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Comment Re:WTF?? (Score 2) 798

Pennsylvania's wiretapping laws does not cover oral communications when the speakers do not have an "expectation that such communication is not subject to interception under circumstances justifying such expectation."

So this is just an abusive school district and local police department along with a Magistrate.

Comment Smart Cars = HiTech ??? (Score 4, Insightful) 371

Considering a Smart Car is like 12k, gets good gas mileage, and is easy to street park in the city how in the world does this equal HiTech? HiTech workers definitely make enough to afford more spacious and expensive cars along with garage parking.

Is this another example of terrible Slashdot editorial comments distorting original story to "make news" as this alternative theory is not in the original source?

Comment Re:Why not put them out in schools ? (Score 5, Informative) 83

but what about the potential benefit in schools ?

The kids do love them. And can assemble them by themselves.

I'm a Stanford PhD student and for an outreach organization Science Bus we actually worked with 2-5th graders locally to each build their own microscope to keep. The Foldscope works well and actually found the projection ability great in the classroom so that multiple students can see the same thing at once.

Comment Re:Small Claims + Other Options (Score 5, Interesting) 526

Ask Dell what the cost of the repairs are then fill in small claims court for that amount.

Some other things you might do are:
1. Complain to BBB
2. Talk to your credit card company you have have additional warranty service under them.
3. Email CEO. & link to Slashdot story

4. Nuke option. Have Slashdot email CEO
(Would we crash their email server?)

Comment Storage Non-Problem - Sequences Compresses to MBs (Score 5, Informative) 138

Storage is not the problem. Computational power is.

Each genetic sequence is ~3GB but since sequences between individuals are very similar it is possible to compress them by only recording the differences from a reference sequences making each genome ~20 MB. This means you could store a sequences for everybody in the world in ~132 PB or 0.05% or total worldwide data storage (295 exabytes)

Now the real challenge is more in having enough computational power to read and process the 3 billion letters genetic sequence and designing effective algorithms to process this data.

More info on compression of genomic sequences

Comment Re:Amazon is Giving Refunds to Opened/Installed Ga (Score 5, Informative) 511

EA ruins game. Amazon saves day.

I did this. Amazon was great. Return/refund is the only way EA will ever take a hint.

I suggest:
1. If you bought from Amazon return it. Amazon made it painless for full refund of my opened game.
2. If bought from Orgin ask for refund. EA says in press release you can do this. Though I hear problems from customer service
3. If you cannot get refund from Orgin/EA call credit card company and have them stop payment for defective product.

Maybe EA will fix if this hurts their bottom line?

If problems get fixed in a month or so you can always buy the game again. Otherwise not worth my time now to play with so many problems

Comment Apple=Evil (Score 0) 149

Everybody knows it.
Apple evangelist only qualify it as less* evil.

Most of Apples Patents are hogwash in that most individual features were already present somewhere else before they put together in a device by apple. Don't take me wrong taking the best parts from a wide array of devices and assembling them into a single product takes a lot of skill.

And really most of apples cutting edge features are invented by others but solely available from apple because they have the capital to buy an entire supply chain for a new product to delay others from making use of the new technology.

So now that other companies have caught up and are turning out products that bet apple to market on new technology all Apple can do it go to court with their bogus patents to keep their monopoly.

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