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Half-Life 2 - Episode One Interview 24

John Callaham writes "On the eve of its release, Valve's Doug Lombardi tells FiringSquad why Half-Life 2 Episode One, their first chapter in their episodic first-person shooter, will be worth the $20." From the article: "From the creation standpoint, it's much easier to develop the story and plot via Episodic releases, as the focus is tighter by default. And since each of the HL2 Episodes are being created by a single development team, the story flow will be more cohesive as it's the work of a single body and not the collaboration of separate teams attempting to merge the different chapters after years of working separately. We are, however, keeping a very close eye on the overall story flow as we advance folks from City 17 to the adventures that lie outside the City in Episodes Two and Three."
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Half-Life 2 - Episode One Interview

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  • No listing for Team Fortress 2 among their future plans. Atleast I still have DNF to look forward to.
  • Well worth a try. A shorter release cycle for a popular game is good. Four years or more?! Agony...
  • HL2DM?! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Jett ( 135113 )
    The one question on this subject was not answered. Instead he talked about CSS and DOD:S - Why has Valve seemingly abandoned HL2DM? It's one of my favorite multiplayer games, it's really well balanced and has some great maps - instead of putting a little effort into promoting it and fixing outstanding bugs they completely ignore it and act like it doesn't exist, even when explicitly asked about it!

    • by billybob ( 18401 )
      I dunno, man, DM just seemed like something they threw together for a bit of fun, but it's nothing special at all... I mean, whoopee, I have a gravity gun and I can throw grates at other players... not exciting in my opinion. :)
  • Warez It (Score:2, Troll)

    by scenestar ( 828656 )
    Now way in hell I'm spending one fucking dime on "episodic" crap.

    Gimme a goddamn full version.

    Shareware died a decade ago.
    • Now way in hell I'm spending one intercoursing dime on "episodic" crap.

      Would you rather have waited until all episodes of The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or Star Wars or any other episodic film are released before you can watch any of them? And let me guess: you watch TV only from DVD box sets, not from broadcasts, right?

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