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Lumines, Neverwinter, and Knights On the Way 39

While it's not something we normally link to, some anticipated product-related news is making the rounds today. As 360 owners are likely already aware, Lumines Live! is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's not entirely all it's cracked up to be, though, with some of the content yet to be rolled out and requiring a separate purchase. Neverwinter Nights 2 has gone gold, happily, with an October 31st release date placing it on the same day as Final Fantasy XII and making me very sad. Finally, November 21st will see the release of Knights of the Nine, new content for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The content will come with the PS3 version of the game, will be released to the 360 and PC via normal channels, and will also appear in stores via a box loaded will all additional Oblivion content to date.
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Lumines, Neverwinter, and Knights On the Way

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  • by Channard ( 693317 ) on Wednesday October 18, 2006 @03:07PM (#16490323) Journal
    .. but you must defeat the Knights of the Nine to claim it. That'll be the way it'll go if it's anything like the other 360 content. The problem with all the 360 content has been that the various quests/items/lairs etc have just been given to you via notes or something. Which seems pretty damn contrived.
  • by also-rr ( 980579 ) on Wednesday October 18, 2006 @03:10PM (#16490377) Homepage
    Vote early, vote often! Bioware (who are still involved at some level) have requested that all Linux interest is registered in this thread [ataricommunity.com] on the Atari forum - 1400 replies so far.

    From the FAQ:

    We have by no means made any decisions to abandon the Linux or Mac communities at this time. Nor is it such a black and white issue over whether Atari or Obsidian decides what happens. Atari has been very open and a fantastic partner.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by also-rr ( 980579 )
      Interesting poll from the bioware boards of NWN players - 54% of NWN1 players ran Linux [bioware.com] compared to 44% Windows and 16% on OS X (multiple select was allowed).

      Depending on when this poll was taken it's fairly believable. Later on in the lifecycle NWN was far more heavilly played by Linux users (well, it was newer for them by a year :P) and I suspect it was mostly Linux users who brought the expansion modules (competition? what competition?).
      • Re: (Score:1, Flamebait)

        by Swift(void) ( 655825 )

        Interesting poll from the bioware boards of NWN players - 54% of NWN1 players ran Linux compared to 44% Windows and 16% on OS X (multiple select was allowed).

        Wow, you should be in PR with skewing like that. The poll was open to the entire bioware community, not strictly to neverwinter nights players. Ontop of that, NWN sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and that poll had 13,000 responses. While its a good size sample, how many little jimmys who got NWN for windows from their mom that never visited t

      • It was so because many NWN players also host their own servers (public PWs, or small private servers for themselves & their friends to play), and most NWN servers run on Linux, not Windows.
    • by ahsile ( 187881 )
      Done. Now where's that $20 you promised me... ;)
    • See UserFriendly's comic strip [userfriendly.org] from Monday, 10/16/2006. :)
    • Look at the date stamps for those quotes. The ones saying "sure, we'd love to do Linux and Mac, and we're talking to Atari" are all dated about TWO YEARS AGO, way back before they had even settled on a design spec. And the one saying "if you want a port, post your support on AtariCommunity.com" is over a year old.

      How many words about Linux or Mac have either Obsidian or Atari spoken since that time? Zero. None. Nada. Zilch. Instead, we have learned that the new graphics engine is entirely based on DirectX

    • by crossmr ( 957846 )
      Last I heard they did the engine in DirectX this time around instead of OpenGL, which is why it won't goto Linux. Since it has gone gold, I don't see them suddenly turning around and saying "You know what...lets change our entire engine". For it to goto Linux at this time, someone would have to be hired to write a full port.
    • The request is years old. It's written for DirectX9 only, with a toolkit in C#. It can't be ported unless it's completely rewritten. That decision is now taken ages ago.
      • c# is an open standard with a decent Linux implementation (mono). Winelib has some DirectX9 support but they would probably want to talk to TansGaming.

        They initially ported their engine from OpenGL to DirectX with the hope of a non-existent 360 release. Porting it back may not be too hard, it is a graphically simple 2.5d engine. With the Wii and PS3 to consider, adding a OpenGL rendering path would seem a good idea. NWN had a very long tail on Linux and they are presumably hoping to licence their engine as
  • "On top of that, you can spend 600 Microsoft points (GBP 5.10 / EUR 6.98) on an "Advance Pack" which adds 22 new skins (as well as adding a golden yacht to Tetsuya Mizuguchi's berth at Tokyo harbour, presumably)."

    This microdownload stuff is complete bullshit. There was a time when devs would include this content with the original purchase, but I guess it's passé to nickel and dime your customers with these downloads.

    I didn't buy that horse armor and I sure won't be buying this.
    • Re:Passé (Score:3, Funny)

      by onkelonkel ( 560274 )
      you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
    • Funny thing is, up until now the average *game* on XBLA has been 600 points or less. This is just absurd. Looks like there's no reason to throw out my PSP after all...
      • by twistedsymphony ( 956982 ) on Wednesday October 18, 2006 @04:05PM (#16491269) Homepage
        Bankshot Billiards was 1200 points, and most games are 800 points not 600. The only games that are less then 800 are ports of old classics (Pac Man Dig-Dug Joust, etc.) or simple card games (Uno, Spades, etc.). The only exception was Geometry Wars which was priced lower then 800 points a game of that quality would normally go for.

        Does the price honestly surprise you when you consider the price of the PSP version? Does it surprise you when you consider that the Xbox 360 version includes new content that the PSP version doesn't have?

        400 MP = $5.00 USD

        Lumines on the PSP currently costs $20
        IIRC It debuted at $45

        Lumines on the 360 will cost $15
        The Extra content will run you $7.50 for a total price of $22.50

        So lets recap: It's debuting on the 360 with extra content for HALF of what it cost new on the PSP and only $2.50 more then the bargain bin price that the PSP version is today.
        Just because it's distributed on XBLA doesn't mean it's not worth as much money as it's PSP counterpart. I would think the online features and ease of running it from your console without a disc alone are well worth the extra $2.50, not to mention you can get it cheaper if you're not interested in the extra content.
    • You know what else is funny? They call Lumines Live for 1200 points the "FULL VERSION"
    • by Saige ( 53303 )
      OK. How about they just sell the game with the extra content for 1800 instead. Is that preferable?

      Ever thhink that they're going this route so that you can get most of the game for less, and only get the other chunk of content if you want it?

      You know, if they took a $40 game and broke it up into 4 pieces which they sold at $10 each, I'm sure we'd see a ton of bitching here about how they're just trying to get more money out of people.

      • Well to your $40 dollar game broken up into 4 pieces comment: The new Sam & Max games, not much complaints about those yet (except for the Gametap complaints). That's $9 a piece or $35 for all, or the Gametap subscription to get each one as they come out just not to own.

        Also look at Oblivion, if you bought it earlier this year for say $50 in the store. Now they're rereleasing it, probably for $50 again, with the additional content so the folks who bought it early are getting ripped off because they *h
  • Since, for us RPG folk (and yes, GW does count) NWN and GW:N are coming out 4 days apart. Followed by Gothic 3 sometime in the fall, as well as Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. (Oh, and can't forget Sam & Max, but that's not an RPG)

    Me? I'm getting NWN2 the day it comes out, and when I finish it (and start waiting for mods from Stefan Gagne (Penultima, Penultima Rerolled), Adam Miller [Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher], etc ) I'll get GW:N, which ought to have the "opening day" bugs worked out. It's a good t

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