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Comment Re:Honesty vs Convienience (Score 1) 333

Well, you collected a bunch of things, and now suddenly the scanner stops working. You look around and suddenly you notice that there's nobody around. You could abandon the basket and go to another store, but that would take time and effort... Or you could "come back and pay tomorrow".

> West

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.


Comment Re:It's your own fault for purchasing Sony (Score 1) 312

If I purchase a PS3 second-hand for the sole intention of rooting the device to run whatever, how would the "System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System" apply to me?

Or are they implying that either the units are not resell-able or the second owner is not licensed to run the firmware it comes with? I see the first-sale doctrine preventing the first and actually invalidating any other implied license between Sony and the second owner.

If you buy the razor, how are you obligated to purchase blades from the same vendor (stupid connector patent schemes aside), rather than using it as a back scratcher?

Comment Re:Had time? (Score 1) 833

I haven't waded my way through more than a few before I realized I was supposed to be doing actual work instead of reading, but my comment is speculative of disclosing an agent in the field, comments fingering third-parties and general collateral damage.

I also agree with the reap-what-you-sow comment above, but I'm more interested in those third parties that may be caught in the cross-fire.

Comment Re:Had time? (Score 3, Insightful) 833

The real question is after many other countries digest the content, will there be any retaliation/action/bad stuff by the documented actors? Somehow I don't think foreign interests will give the US State Department a pass on this if it involves said interest.

I'm all for the "information wants to be free" mantra, but when it can come to a considerable cost to others, the disclosure can't wipe their hands completely of responsibility. Airing a politician's dirty laundry is one thing, but releasing documents that may have names of people that may be endangered unawares should be handled with some discretion.

I really don't like being on this side of the argument.. :-(

Comment Re:Skylab Shreds (Score 1) 344

How sure are we that the resulting data from this service is accurate? Is there a pattern between the times and resulting countries because they're mistakenly parsing the date/time of the log instead of the actual IP address? Or if they're only parsing every 40th entry maybe they're injecting bursts of "wrong" data as part of a trial?

I see no reason to jump to any conclusion as long as there may be doubt about the validity of the data you/we are looking at.

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