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Comment Imho too sweet and lacking vanilla (Score 1) 326

I prefer the american versions of Kit Kat, Reese, etc because they taste more chocolatey somehow and less sweet. I visited family in Canada and tried some Hershey bars there, too overly sweet and missing vanilla... I also tried Cadbury and found that to be too sweet again, and also lacking that vanilla twist. I brought some real Hershey bars more recently and everyone agreed it was much better! Some said it's what Hershey Kisses used to taste like in Canada until they started making them different (presumably to be cheaper), so I tried Canada Kisses and yeah, again missing the vanilla and too sweet.

I do like coffee crisp though which we don't have, but that's about it.

Comment It does quite a bit actually (Score 3, Informative) 112

- Base building
- Teleporters work
- Farming / Biodome / Specimen collection
- Making camp
- Setting up harvesters
- Leave messages for other players on terminals
- Purchase/manage/customize/enter freighters
- Grow crops on board, recruit crew
- New resources & tech
- More NPC variation
- Better cockpit indicators and panels in ships, more scanning options
- New anti aliasing options on PS4
- Added free exploration and survival game modes
- Tons of audio/visual/gameplay tweaks

So it adds a lot of what was missing, and some additional stuff.

- Sand worms
- Varied planetary physics
- In-atmosphere battles
- Rivers
- Ringed planets
- Hacking locked doors
- Radio chatter
- Seeing other players
- Asteroid landings

The missing list is getting smaller.

Comment Re:I store my eggs locally (Score 1) 236

I can't think of anything tied to my account that isn't already free or can't just be recreated or rescued via other means (such as an amazon or ebay account which can be restored to a new email address)... And if something truly depends on an email address as a sole means of authentification then I guess I just won't use it. I haven't need to thus far...

Comment I store my eggs locally (Score 1) 236

I download all of my email and store/browse it locally, and try to do so with any of my accounts, depending on them only as a temporary method of caching my items until I can fully capture and store the transmission, and then delete them online, relying on my own backups. I don't feel I can ever rely on online storage, and try to be prudent in what I leave online to be possibly accessed by others, and as a precaution try to keep everything online and remove any online copies under my own control as soon as I can store them offline.

Comment If it's a USB stick... (Score 1) 52

Then why should the results be read through an app? Once results are found maybe it should produce some commonly readable files as the USB stick is mounted as a drive, allowing you to view say a PDF, TXT, HTML, and PNG of the results, allowing it to be read on any device in whatever format is most convenient. Why tie this to an app that may or may not be updated or even currently supported on the given OS?

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