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Virtual 4th of July 38

If you're an American abroad or just don't get out much, virtual spaces still have something to offer you to get you in the spirit of July 4th. The Guardian Gamesblog has commentary living abroad as a game players, and specifically on a Second Life area entitled Americana. Star Wars Galaxies, being a generally very American game, is celebrating Empire Day today. World of Warcraft isn't doing anything July 4th specific, but this week or next should see the introduction of the Darkmoon Faire, a traveling summer carnival. From the Gamesblog post: "There are only two times of the year when I get homesick for the country of my upbringing: Thanksgiving and 4th of July. Well, the latter is upon us and while the Yanks have their annual fireworks festival (in warm weather, thank you - none of this November nonsense), we're celebrating the beginning of July down here in the south of England with some uncharacteristic sun."
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Virtual 4th of July

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