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Comment Interesting... (Score 2) 212

regular cycling cut the risk of death from any cause by 41%

I would have thought it would increase your risk of death by being hit by a car.

In all seriousness though, people are not really designed for the type of lifestyle we live today in the modern world. We weren't meant to sit all day long and stare at a monitor. It would be interesting to know what cycling to and from work does in regards to stress relief too.

Comment Re:Good job guys! (Score 2) 133

So instead of crashing several times daily, it might only crash several times weekly. Not that you'd want to run it that long without restarting the app since it'll be using all of your memory by the end of the day.

Is there a different Firefox than the one I'm using? The machine I do the majority of my browsing on is a Win 7 box with 16GB of RAM. I haven't seen a crash in at least a year, probably more. I have had 15 separate windows open with 10 to 30 tabs open in each for the last 2 or 3 months. I just rebooted today for updates. I will shutdown and restore my Firefox session when the memory usage creeps up and bogs it down. But the most I've seen it get up to is a little over 8GB of RAM usage. Which is ridiculous, but not as bad as you seem to be exaggerating it to be.

My one big sticking point to switching browsers is the Tree-Style-Tabs add-on. I can't find a single other browser that does this well. Opera is the only other that comes close, but I can't stand that it has no way to hide the tabs across the top of the browser. I could live with the vertical tabs not being nested if I cold just find a way to hide the horizontal ones.

Comment Re: Nobody (Score 1) 236

And yet the numbers are clear that Edge is superior. There's no denying that Edge drains the battery a lot less.

I can't say I've used Edge, so I really don't know. But because it uses less power does not make it a superior browser. It only makes a better at electrical consumption. While a Prius has better fuel economy than a Z06 Corvette, I wouldn't necessary call the Prius a better car. If you're commuting to work in it, sure it may be better. If your doing laps at the local track, not so much.

I not making any claims regarding what Microsoft has done, but it also wouldn't surprise me if Windows 10 finds a way to waste power when another browser is used. It's not like they haven't been caught for pulling anti competitive crap in the past. And their recent decisions with regard to Windows 10 don't inspire much confidence either.

Comment "Broadband Accessibility Act of 2017" (Score 1) 341

Here's the problem, the bill was called "Broadband Accessibility Act of 2017". So that has to be better than "EPB wants to expand their service". Plus with a name like that, how could any politician not vote for it. If they did, their opponent in the next election would be holding it up as if the incumbent was against broadband accessibility. Politics at most levels has become such a twisted cesspool of lies and misdirection it's no wonder why any decent person avoids running for office.

Comment Re:Apple "Sales" Are Not Sell To Own! (Score 5, Interesting) 130

Actually, in the US, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for any company to void your warranty if you open up a device and repair it yourself, or have a third party do so. Or using third party replacement parts. It covers any item that costs over $15. But since most people don't know this, most companies have gotten away with it.

Comment Is that per year? (Score 1) 124

34 percent of Americans believe it would cost $5,000

What they don't mention is that, that's what the average cost will be per year for ransomware when some teenager in Romania hacks your thermostat and demands payment to turn the heat off in the middle of summer, or it on in the winter. Or the hacker in China that demands payment to stop turning you lights off in the evening, and strobing them while you're trying to sleep.

Comment Um... (Score 1) 370

I have a dedicated theater room in my basement with no windows, 7.2 surround, acoustic treatment, etc.

1. The big screen. There's something to be said about watching visual storytelling on a three-story screen, particularly when the film really takes advantage of the format.

OK, my screen isn't that large, but it takes up as much, or more of my field of vision than what the comfortable viewing distance does at a commercial theater.

2. People everywhere. A group of people laughing together simultaneously triggers a feeling that you should laugh, too; during a suspenseful moment, you can feel dozens of strangers suck in their breath together.

I have enough room to seat as many people as I care to. And I can throw them out if they annoy me. Plus most of my friends are more enjoyable to watch a move with as they tend to have a similar sense of humor. Do you know how annoying it is to be at a movie and not find dick and fart jokes particularly funny, but then be the only one in the audience to notice a really funny joke?

3. Focus. Even people who try their hardest to give a movie their undivided attention on a living-room screen have fallen victim to temptations like "Well, I'm just sitting here, I might as well pay the electric bill."

I have no lights on when watching a movie, and no easly way of doing bills. If the movie doesn't hold my attention enough that I don't feel like doing bills, it's not worth my time to watch it.

4. Relentlessness. Part of the advantage of that kind of focus is that movies that are tense, scary, or deeply emotional can cast much more of a spell over you when you don't have the option to pause or turn away from the worst, then rewind later to catch it safely out of context.

So it keeps your attention more when you have to miss 5 minutes of it because you need to use the bathroom? Or can't rewind it to catch something that you misunderstood?

And hearing people slurping the last little bit of their gallon drink through a straw during those quiet emotional times really sets the mood.

5. A massive speaker system.

My wife couldn't care less about technology and sound, but the last time I took her to the movies, she actually complained that the sound wasn't as good as at home. That's when I knew I was done upgrading my audio. I usually watch movies with the volume at about 25% of what my system is capable of. I've had it up to 80% without any distortion, but frankly it's not comfortable after 50%. So, in my case, it's the opposite.

6. Previews.

Bluray discs come with previews. I watch them about half of the time when I get a new disc.

7. Disruption. A problem with watching movies at home is that it makes the film-watching experience blur into the same experience as surfing cable channels, running a Netflix comedy show in the background while you do dishes, or half-assedly watching an Adventure Time marathon while stoned.

I don't typically watch TV shows in the theater room. Though I have. When the STTNG boxset was on sale for $60 I bought it. A lot of older shows that were on film, really look great on bluray.

8. Alone time. Going to the movies with friends or your significant other can be a cherished pastime, especially when you're surrounded by an excited audience.

Excited audience= loud, annoying and disruptive.

9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark.

Yes, a 1500 calorie sugar drink along with a 1000 calorie bucket of popcorn and 800 calorie nachos is just what you want while sitting on your ass for two hours in the dark. I'm pretty sure I could roll a barrel of soda into my basement if I wanted to.

10. Bragging rights.

Bragging rights for what? spending $50 to sit in a sticky seat surrounded by yapping teens on their cell phone while consuming enough calories for the entire day in sugar and fat? Awesome.

Comment Re:About fucking time they came to their senses (Score 1) 240

Or you could just not get a puppy, I've never seen any other small animal teething or have as many issues as puppies.

Then you haven't owned any small animals or don't have a kid that has had pet rodents. I had ferrets years ago, they can destroy some stuff. My daughter had a pet rat. That thing could shred just about anything non-metal, and be very quick about it. Rodent's teeth continually grow their entire life, so they have to keep them worn. So they will chew on just about anything. Puppies eventually grow up.

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