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Sony Denies God of War 2 28

Gamasutra reports on Sony's flat denial of a second God of War title. Likewise, they say a Gran Turismo 4 Online Edition is not likely. Indeed. From the article: "...Sony spokesperson Ryan Bowling has confirmed to Gamasutra that the reports, which place God Of War 2 on the PlayStation 2 in February 2006, and Gran Turismo 4 Online Edition in the second quarter of this year, including six-player online gameplay, are definitively not true. He did, however, note that Eurogamer's news mentioning the PSP incarnation of Killzone, Sony's first-person shooter franchise, was correct in as much as this title had been officially announced by the company."
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Sony Denies God of War 2

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  • The conclusion of the summary is incomplete. What Sony did is deny reports that God of War 2 is coming out February 2006 and that Gran Turismo 4 Online in Q2 2006. They may well be coming out, just not in the timeframes the now-false reports claim.
  • I just got through the first level and killed the 3-headed Hydra. I haven't had much fun so far.

    The animations are neat, but the 4th or 5th time you've ripped apart the same enemy it gets pretty boring. The average level-grind monsters are too weak to be interesting and too strong to be fun (so GoW is neither Serious Sam or Half Life). The boss-hydra required some thought to defeat, but the button-mashing was boring.

    Also, the nudity is poorly done in the game. It's not exciting. The sex mini-game w
    • Hey now, don't you start agreeing with my girlfriend too. That only delays my gratification!
    • I just got through the first level and killed the 3-headed Hydra. I haven't had much fun so far.

      Stay with it. After the hydras is the miserable crate escort mission. After that, the game really picks up. Without giving the game away too much, I particularly like the desert sandstorm when you try to kill the sirens (you have 5.1 right?), also the first time you kill medusa. That was a hard fight. The puzzle in pandora's temple is awesome. Beyond that, the only annoying things to me were a couple time
      • Beyond that, the only annoying things to me were a couple timed obstacle courses and an underwater race against a spike-encrusted wall

        Wow, you don't classify those turning spiked columns in the "annoying" bit? Those are what I hated the most.
        • holy crap, yes! the underwater wall bit was pretty frustrating, but the spiked columns were 100 times worse.
          • The first time I hit the spiked columns, I really hated them. But I sort of got into a groove and was able to do them fairly easily. There was another spot that gave me fits though. I played about 1/4 of the way though the game before I discovered that you could jump again while you were in the air. The problem is that you need this in the ruined city to jump from a vine-covered column to a platform. I fell probably a hundred times before I thought of trying to hit the jump button again.
        • There are more frustrating places in the game. The room full of hash-marked saw blades with two gate switches that must be pulled and you must run to the door. The jumping puzzle (ACK) to get to the architect's office. The spinning blade bars you have to traverse. The Tower of spinning knives you have to climb (where I'm currently stuck)

          If this game had less of these (and the BOX ESCORT QUEST AARGH) types of umm mild fucking frustrations, I might consider re-playing the game. But after getting through them

          • in a way, thats what makes the game work. its frustrating to a level where you feel how difficult the quest is, but still fun and intriguing enough to make you want to stay with the game.

            the whole platform jumping crap to get to the architects office was probably the most annoying to me next to the underwater levels, but what kept me going through to the end was the fact that as hard as it is, its only an action game on the outside. its center is a puzzle game. outside of the fighting, most of the obstacles
    • ("Spoiler" warning. Not story related.)

      Keep playing. I really loved the game, as a package. Great graphics, great sound, great gameplay. It was really satisfying to do combat.

      But I am kind of pissed off at the game. I played on Normal difficulty or whatever, but it turns out that to unlock the juicy extras you will have to play through the game in God mode!

      Yeah, it's a great game, but when I'm done I'm done! I couldn't even find any codes or cheats to unlock the God mode extras. I did start out doing

      • Not necessarily; beating the game on God mode only unlocks the secret message by David Jaffe. (AFAIK, since I'm only halfway through the game on God mode)

        Beating the Challenge of the Gods minigame yields the awesome and amusing alternate costumes (Dairy Bastard!!!).
        • Hmm, interesting! Did I miss something, then? I could have sworn that there were several things that were unlocked by playing through God mode. When do all those other things unlock then?
    • You are barely anywhere, give it at least another hour or two.

      I found the Hydra section the start of where it gets good.

      There is literally 4 annoying sections in the entire game, the start (or 10 minutes in) with those bloody boxes is one of them - trust me the epic music, interesting story, amazing graphics and surprisingly good gameplay for a standard slash fest really is awesome.

      It does take a while but just keep at it, because in an hour or two you will be loving it.
  • It's all just speculation and hype or anti-hype or some form of marketing until something concrete is actually released. Today the games industry is much more than a market for electronics hobbyists and inspired creative people. It is a business. If it makes business sense for God of War 2 to be released, Sony will release it. If it makes sense for Killzone on PSP to be scrapped, Sony will scrap it. It's not about the games anymore, it's about the business. It's the games business, part of the enterta
  • It only figures that Sony would bar something like God of War 2, when they let something like WWE Smackdown get by with its beyond ridiculous load times []. Sony's making some huge mistakes. DRM, PS3 idiocy, not handling their discontent fans correctly... They're the next big hated company.

    Or are they already?
    • [Sony is] the next big hated company.

      So you mean they are going to have complete industry dominance and more publicity than they can handle? Oh wait, they already do (sorry XBox and Nintendo fans).

      Seems to me, in this day and age, being the most hated company is worth billions. If I had a plan to start up a totally loathed company I would go for it.
      • Um, isn't Sony actually losing money?

        They aren't making money because they are evil anyway. Turning evil just happens to people every now and then, and it seems that the managers in this company think they can do whatever they want to. Sony wasn't even hated a lot before they started doing evil things like installing spyware and rootkits on their customers' PCs.

  • No, we're not coming out with our two flagship games anytime soon. But wait. We are gonna give you a game with crappy controlling that was meant to blow Halo out of the water!
  • No sequel?

    No wait, really?

  • ...Killzone is safe.
  • What they didn't tell us is that "God of War 2" is the codename for the PS3 ... and they maintain their denial.

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