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Comment Hooray, we made it (Score 1) 408

I'm thinking I hope it sends a message that I did not upgrade a single one of mine or my family's licenses. Not that we use Windows, but if we did, I would not endorse the changes they are making and the ugly service and telemetry hooks, as well as the predatory approach with UWP and the Windows Store.

Comment By deprecating Win32, difficulties w/steam api (Score 1) 410

Only UWP will receive API updates(including DirectX), Win32 will stagnate and eventually be unsupported, rendering your back catalog useless, and the ties to Windows integration and MS services embedded in UWP will seek to usurp any Steam equivalents, and perhaps even cause incompatibilities and require workarounds for Steam, giving steam users and devs additional headaches compared to running the Windows Store Xbox Live versions

Comment Sickening without, you mean (Score 1) 159

I find it sickening when it's disabled, as motion is much more jittery and stutters while panning on today's blur-free LCD panels.

On earlier TVs that would mask this with blurring or phosphor fade between frames, this was not an issue. Today's sets have high refresh rates with little artifacts and blur, so pans and motion appear full of stutter, especially on a large set where an object/person in motion travels larger physical distances between frames

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