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Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 159

Jail? Nope. Slap on the wrist? Nope. They'll break his fingers one by one, gouge out one of his eyes (the other they will leave so he can see what's being done to him), they'll rip out his teeth, slice off his balls, shove his dick into his mouth and then throw him into a lit furnace.

Wow, compared to an eye for an eye, all that for a website seems like pretty good security. Which version of BSD is that going to be in?

Comment Mars is difficult (Score 3, Informative) 108

It's not easy to have a successful mission to Mars. Of the 44 missions to Mars 18 have been successful, 23 failures and 3 made Mars orbit but the landers were not successful. Currently India is the only country to have a successful mission to Mars on the first try. This is the second time the ESA successfully got into orbit but lost the lander.

Comment The Silmarillion (Score 5, Funny) 58

UMax 85 TV is LeEco's flagship 4K smart television. It's 85 inches, comes with 4GB in RAM and 64GB in storage and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It will cost $4,999. Super4 X65 TV is LeEco's second biggest 4K smart television at 65 inches and comes with most of the same features as the UMax 85. Super4 X55 TV is a 55-inch 4K smart television and comes with most of the same features as the UMax 85. Super4 X43 Pro TV is 43-inch 4K smart television and comes with most of the same features as the UMax 85.

I thought this was an excerpt from The Silmarillion at first.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 394

and the fact that despite both being former Republican Governors, they are siphoning votes from both parties.

And Perot did the same. So what?

I've been on computer networks since the late 80s and the internet since the early 90s.

Ditto. Actually a little longer than that.

I've seen how it has grown, and how the general population has grown with it.

As have I. Most of it has been good. Though there is plenty that is not.

At your age you may not be able to adapt to change as easily.

Please enlighten me. Granted, I've never in my life seen both major party candidates despised to the extent they are this election. It's a little scary that "Big Meteor" could take 13% of the vote if it was on the ballot. But I fail to see how this is going to get anything more than lip service from the major parties once the election is over. Everyone will be bitching about who ever wins. Many will be doing so on the internet, but I don't' see why that makes any difference.

Comment Re:How much net energy used? (Score 1) 227

It says "consume extra electricity when available" which is a rather screwy way of saying produce more power than is actually needed and then turn it into ethanol.

From TFS: "They envision it as a way to store surplus power from green energy plants and then burning it to fill in lulls in supply." The idea is that when solar or wind farms are producing more energy than is needed, that energy can be used to convert CO2 into fuel for when they are not. Similar to using over production of solar to pump water to a higher elevation and then release it through a turbine to generate electricity at night. Obviously this requires there to be more wind and solar plants in use. But it is an interesting idea.

Comment Re: Fucking Yanks, world police. (Score 1) 209

Which was exactly my point. Obviously the US and the UK have similar agreements. While I can't say if the UK has laws again market manipulation, I would be surprised if they didn't. The US certainly does. Just because someone isn't physically in a country doesn't mean they can't commit a crime there/against it.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 394

You do realize we knew Perot won 19% of the vote as fast as we will know what Johnson wins, right? But you think Johnson winning half as much will be a game changer now because "internet"? You remind me of a sign I saw when I was a kid. It stated "Hire a teenager now, before they forget everything"

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 394

. I know Gary Johnson isn't likely to win, but if he gets close to 10% of the vote it'll change the entire scope of all future elections.

I remember when I was young and naive too. I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. Not so much because I thought he was the Messiah, but I felt he was the best choice at the time, and I thought it would change the scope of future electons as well. He won 19% of the vote. How well has that worked out? Why would Johnson winning half that make any difference?

Comment Re:Coral Bleaching (Score 1) 99

Because this reef is not bleaching due to cold water, excess sunlight, or disease. It's bleaching due to warm water and the article points that out.

I can't say I've read it, but did it mention fertilizer runoff in TFA? That was a major issue for the GBR for some time. What about current changes? Granted, that may be impacted by temperature changes, but it may not even be the temperature that is the root cause. It may be a combination of environmental changes, but the temperature is the simplest one for us to notice.

Comment Re:Coral Bleaching (Score 1) 99

"93 percent of individuals reefs had been affected by a condition known as coral bleaching (which happens when the water is too warm)" ...or when the water is too cold, or when the sun shines too much, or when the corals die off from diseases brought in by ecologists who swim around the area while getting paychecks for goofing around on a boat in the tropics...

As someone who has kept coral in aquariums for several decades, I'm not sure why this post was marked troll. Other than the the part about ecologists causing a bleaching event, it's pretty accurate, though I'm assuming that part was added for humorous effect.

I tended to keep fairly high end systems which had brighter than average lighting. So I've witnessed coral bleaching due to it being kept in dimly lit systems at pet stores and holding facilities and then placed under much brighter lighting.

I've also had heaters that the thermostat became faulty and brought the temperature up to 95F. In my case, conditions were optimal in the tank when this happened and no bleaching occurred. But I've also seen bleaching occur in a couple species in a tank when the temperature hit 90F due to a chiller malfunctioning in the summer.

An individual coral colony can also bleach because a fish or other critter stresses it by picking at it. Nutrient runoff from farming can also cause bleaching, pH changes, etc. Coral is a very sensitive animal and does not do will with sudden changes or changes outside of its very small comfort zone for a lot of parameters. This includes light (brightness and wavelength), nutrient (or even inorganic particulate) content in the water, temperature, pH, water current (velocity and even oscillating vs. constant current. It can also suffocate from lack of current), oxygen content. Some marine invertebrates will only digest food that is of a specific type and size.

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