. They cultivated the fruit on the Canary Islands. From there it was introduced to the Americas by Spanish missionaries. ...."

That is the recent, European and American history of the fruit, and what they 'discovered' in west Africa was that Africans were already cultivating it. Bananas had been discovered and used by others a whole long time before that. As can be seen in any wider treatment of the subject.

Yes I am well aware that the great Khan loved bananas and was also bananas from drinking too much of the products of fermentation using both them and rice! Same as Alexander the Great when he conquered Persia and discovered the delights of the east. In Persia there were laws where the production of sweet Musa products was only permitted for nobility for the purpose of the creation of alcohol. And the peasants were permitted only to use unripe fruits.

The Romans were more sensible about the use of Musa and saw it as an exotic staple from largely unknown places in Africa and the Middle east down to Mesopotamia, they were not aware of far eastern species of the plant. So for the Romans, plantain products were mostly in the form of a salt cured potato chip like products that were traded for throughout the Roman empire after the defeat of Hannibal.

The history of food usage and cultivation is a fascinating subject and is a key in itself to our understanding of agriculture and how we as a species have managed to fuck things up over the centuries. The historical use of Musa in China is even older and like much of ancient Chinese history is not well understood in the West, or in China for that matter but you can bet that they brewed beer from it as well as used the plant to the full extent possible given the size and age of their Empire.

Comment The history of Musa is key (Score 0) 199

Forgetting the history of Musa is almost criminal and many who just grab a banana do not understand that the species is not native to the Americas or parts of the Pacific.

"Bananas were discovered by the Portuguese on the Atlantic coast of Africa. They cultivated the fruit on the Canary Islands. From there it was introduced to the Americas by Spanish missionaries. Documenting the arrival of bananas in the New World a Spanish historian wrote: “This special kind [of fruit] was brought from the Island of Gran Canaria in the year 1516 by the Reverend Father Friar Tomas de Berlandga.".to the city of Santa Domingo whence the spread to the other settlements on this island [of Hispaniola].".And have been carried to the mainlaetting the history of Musa is almost criminal and many who just grab a banana do not understand that the species is not native to the Americas or parts of the Pacific.

We can only hope that some of the primary sub types of plantain and bananas remains free from the list of plants that this disease is effecting. Plantain is a very diverse species and going bananas over one cultivar of Musa is stupid and a prime example of how abuse of the environmental resources of this planet by todays industrial farming technology is not a long term reliable method to feed the world.

The whole problem with moving species around the planet is the fact that historical uses of the species become forgotten and the diversity how they can be used is also forgotten. How many North Americans have actually cooked plantain and used it as a staple food? This is the real problem with our mono culture for the purposes of concentrating sugars and starches; we essentially throw the baby out with the bath water and go for sweetness in our diet by only using musa in the sweetest forms possible. Little do we understand that the leaves, the shoots and root stocks are viable food products. We harvest only the fruit and trash the rest. In trashing the rest we introduce problems with concentrating the diseases that latch on to the plants and like a zombie plague of ebola virus the plantations become overrun with diseases including virus.

The very same problems occur with mono culture fish farms, feed pens, over grazed land and all the other industrial methods we employ to create our food. Until we truly start to move away from industrialized mono culture techniques that does not care for the environment and instead relies upon the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics we will continue to experience trouble with many diseases effecting our use plants, livestock and even ourselves in the case of antibiotics!

This is a plant virus that is causing the problems in this case but one can be certain that the virus is spread more by the farming methods used currently.

The study of plant viruses is a relatively new field and it is becoming obvious that mono culture is starting to cause more than just problems with larger pathogens like plant fungi and bacteria that are controlled with spray chemicals on industrial farms.

The article does not clarify whether or not the virus is a retro or what not and is not specific about the nature of the virus. The field of direct acting antivirals is new and exciting but is not the best answer to this problem. I know I was just cured of HCV with Harvoni which costs over a thousand dollars US per day to treat! So eliminating plant virus problems will be far too expensive an undertaking given current patent laws and the greed of corporations. All one has to do is look at the cost of drugs to understand why creating plant antivirals is not going to work. I am sure the BANANA REPUBLIC big shots will just try to find a cheaper way around the virus if it hits there companies. By there proven tactics of just moving around the way they always have when the land and labour costs and local politics start to effect their bottom lines. Woody Allen already did a film about Bananas, now he could do a sequel and call it The Return of The Banana Zombies. especially if the fruit companies and their supporters get back into power and the price of oil and bananas go bananas!

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