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Sony's Expected E3 Titles 33

Next-Gen has more details on expected titles we'll see next week at E3. Today they have details on games from Sony and Sony Online Entertainment. From the former article: "God of War II - The apparently big shocker about God of War II was that it's staying resident on the PS2 instead of the PS3, which is supposedly a bad thing. The people who think this maybe are forgetting that God of War, the first one, was a Playstation 2 game; maybe they are even forgetting how that game was a blood-soak masterpiece? It's not entirely clear. What is clear from footage is that God of War II looks to up the ante of the first game in every way."
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Sony's Expected E3 Titles

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  • Here's to hoping Warhawk plays as good as it looks. Was this not first shown at last year's E3 though?
  • Excuse me? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by sehlat ( 180760 ) on Tuesday May 02, 2006 @05:03PM (#15248960)
    But this deals with a company that attempted to install rootkits on our machines. Why should we give a damn WHAT they do from now on? I'm *still* not buying anything with their accursed logo on it.
    • Re:Excuse me? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by CaymanIslandCarpedie ( 868408 ) on Tuesday May 02, 2006 @05:05PM (#15248972) Journal
      Be prepared to hear all about how the PS3 is OK because its made by a seperate division, but the XBox is still bad because that whole seperate division theory only applies to Sony.

      Be warned! ;-)
      • To be fair, it's not an entirely inconsistant view. Many people dislike Microsoft for using their monopoly in operating systems to try and take over other markets. (Examples include the "browser wars," which Microsoft won more due to Netscape screwing up than anything else, and the "new" media player wars, where iTunes seems to still be quite alive.)

        So, in that sense, Microsoft is still being "evil" with the XBox - they're using the money they have from PC software sales, and trying to enter into the ma

        • So the basic logic is that companies are never allowed to branch out? Big companies with money are inherently evil?

          Competition can be a good thing. If Sony never took their money from other divisions and entered the console race, we'd never had the PS1, PS2 or PS3.

          I do very much hold to the seperate division theories. For instance, Microsoft has some pretty fucked up divisions, and releases plenty of really bad products. Some of their products are actually pretty good.

          I don't buy any music from Sony, bu
          • You hold to the seperate division "theory" because you're a fool. A company does not leverage a position of strength in one industry to break into another industry out of niceness. They do it to make money for their existing divisions. In Sony's current case, it's using the PS3 to get blu-ray into homes for the DRM advantages this gives to Sony Media.

            See a pattern here?

            Sony Media repeatedly gimps Sony Electronics.

            The playstation itself was originally an SNES-CD addon until the two companies had a falling
            • Re:Excuse me? (Score:1, Flamebait)

              by Enderandrew ( 866215 )
              Inventing a new format is inherently evil? McDonalds is using their unfair advantage of selling bad hamburgers to now sell side salads! The world is coming to an end! I only make $28,000 a year. I'm not rich by any means, but I've owned two HDTVs for quite some time. It irks me that I can't get hi def movies to play on my HDTVs. I'm all for a new media format that allows for greater storage of data. No one complained that Sony pushed the DVD format with PS2, so I don't understand why everyone is up i
              • McDonalds is using their unfair advantage of selling bad hamburgers to now sell side salads! The world is coming to an end!

                Actually McDonalds is selling salads to try to revamp their image away from being "that unhealthy restaurant." Ya know, so they don't get sued like the tobaccy companies and our health-obsessed society can still get 5 kcals from a salad while feeling good and still being obese. Now an appropriate analogy would be Philip Morris(forget the name of the actual parent company atm, starts w
                • No console has ever been successful in the history of mankind launching for more than $300. Technically, there is a $300 version of the 360, even if it is gimped.

                  I don't think Sony is stupid enough to launch a $500+ console. It will not happen. Sony does in fact want to win the media war, so the PS3 will launch at $400, though they might have a $500 bundle.

                  Sony has also gone on record of saying that won't force region encoding which is a plus.

                  You may not see a benefit, but if for absolutely not other rea
            • You want a PS3 because you're a fool as well. It's produced by a me-too company whose last iota of unrestrained talent faded ages ago, and whose sad fanboys(not fans, apple, nintendo, and star wars have fans, short for fanatic) roam the wilds of the internet acting juvenile and lowering the common denominator. And it's one saving grace atm is that it'll have sequels to games I like on it, with a slightly shinier coating which has thus far completely failed to impress upon me the desire to spend > $500 fo
              • so then going by your brilliant logic here, people are fools for wanting an Xbox 360 aswell?

                At the moment, yes. Or consumer whores(should be johns, but whatever). The only compelling reason to own a 360 atm is Live Arcade or to put off a PC upgrade. Neither is worth the premium they're charging for it at the moment, now in a year or two, I'll pick up a 360 for live and live arcade no matter what Sony does, because MS actually *gasp* innovated, and Sony just ripped them off(as opposed to Nintendo who anno
      • Can't we dislike both of them? Wtf is my Wii!
    • But it will run linux...
      If you're not with us, then you are with M$.
      DIE monopolist, DIE.
      Let's just hope sony/developers actually show in-game footage of PS3 games.
    • Re:Excuse me? (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Ok go play your console that's run by convictied anti-competitive monopolists... or maybe "peace loving Nintendo" (who has had their share of lawsuits in the past, please refer to Game Genie) Oh and by the way... you do realize that Sony itself is split into divisions, and that each division is run pretty much seperate? I'm also quite entertained that you believe Sony is the big bad company but the others are not... perhaps you should be asking yourself if Sony was just the only one stupid enough to be ca
  • by A Brand of Fire ( 640320 ) on Tuesday May 02, 2006 @05:06PM (#15248989) Homepage

    Though the PS3 is, assumedly, right around the corner, the PS2 still has a lot of life left in it. One of my very best friends is an ex-EA Tiburon employee; during his tenure there, we had many intense programming-related discussions regarding the consoles, particularly the PS2 and GCN. The PS2 was very, very difficult to program for (as was the GCN), and since development cycles were usually anywhere between six months to a year for any given title, that didn't leave a lot of time to radically improve upon the software pushing the hardware to its limit (this is fairly-well illustrated with games that've had long dev cycles like the MGS series). And, essentially, a good portion of titles for next-gen consoles will be/have been built centered around what capabilities they've already utilized on current-gen systems.

    It's really a mature- vs. infantile-platform scenario. With time, I'm certain there will be more migration away from current-gen platforms, but I don't think it's such a bad idea that software companies continue to support the platforms already present; after all, adopting the next-gen systems with the prices at which they're being sold will be tough for a lot of people during the first six months. After that first six months to a year of early-adopter support, the software development on the new systems will mature, games will utilize more of the systems' capabilities (i.e. look purdier), and development houses will feel more confident about putting more titles on them.

    • That is interesting.
      In a way, it would seem that the stability of the console's hardware specs pushes forward optimizations, which while mostly are hardware specific, are also algorithmic and can be used on other platforms.
      From a different pov, does the gradual progress on the PC market actually stifle these kinds of optimizations? A dev team might think "oh, next year they'll sell a stronger card, so I can assume this awfully slow algorithm will work well" and therefore don't strive to optimize more.
      • I would argue the plethora of options in the PC world is the main reason optimizations aren't done. Almost always, there is a tradeoff between memory needed, CPU cycles used, and complexity. In the PC world, there are two major CPU makers, three+ video card makers, ten+ memory and mobo makers, dozens of secondary storage makers, etc. In order to optimize, you MUST have a good idea of the platform it's going to run on. If you have a task that is extremely memory intensive and PC100 memory on a quad Xeon
    • I would imagine that with God of War 2 it's a matter of making a sequel using the same engine very quickly, hitting next Christmas season and selling a sh*t-ton of copies to the massive number of PS2 owners, versus writing a new engine for a new system and either missing Christmas or having to cut corners, all so they can try to drive new console sales. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
  • Even if the trailer was a pre-rendered CGI, it still looks like Killzone 2 is going to rock the house!
  • by krotkruton ( 967718 ) on Tuesday May 02, 2006 @05:34PM (#15249218)
    Just like the last few articles from Next Generation, these are the games that Next Gen hopes to see at E3 from Sony, not the games that Sony will be displaying. The disclaimer is at the bottom of the article.
    • E3 and wishlists aside, we can't trust what anything will actually look or play like until it winds up in the living room.

      Given the alledge still-birth launch of the XBox360 with relatively sucky-games (except for COD2, of course), how would we expect the PS3 to be any different?

      By the time the PS3 comes out, developers will be more comfortable with the Xbox360 platform and (hopefully) producing more mature games that take better advantage of the resources on tap as developers will still be cutting their

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Pre rendered cutscenes of games on next gen consoles that will build hype but not look anything like what people think because they are, get this, PRE RENDERED CUTSCENES!!!
  • Seriously, can anyone tell me what was so great about God of War? I found it rather boring and repetetive, and haven't really felt the urge to complete it.

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