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Facebook Refuses To Share Employee Race and Gender Data 250

theodp writes "Back in 2007, Representative Maxine Waters asked Google's HR Chief, "How many [of Google's employees] are African-American?" After 7+ years of stonewalling, Google has pledged to finally divulge diversity data on its workforce for the first time. While the U.S. government requires all major employers to file diversity statistics with the EEOC, Google convinced the Dept. of Labor that the race and gender of its work force is a trade secret that should not have to be released to the public. Google now concedes that it has been 'reluctant to divulge that data' and 'quite frankly, we are wrong about that.' Interestingly, Facebook apparently has no such compunctions about refusing to disclose data on the racial and gender makeup of its employees, even as CEO Mark Zuckerberg lobbies Congress for changes to the makeup of the U.S. workforce. Pressed on the matter by the Rev. Jesse Jackson at Facebook's annual shareholder meeting, the WSJ reports that COO and gender equality advocate Sheryl Sandberg rebuffed Jackson's request, saying, 'It's really important to share [the Facebook diversity numbers] internally, and eventually externally.'"
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Facebook Refuses To Share Employee Race and Gender Data

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  • Re:Maxine Waters (Score:5, Interesting)

    by The Grim Reefer ( 1162755 ) on Friday May 23, 2014 @05:23PM (#47078805)

    Maxine Waters and Jessie Jackson are two of the biggest frauds in the US today. They're like the black versions of George Bush and Donald Rumsfield. Lying scum that make money by hurting others. George Bush doesn't care about black people and neither does Jessie Jackson. They care about lining their own pockets and protecting their friends.

    GWB may be many things. But a racist, I have a hard time believing. And to say that GWB cares for black people in the same way Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters do is frankly insulting to GWB.

  • Re:One drop rule? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by TheGratefulNet ( 143330 ) on Friday May 23, 2014 @11:13PM (#47081095)

    there is HUGE discrimination in tech, right now.

    I know a lot of american workers - really skilled and experienced - that have been out of work for a long time. and yet, we have asians and indians staffing the bay area tech companies and it stinks to high heaven. its clearly discriminatory (not necessarily mgmt, but the team members who are indian tend to vote for their fellow desi's and reject american workers. tell me this isn't true and tell it to me with a straight face.)

    and so, if we had numbers on this, we could SHOW, with data, that this widely-known issue is true. once its known, it could be dealt with and repaired.

    all we want is fairness. what we have now is a huge imbalance and pretty extreme racism where locals can't even get a chance to compete for local jobs. its sickening.

    companies should be fined for this shit. its ruining this country and destroying what's left of the tech middle class.

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