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Comment Someone got *paid* (Score 1) 281

One of that worker's great-grandchildren, Carlos Andrade, 72, lived on the property until recently, the paper said. But the retired university professor told the Star-Advertiser that he is helping Zuckerberg's case as a co-plaintiff in an effort to make sure the land is not surrendered to the county if no one in his extended clan steps up to take responsibility for paying property taxes on the plots."

Someone got paid to betray his kin and I bet it was big enough to matter.

Comment Re:Thank globalization & guest workers. (Score 1) 495

While blaming others

Since they are at fault, it's quite proper to call them on it. It is indeed truth and not some "big lie".

Importing people is hard, as is off-shoring jobs.

It's only hard when you have to figure out how to:

* create a criteria and interviewing protocol that excludes all citizens
* hide it from the affected group, much less anyone who could stop it
* coerce the affected group to provide (effectively) involuntary services under financial duress
* make a PR statement that explains why their actions were of any good.

After that, it is practically easy.

You only do it if there is something really wrong with the local workforce.

The only thing wrong is that they're US citizens, which are harder to control due to legal protections. A minimally competent US citizen could run circles around the offshore help - but is avoided for not being someone that can be easily controlled.

Well, you may do it for a while just because it is hyped up, but that does not last.

Yet companies have done it for decades. No company has ever been stopped in its tracks for anything beyond a token "punishment" (which I've not even seen).

Comment Not really. (Score 1) 538

Every single indicator from history disagrees with this sentiment.

Except for the ones that precede the deleterious effects of globalization. Never mind that the United States' economic/geopolitical status as a hyperpower tends to nullify precedents set by other countries.

Approximately 75% of the [amorphous construct redacted] market (by consumption not population) is found outside of the US so if our country tries to rely [redacted].

Nothing says that the US market can't be served by itself and friendly countries, while others can be localized to serve *their* own.

Given the proper reward, companies will step up and employ as well as serve US customers - as well as those in friendly (read: not recipients of abuse/fraud against US citizens) foreign countries.

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