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Record Number of Titles At TGS 16

Gamespot is reporting that this year's Tokyo Game Show will feature a record number of titles on display, some 573 games. The huge numbers reflects the console launch cycle, but surprisingly a full half of the games on offer are either PC or mobile games. The official TGS site has the full list of games, with Square Enix having some particularly interesting titles on offer. Sony has released the list of playable PS3 and PSP games that will be at the event, with heavy hitters like Heavenly Sword, Lair, Resistance, and Warhawk rounding out the list nicely. Game|Life has some commentary on the games selection for the curious. "Also on Sakaguchi's plate are two Xbox 360 RPGs to be published by Microsoft. Blue Dragon was reconfirmed to be shipping this year, and Lost Odyssey will be at Tokyo Game Show but ship in 2007. Microsoft's dreams of publishing the next big Japanese RPG don't stop there, however. The company's partnership with Star Ocean creators Tri-Ace will come to fruition next year with an RPG called Infinite Undiscovery."
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Record Number of Titles At TGS

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  • at yesterday. Sequals and spinoffs, spinoffs and Sequals. It be one thing if the games didn't tend to be pretty lame (FFX-2 was a travesty). Oh well, as long as Tri-Ace keeps making good games and Enix keeps the DQ series interesting, I'm happy. But it's sad to see Square, who used to make great gameplay-driven RPGs tossing out so much junk lately.
    • Yes, FFXII, one of only six titles in history to receive a perfect score from Famitsu, is clearly "junk".
    • by oc255 ( 218044 )
      Yeah FFX-2 was pretty bad imo. Dresspheres, your character's (all girls) abilities depend on what outfit you wear. I got through it, didn't do any side quests. FFXI was a horrible exercise in grinding, my first exposure to an MMO, and I quit for the more life-wife-friendly game of WoW. Crystal Cronicles(GC) was horrific. So you're right so far.

      However, I can't comment on FFXII. I played the demo, was impressed in a great way, but I've avoided any more contact, previews for spoiling reasons. My hope i
    • I don't know there seems to be quite a few FRESH titles around. The Xbox 360 (who's older Xbox 1 had NO JRPGs to speak of) has some good titles already. What I've played of Enchanted Arms is fantastic and fresh so far, it's not really groundbreaking in anyway but AFAIK it's not a sequel or spin off of anything, just a fresh and solid turn-based Japaneses-style RPG. Ninety-Nine Nights, while not exactly an RPG has many many RPG elements too it, I've heard it described as an "RPG Lite" which I think fits the
    • The X-2 bashing gets old. You couldn't go into it expecting a serious game. If you didn't, and you reveled in the cheese, it was great. Didn't hurt that the battle system was actually somewhat novel for an FF game. Truth told, it is up there as one of my favorite FF games.
    • by Saffaya ( 702234 )
      "Square, who used to make great gameplay-driven RPGs "

      What's wrong with FMV-filled and extremely repetitive combat sequences RPGs ?
      They've been doing the exact same thing since they came to the PlayStation with FF 6.
      Time to wake up, isn't it ?
      Why cry about it now ?

      Go play FF 5/chrono trigger or any Falcom (Ys, eiyuu densetsu series, etc ..) or Far east of eden, if you want japanese RPG with more substance.
  • Here's the translated [] text of the announcement:

    Exhibition schedule title booth contents 2nd feature announcement


    We announce the game software, and booth contents 107 it has the notification to September 1st. Unpublished amount is included and the number of present exhibition schedule titles (the peripheral device and the like it includes), they are 573 titles. Among those, the game of online correspondence becomes 133 titles. Both the quantity of advanced registration and the number of onl

  • With the record number of games (and the apparently continuing interest of publishers), maybe the Tokyo Game Show will be the real successor to the E3?

    I mean, I would guess that a booth at an expo in Tokyo would not be that much cheaper than an LA based one, but who knows? Maybe it could even help to keep the "amateur gaming bloggers" in check, because travelling to Tokyo is quite expensive, yknow?

    And it would be possible to show nearly completed games to build up pre-christmas buying hype instead of was
    • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )
      Not really. Seen that number of PC games? 99% of them involve sexual acts with underage comic characters and less gameplay than Final Fantasy.
  • I notice Gran Turismo isn't in the list of PSP games, will it ever come out? I bought the PSP for gran turismo which was suppose to be released when the PSP came out.

    it's now been a year and a half and no gran turismo, yet you can pre-order the game online []. Walmart has been taking pre-orders for psp gran turismo since last march [], now it says it'll be released February 2007.
  • Already have my tickets bought. Even staying at a hotel in Akihabara.

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