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Comment Re:Just remember when you give money to the church (Score 2, Informative) 447

Holy Trinity isn't mentioned in the Bible either... The "it's not in the Bible" argument doesn't apply to the Catholic Church since it doesn't subscribe to the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. Besides, if the Church simply wanted more members, why are they against non Catholics using contraception too? If they want more members, why do they not permit infertile couples from using artificial fertilization procedures? The Church teaches that sex and reproduction go hand in hand. That isn't to say that all sex that doesn't result in fertilization is sinful, but there must not be an attempt to interfere with the process of fertilization (whether using condoms, chemicals, outercourse, etc).
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Submission + - Facebook under Fire over Breastfeeding Photos ( 4

NewsCloud writes: "Facebook continues to struggle with when to enforce its own terms of service. While the 78,240 group members who want Facebook to shut down the F*** Islam group are still frustrated, those concerned with photos of breastfeeding mothers can rest more easily. The site has recently come under fire for removing pictures of breastfeeding mothers, and banning users on the grounds that they'd uploaded "obscene content" to their profiles. Says Facebook, "Photos containing an exposed breast do violate our Terms and are removed." In response, more than 33,431 concerned Facebook users have created the "Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!" group. Apparently, scantily clad college co-eds, fine and dandy."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Japanese Wikipedia 'editors' rapped by employer ( 1

sufijazz writes: "JAPAN'S agriculture ministry has reprimanded six bureaucrats for shirking their duties after an internal inquiry found that they had spent many work hours contributing to the Wiki-pedia website — including 260 entries about cartoon robots.
The ministry verbally reprimanded each of the six officials, and slapped a ministry-wide order to prohibit access to Wikipedia at work, while disabling access to the site from the ministry."


Submission + - Multi-language Game AI Competition

A competitor writes: Thousand Parsec, an open source framework for turn-based space empire building games, is running an AI programming competition. Entries can be written in any language with a Free implementation. Existing client libraries are available in Python and C++, with several others in various states of completion. Major prizes include AU$300 plus goodies. Competition closes at the end of March, so get cracking!

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