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Comment Sickening without, you mean (Score 1) 159

I find it sickening when it's disabled, as motion is much more jittery and stutters while panning on today's blur-free LCD panels.

On earlier TVs that would mask this with blurring or phosphor fade between frames, this was not an issue. Today's sets have high refresh rates with little artifacts and blur, so pans and motion appear full of stutter, especially on a large set where an object/person in motion travels larger physical distances between frames

Comment The ability to play a game guaranteed (Score 1) 162

If the guaranteed ability to put in a disc and play the game all the way to the end the first day you buy it is gone, then so is the advantage of a console. On the PC there are many times a game is released and isn't playable on a large portion of systems and needs to be patched, and these gamers have to wait an indeterminate amount of time to play the game they bought. Sure, you can return games on steam, but that doesn't solve the problem. You wanted to play that game at that moment for whatever reason.

Or maybe an OS or driver update completely breaks a certain game, one you wanted to go back to and play. Same case, you can't do much. On a console, a game will always be playable whenever you want, because it is specifically crafted for that hardware, and that same spec was used to test the game.

If that advantage is gone then it won't be worth it for me anymore. I don't have time/patience for such troubleshooting. At least Nintendo games are always reliable so maybe I will just stick to that brand.

Comment And the start of infighting and general hate (Score 1) 162

"Why isn't the game properly optimized for the high end console? The low end is holding us back!"

"Why isn't the game optimized for the low end? I'm getting frame rate drops and the high end are kicking our asses online, ever since they launched the new consoles they don't give a crap how it runs on the existing user base's console, they just want to upsell us!"

The users will just be yelling at each other, at the devs, and at the console manufacturers. There's going to be even more crap than usual on forums now.

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