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Comment What we learn about other people (Score 3, Interesting) 278

"The more we learn about other people, the more we'll come to like them."

We're not learning about other people, we're only observing a tiny facet of them when they decide to write something online. All of the context is cut out. We only get a very superficial understanding of that person. Like stereotypes. When I meet with someone IRL I get all of the context, at least a much fuller picture, not the edited version.

Online people want to only show what they feel is their best side, and others may feel the need to match or exceed that, and at least the busy vocal part seems to be competing in a one-up contest.

Personally I am more reserved and tend not to write that much online, I don't really want to get involved in most of this and prefer to socialize IRL, perhaps there are others like me. Perhaps some keep their conversations hidden as well, and those are not indexed and processed. So perhaps what we see online is a very slim edited version, and maybe this is what we don't like.

Comment To stop this we need to look at the OS (Score 1) 380

Apple and MS are constantly changing the look and arrangement of their OS with each new version and then app developers for some reason feel the need to change and match that for whatever reason, and we end up with constantly rearranged and reskinned GUIs. Desktop OSes need to stop changing this stuff at the basic level and encourage consistency.

Personally I'm sticking with GNU/Linux, first Gnome 2, now Cinnamon... I've been having a fairly consistent experience for about a decade

Comment Re:Demoscene (Score 1) 467

All I needed was a 368, VGA, and SB Pro, and a config.sys with [menu] section to run emm386 or not, it really was simple. The last 15 years 4/5 times a demo fails when running it in Windows. Who knows if it's a driver version, GPU type, GPU RAM, system RAM, CPU brand, sound brand or EAX etc supported or not, DirectX version supported, resolution supported or maybe it does/doesn't like Windowed mode... Wtf

Comment Demoscene (Score 1) 467

I miss demoscene entries that actually ran on the bare hardware and exploited its quirks... Nowadays it's mostly watching videos because you're lucky if you can actually get a release to run properly without barfing out to the desktop for some missing library or it just doesn't agree with your GPU

Comment Too little too late (Score 1) 135

On the high end it's already outperformed by even a 1070, and launching expensive as a premium system, and is restricted by a software library that must remain compatible with the 1.3 tflop Xbox One. Developers won't want to be designing two discrete games. The system also barely has time to get off the ground before the next generation of consoles expected in 2019, or at the very least Sony's 3 year follow up to the PS4 Pro (which came 3 years after the PS4), whatever form that will take.

It doesn't seem like a good proposition at this point.

Comment None (Score 1) 141

If I was throwing away money I'd get the PSVR because of RE7 and other big budget VR games including racing franchises (and with some extra software like Trinus it can be used with Steam on PC), but these are first generation devices. If I were to be smart with my money I would wait for a new generation of devices that have perfected tracking, have higher definition displays, and are overall less expensive. By then a lot more games would be out as well, it's still slim pickings.

Comment UWP strikes again (Score 1) 419

This is why they are building UWP as a walled garden and making it a separate distinct environment from Win32. Eventually if you run any Win32 apps, "secured" UWP apps will refuse to run. Eventually they will do away with Win32 arguing it has too many attack vectors as due to the growing disparity between it and UWP, it won't receive fixes or updates.

They will tell gamers they can have no cheaters and no CPU wasting anti-piracy software. They will tell users interested in productivity that they will have better performance with no need for an antivirus. They will also have the cross platform/device app ecosystem they always wanted.

And then RIAA/MPAA will have the secure path they want.

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