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Comment This is an important decision for aviation safety. (Score 2) 99

I think this is for the best. I am old enough to remember a time before cellphones, so take this for my version of "get off my lawn". There is a certain species of person who has a need to carry out a phone conversation while on public transportation. I don't expect dead quiet on a train, but listening to someone shout random phrases into a their phone from the time they get on the train till the time they get off 40 minutes later pushes the boundaries of courtesy a little too far. I'm afraid that if someone sat down next to me and talked all the way from Seattle to Atlanta I might snap. I'm imaging something like Bill Duke in Predator - "bleed ya real quiet, leave ya there." I would like to get through my days without having to leave a seatmate behind with a little plastic knife in his spleen.

Comment Re:It's not April 1, and yet ... (Score 5, Informative) 163

You have no idea. Small airplanes have much less stringent security requirements. I flew from Vancouver to Victoria last year on Harbour Air (10 seat floatplane). I called to find out how far in advance i had to be there. HA - What time is your flight?. Me - 7 AM. HA - be there no later than 10 to 7. No security check of any sort. At 7:00 on the nose the pilot walked into the lounge, announced the flight and we all walked down to the dock together. This was downtown to downtown, and the from the time I arrived at the "Airport" to the time I walked off the dock in Victoria was 35 minutes. Pure awesome.

Comment For Starters You Should Delete Old Accounts (Score 2) 237

I used to work at a $Very Big Transportation Company from 1982 to 1998. They are now clients of our company. Earlier this year Transportation Company needed to give me access to some of their systems. My old username and account, from 1998, were still in their systems.

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