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Comment Re:Not an YRO (Score 4, Insightful) 634

A teacher's obligation is to help her students learn, is it not? An appropriate response to a student "holding back the rest of the class" is to confer with the parent and recommend alternatives, not complain about it on a publicly accessible blog. Honesty does not require being an asshole.

Comment Re:"Our worst mistake was PvP" (Score 1) 187

Blizzard's design staff recently, famously lamented: "Our worst mistake was PvP"

Generally when you put quotation marks around a phrase it's meant to signify that someone actually said those words. You're referencing WarCry's 2009 interview with Rob Pardo, wherein he expresses his feeling that adding arenas was their biggest mistake. However, it's not because arenas were a bad idea, but because he felt it was tacked-on.

Blizzard these days is heavy into e-sports, which is why Diablo 3 will have PvP, and why they'll focus as much energy as they need in order to make it competitive.

Comment Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

That Hitler hasn't been killed by timetravelers, is generally considered proof that time-travelling will never be possible, or that it will turn out that killing Hitler is an even worse idea that letting him kill himself. So if given the choice of time-traveling: Don't kill Hitler...(??)

I like to go further and say simply that the universe exists is proof that travelling backwards through an already-existing timeline is impossible. Given infinite time, at some point a time traveler would discover a means to destroy/prevent the creation of the universe and do so.

Comment Re:Nothing compared to what they did before... (Score 1) 483

I would think that the "teachbook" name was chosen on purpose to be "facebook for teachers/teaching".

What are you quoting? That phrase is mentioned nowhere on In fact the only results that show up in a search for " facebook" are links to "share this on facebook", just like every other website on the internet. In addition the site looks absolutely nothing like Facebook. They don't even use the color blue for pete's sake. No brand confusion possible. This is bullying.

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