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GamePro Expo's "Official Announcement" 16

Next Generation has word of the GamePro Expo's official announcement by IDG. The show will essentially be a companion to the summer E3 show, though the ESA will only be involved in advertising for the event. Consumers will enjoy games at the GamePro event, while a very select media group will attend the E3 event. From the article: "Similarities between the two events have been primarily drawn from the fact that IDG's expo will take place at the 'old' E3's former stomping grounds at the L.A.C.C., and it's expected to host tens of thousands of attendees. According to initial reports, the event was to be called the 'GamePro Expo,' although IDG has now launched a contest in which anyone 13 and over can submit an idea for the expo's name." Thank goodness.
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GamePro Expo's "Official Announcement"

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