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Comment Re: Who would believe it? (Score 1) 457

You mean the album that featured a song all about marketing and how you would have never heard about the band if they had not sold out to a publisher to provide marketing for them? So yes, you might have heard of hicks through liner notes and not marketing, but you would never have seen the album without marketing.

Comment Re: What's the point? (Score 1) 73

You can't build from Lego. Lego is a brand name of building blocks. Sothe correct phrase according to the Lego trademark holder would be "we built lots of things from Lego brand building blocks." Your usage, even in the singular form, makes it a generic use which risks diminishing the value of the trade mark.

Comment Re:Not this time, Sony (Score 1) 294

I wish people would stop using this analogy because it's completely wrong. The truth is the analogy is more like chevy coming out with a new model Corvette and offered their customers a free upgrade, but sadly the new model doesn't have cigarette lighter. Had Sony just named the Post Other OS PlayStation the PS4 they would not be dealing with this issue. It goes like this.

Sony Releases a new console, Lets call this new console the PS3.5. It was nearly identical to the PS3 accept that it could play new games and did not have Other OS support. Yes it made the PS3 a short lived console and at first people would be very upset. Sony, realizing that it was a short console cycle, decided to allow PS3 owners to upgrade to the PS3.5 for free. Yes that's right, the first console maker ever to release a completely 100% backward compatible, in regards to game play, console with a free upgrade from the prior version. Sure, to upgrade you would lose the Other OS capability, but it's free and optional.

So had Sony really just screwed it's customers by discontinuing the PS3 and then offering a free upgrade (with no new hardware necessary) they would have been seen as being leaders in the console market and pro consumer. Simply because they chose not to change the name of the console every one is seeing it as if they were taking something away.

I'm a huge fan of boycotting, and support anyone that is doing so, but make sure you are boycotting for the right reason.

Comment Re:because (Score 3, Interesting) 95

There is logic behind that way of thinking. fire the most part third parties are very heavy on the liberal side of the equation. this means that a third party vote is a divided liberal vote. Tea party is a notable exception as are right leaning libertarians, but most third parties, such as green, workers, reform, progressive, socialist, classical libertarian, etc, fall on the liberal side. So in the first past the post system in the US, a third party vote is a one vote lead for the republican party two thirds of the time. And I say that as someone that votes third party almost exclusively.

Comment Re:That's Slashdot... (Score 4, Interesting) 446

Musk has no employees on government assistance. Walmart explicitly pays employees just under the level to recieve government assistance so they don't have to provide health insurance. Tesla makes high quality products as they have shown they will reduce cost with out quality. Walmart sells disposable shit that ultimately cost more because they have no longevity. Teslas are manufactured in the usa. Walmart products are almost exclusively manufactured in china. Musk sells directly to his customers. Walmart is nothing but an unnecesary middle man getting wealthy off the ignorance of the people you think they are helping. Should I go on?

Comment Re:How about Python or something? (Score 1) 245

Code should be readable be the person reading it. If you find one form of indentation to be readable and your partner another, then you should each be able to format it however you want. This is, after all, why we use high level languages and not machine code. So why not take it one step further and leave format up to the reader. Store the code in an easily compilable format and let the editor format it to each reader's preference.

Comment Re:How about Python or something? (Score 1) 245

White space works to denote code blocks only if everyone agrees on what readable code looks like. But since K&R taught everyone the wrong way, you might find it hard to get people to agree. With white space being insignifacant each reader of the code can format it however they want. One might argue that we should not even be storing formatted code but leave the format up to the ide/editor.

Comment Re:How about Python or something? (Score 2) 245

That's elitist bullshit. 90% of the population of the world could easily learn to program and learn to do it proficiently. If we taught binary and boolean logic earlier in life, programing would be second nature. And yes I interview crapy engineers regularly. It's not lack of capability holding them back, but rather piss poor education.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 284

Even "dumb" animals like dogs have a concept of property.

No, "dumb" animals have an instinct to control that which they can through the threat of violence. There is no proof that there is any sense of ownership, simply that they guard certain resources through violence and aggression. If you want to follow in the foot steps on animals then what's mine is anything I can take, and if I have to kill you to get it, then so be it. I don't think you want to live in a world that has animal instinct based concepts on property, unless you believe you are the most powerful person on the planet.

The problem is - unless you've developed some psychic powers - you never know when someone might want to use their stuff. Just because they don't want to use it now, doesn't mean they won't want to five minutes from now.

There is no need to know when someone might want to use it, all that matters is that they are not currently using it. Because by nature, it's not "their stuff", it's just stuff their for them to use, or theirs to restrict others use through threat of violence.

Take away the threat of violence and property has no meaning beyond current use.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 284

I won't comment on your moral compass since you a merely a victim of a society that teaches that property ownership is right and moral. That being said, there is nothing natural about property. Without the threat of violence people would be able to use whatever it is they can find as long as it requires no violence to use. There is no harm done to others if I use something no one else is, regardless of who thinks they have a right to control that resource.

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