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Resident Evil 5 Not A 360 Exclusive 26

Next Generation reports that recent rumours about the exclusivity of Resident Evil 5 are incorrect. So says Capcom, anyway, trying clear up its relationship with Microsoft. The two companies have become increasingly 'friendly', with titles like Dead Rising and Lost Planet given the 360 some popular exclusive titles already. From the article: "'Just to be clear, this is a multiplatform simultaneous launch on PS3 and Xbox 360.' ... The status of Resident Evil 5 has been clouded in mystery over the past several months. The game was featured at Microsoft's X05 event and at E3 2005, but it didn't make an appearance at this year's E3 in May, or at Tokyo Game Show 2006 this month."
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Resident Evil 5 Not A 360 Exclusive

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  • RE5 will be launched to Wii. RE4 was a great success at GameCube plataform !! I will use the Wiimote to fire the rifle !!!
    • by slarrg ( 931336 )
      Or as Elmer Fudd would say:

      "I will use the Wiimote to fire the wiiifle!!! You wascaly wabbit!"
  • I recall RE5 being announced for the 360 and PS3 right on day 1.
  • I need my RE-Wii!!!

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